IBM PLM Solutions V5.17 supports collaborative innovation from concept through manufacturing

IBM United States Software Announcement 206-194
September 5, 2006


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At a glance

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions help you expand your revenue streams with innovative products that meet or anticipate customer demands. They increase the speed and agility of your product development while reducing risk.

V5.17 allows you to:

  • Collaborate across the value chain and work as one with your customers and business partners to develop industry-leading products
  • Optimize the end-to-end product development process to reach the market at the ideal time with products that customers demand
  • Manage the relationships between products and their manufacturing processes and resources — helping you master product development complexity and increase understanding
  • Capture, share and reuse your company-specific know-how to improve decision-making, optimize product designs, achieve regulatory compliance, and maximize product standardization and quality
  • Utilize the openness of PLM Solutions to leverage your existing investments and to extract and share information across your extended enterprise

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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a strategic business approach that applies collaborative business solutions to the creation, management, distribution, and use of product definition across the extended enterprise. PLM enables an enterprise to effectively and efficiently innovate and manage its products and related services throughout the entire business life cycle, from conception through recycling or disposal.

To achieve this, PLM helps companies realize many of the benefits of innovation:

  • Innovation permits a company to drive profitable growth in new ways, from new sources and customers.
  • It opens doors in emerging markets.
  • It lets large companies move more quickly and lets smaller companies compete on a global scale.
  • It lets an organization differentiate itself and move up the value chain.

Turning innovative ideas into market-leading products requires flexible business processes supported by integrated PLM solutions, all built on a strong technology foundation. PLM solutions advance the pursuit of innovation by integrating business environments with cutting-edge tools and synchronized processes. Both internally, and throughout your value chain, PLM solutions serve to enable innovation by bringing people and processes together and providing them with the resources they need to create — the keys to innovation.

PLM is supported by a portfolio of interrelated software products developed by Dassault Systemes and marketed through four key brands. These products share product information with one another and with the outside world, offering groundbreaking capabilities for designing, manufacturing, maintaining, and servicing products.

The four brands are:

  • CATIA offers virtual product definition to achieve product excellence
  • DELMIA supports virtual production to achieve production performance
  • SIMULIA delivers virtual testing to achieve best engineering quality
  • ENOVIA provides collaborative PLM with:
    • ENOVIA VPLM1 — 3D collaborative virtual product life-cycle management of highly complex products in medium and large enterprises
    • ENOVIA MatrixOne — collaborative product development business processes, including semiconductor design data management
    • ENOVIA SmarTeam — robust, out-of-the-box collaborative product data management

Manufacturing companies can gain many business benefits from Dassault Systemes applications, including:

  • Richer design creativity
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved product quality
  • Higher return on investment
Virtual Product Lifecycle Management

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Planned availability date

September 29, 2006
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PLM solutions provide an open, collaborative product development environment. It helps you innovate with exciting products to meet, or anticipate customer demands, introduce innovative products that expand your revenue streams, and increase the speed and agility of your product development — all while reducing risk.

PLM Solutions V5.17 comprises the following products:

  • CATIA V5.17
  • ENOVIA SmarTeam V5.17
  • CAA RADE2 V5.17
  • Web-based Learning Solutions (WLS) V5.17

With PLM solutions,

  • Your company can focus on its core competencies.
  • You encourage innovative thinking.
  • You increase market demand for your products by designing products right — the first time.
  • Your staff, suppliers, and partners access the latest production information — in the right format, when needed.
  • You can respond to marketplace events quickly.
  • You can win more profitable contracts.
  • You can better engage in innovation that matters.

What is the PLM story

Globalization is stretching businesses to all corners of the world. But growth and uncertainty brings new market opportunities. You need to capture them before someone else does. At the same time, increasingly strict regulations are putting new constraints on product usage and disposal.

Installing a new piece of technology might help you meet this challenge? But addressing today's challenges requires new ways of thinking, new ways of doing business, new ways to compete and add value. It requires innovation, but not innovation for the sake of new technology, it requires innovation that matters .

Innovation that matters comes from new ways of executing business, new ways for you to provide value to your customers, even new business models. Innovative companies can break out of their business process silos and unleash the power of their information to make better product decisions, earlier in the development process. They can collaborate across the extended enterprise, empowering everyone from manufacturing to marketing and from purchasing to field support to drive product innovation throughout all stages of the product's life cycle, from conception to retirement.

PLM helps companies realize many of the benefits of innovation:

  • Permits a company to cut costs and drive growth in new ways, from new sources and customers
  • Opens doors in emerging markets
  • Lets large companies move more quickly and lets smaller companies compete on a global scale
  • Lets an organization differentiate itself and move up the value chain

Turning innovative ideas into market-leading products requires flexible business processes supported by integrated PLM solutions, all built on a strong technology foundation. With consultants and technical staff in 160 countries, IBM drives innovation that matters by delivering world-class systems, solutions and services that are not only innovative themselves, but can also help your customers become more innovative.

PLM solutions help customers achieve their top business needs:

  • Higher top-line revenues through innovative, differentiated products
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased collaboration and process efficiency across the value net
  • Improved visibility and reaction to business performance and market changes
  • Enablement and simplification of product development ecosystem
Component Application Architecture Rapid Application Development Environment

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PLM Solutions developed by Dassault Systemes consists of the following products:

  • CATIA is the leading solution for product creation and simulation dedicated to all manufacturing organizations, from OEMs, through their supply chains, to small independent businesses.
  • ENOVIA VPLM delivers a complete set of integrated solutions for virtual product modeling, life-cycle management of intellectual property, collaboration, analysis, and decision support for companies making complex, high-value products.
  • ENOVIA SmarTeam offers highly flexible, out-of-the-box collaborative product data management and mission-critical business process management, optimally leveraging product knowledge and driving collaboration across engineering, the organization and the value chain.
  • CAA RADE provides the most complete set of tools, guides and APIs to support the development process from the very start of the need definition to the final product packaging.
  • CATIA, ENOVIA VPLM, and ENOVIA SmarTeam WLS are an easy-to-use learning and support system that provides product information and training in one source for maximum assured productivity of the user community.


The range of its capabilities allows CATIA V5 to be applied in a wide variety of industries, such as aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, electrical, electronics, shipbuilding, plant design, and consumer goods, including design for such diverse products as jewelry and clothing.

CATIA V5 is the only solution capable of addressing the complete product development process, from product concept specifications through product-in-service, in a fully integrated and associative manner. It facilitates true collaborative engineering across the multi-disciplinary extended enterprise, including:

  • Style and form design
  • Mechanical design and equipment and systems engineering
  • Managing digital mock-up
  • Machining
  • Analysis
  • Simulation

CATIA products are based on the open, scalable V5 architecture.

By enabling enterprises to reuse product design knowledge and accelerate development cycles, CATIA helps companies speed-up their responses to market needs and frees end-users to focus on creativity and innovation.


ENOVIA VPLM solutions enable companies developing large engineering-intensive products to manage the complete product life cycle in a unified environment. All participants in the life cycle can access, share and manage product information securely. This increases innovation, reduces development time and costs.

The result boosts the difference of new products reaching the market right — the first time. Information generated during the product development life cycle is a key part of a company's intellectual property and a source of competitive advantage. ENOVIA manages this information using the Product, Process, Resource (PPR) model, including a product's definition along with its manufacturing processes and related resources.

ENOVIA VPLM Solutions enable companies to jump from a current design to a competitive innovation by applying new practices, such as collaborative design, product morphing, "design in context", and digital mock-up. Industry leaders in the automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding markets have adopted these solutions.


ENOVIA SmarTeam delivers highly flexible, out-of-the-box collaborative product data management and mission-critical business process management. It optimizes the use of product knowledge and drives collaboration across engineering, the organization and the value chain.

ENOVIA SmarTeam delivers highly scalable Windows™ and Web-based collaborative PLM solutions distinguished by rapid implementation, high usability, and customizability. ENOVIA SmarTeam enables diverse manufacturers, in engineering departments and small- to mid-sized organizations in particular, to increase their competitive advantage by generating value throughout their product and plant life cycles.

ENOVIA SmarTeam PLM solutions let companies securely capture, manage and reuse corporate product knowledge across the extended global organization. The solutions facilitate innovation, while improving product quality, reducing costs and time-to-market, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Leveraging its open, standards-based architecture, ENOVIA SmarTeam maintains data integrity throughout the product life cycle, offering multi-CAD integrations, item configuration and bill of material (BOM) management, change management, program management, enterprise application integration, and value chain collaboration.

As a core component of the Dassault Systemes V5 product suite, ENOVIA SmarTeam provides a robust collaborative platform that plays a major role in PLM industry solutions.

PLM V5.17 product highlights


Integrated portfolio supports seamless industry processes

CATIA V5.17 strengthens the integration between 3D electrical harness design and documentation, further reducing design to manufacturing cycle time for the automotive and aerospace industries. This release further increases CATIA Machining NC programming and simulation efficiency to significantly reduce overall manufacturing process time.

High-performance design with knowledge capture and reuse encourages innovation

CATIA V5.17 further facilitates design innovation with core styling capabilities that enable designers to explore product ideas more rapidly while permitting last-minute styling modifications. CATIA V5.17 extends the 3D master approach by enabling fast and convenient display of product information, such as tolerances and annotations, in a familiar drawing layout within the 3D environment

Breakthrough technologies speed time to market

CATIA V5.17 delivers a unique auto-filleting capability that enables automotive powertrain and chassis designers to reduce the time required to fillet complex parts from hours or days to minutes. This release also accelerates adoption of CATIA V5's breakthrough functional modeling for the automotive powertrain process.

Integrated PLM maximizes collaboration

The V5.17 VPM3 Navigator boosts the use of relational design by making it easier for designers to work concurrently on different part versions and to manage advanced product effectively and configuration. The SMARTEAM Reconciliator further facilitates interaction among companies and concurrent engineering across the supply chain through ergonomic enhancements, such as batch capabilities and advanced queries.

A richer 3D XML format now includes annotation browsing and finite element analysis to widen the scope for the use of this lightweight format and makes it easier to reuse and share 3D outside the design office.

Virtual Product Manager

Open and scalable architecture increases flexibility

Key PLM market players are adopting the V5 architecture. Additional partner V5 applications launched since CATIA V5.16 extend the process coverage of V5 solutions with highly specialized applications that cover many disciplines, such as sheetmetal design-to-manufacturing and DMU4.

For more information on CATIA Solutions V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-195 , dated September 5, 2006.

Digital mock-up


ENOVIA VPLM V5.17 powers global collaboration

ENOVIA V5 VPM increases the flexibility and power of the collaborative PLM engineering desktop by delivering powerful new capabilities that allow engineers additional flexibility to define configuration filters on a combination of date, range, milestones or specifications. Engineers can rapidly build design context and display configuration information on parts to provide efficient design optimization processes.

ENOVIA V5 VPM provides robust customization options that maximize environment flexibility and ease of use to accelerate the ability of users to effectively leverage and optimize relational design processes.

ENOVIA DMU delivers enriched interference detection and analysis features to its real time Digital Mockup & Decision Support capabilities. This ensures the spatial integrity of the mock-up and provides users with more accurate analysis on specific product configurations. Enhancements to ENOVIA DMU deliver a more natural and fluid human manikin to product and environment simulations to enable more efficient and more accurate studies.

ENOVIA LCA5 provides more flexible business process support through real-time process optimization via ad hoc review and dynamic participants with E-PM based processes.

Additional Web services provided by ENOVIA LCA and ENOVIA V5 VPM enable deeper, process-based integrations, providing openness and scalability to optimize business agility.

Additional collaboration and access through 3D XML data leverages and extends the power of 3D across non-design activities and helps customers extend their global 3D collaborative environment.

For more information on ENOVIA VPLM Solutions V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-196 , dated September 5, 2006.

LifeCycle Applications

ENOVIA SmarTeam V5.17

ENOVIA SmarTeam V5.17 accelerates product collaboration across the engineering chain

  • Delivers item management and optimizes BOM management across disciplines, enhancing product structure control, visibility and collaboration
    • Flexible, item-centric, life-cycle management, with full support of an organization's business rules, maximizes control over product maturity, enhancing quality.
    • Seamless "design-to-configure" BOM generation and compare directly from the designer's work environment promotes best practice engineering processes, saving time and reducing errors.
    • Enhanced platform robustness, delivering multiple views, enriched copying and editing, and greater usability, promotes BOM collaboration across disciplines.
    • Advanced structure filtering according to life-cycle revision rules optimizes visibility into the product structure.
  • Initiates rapid implementation of data management and design processes with "Design Express"
    • Structured repository, document history, full revision and version control, advanced search and query, controlled document sharing, embedded viewing and standard design use
    • Proven best practices for scenario implementation, with optimized CAD settings for scenarios, support for catalogs, business methods, tools for title block and BOM management
  • Expands CATIA V5 design collaboration with enhanced robustness and supplier data exchange — Simultaneous multiple version support for CATIA V5 optimizes business opportunities with different OEMs and supply chain partners.
  • Promotes remote collaboration with a transformed Web user interface
    • Embedded 3D XML capability supports intuitive representation of ENOVIA SmarTeam managed data and an enhanced user experience
    • Enhanced CATIA visualization brings viewing and redlining to collaboration around CATIA data
    • ENOVIA SmarTeam's digital mock-up (DMU) plug-in brings Design Review benefits to SMBs, enabling them to use all DMU functions on their CATIA V5 data and capture, store, manage, and access the resulting data
  • Extends solution integration value through visual components and streamlined installation
    • Open visual components extend solution value and flexibility
    • New packaging delivers PLM products according to business need, consolidating and accelerating installation
    • ENOVIA SmarTeam certifications across infrastructure components ensure a robust platform for integrated solutions

For more information on ENOVIA SmarTeam Solutions V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-197 , dated September 5, 2006.
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Web-based Learning Solutions (WLS)

WLS is an easy-to-use learning and support system. It provides the necessary environment to allow users of CATIA, ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SmarTeam to learn the product capabilities in a progressive and easy way.

WLS provides a set of learning resources called "skillets" that are designed to acquire or enhance a given skill in a short time. The skillets include different learning components, such as "show me", "do it", monitored practice and assessment, which provide an interactive experience to the user. The varieties of components make the skillets adaptive to the learner style and preferences.

For more information on WLS and the enhancements in V5.17, refer to the individual product's announcement.

Accessibility by people with disabilities

For software offerings, these products and features have been granted a deviation exception for 2006.
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Product positioning

PLM lets you to design, analyze, and manage your company's products from initial conception to retirement. Improving the efficiency of product development processes and company's capacity to use product-related information, PLM enables companies to make better business decisions and deliver greater value to customers.

For more than 22 years, IBM has been a world leader in providing on-demand solutions by serving small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as top Fortune 500 companies. The key to this success has been its ongoing strategic partnership with Dassault Systemes, the developer of CATIA, ENOVIA VPLM, and ENOVIA SmarTeam — the products that lie at the heart of the PLM solution set.
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Reference information

For CATIA Solutions V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-195 , dated September 5, 2006.

For ENOVIA VPLM Solutions V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-196 , dated September 5, 2006.

For ENOVIA SmarTeam Solutions V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-197 , dated September 5, 2006.

For CAA RADE V5.17, refer to Software Announcement 206-198 , dated September 5, 2006.


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