Software preview: IBM WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager V5.1

IBM United States Software Announcement 204-150
June 29, 2004

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At a glance

WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager (WECM) V5.1 can provide benefits for enterprises, including:

  • Protection of sensitive information when transmitted over wireless networks by creating an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) client between the Connection Manager and Mobility Client components
  • Superior flexibility and user experience through seamless network roaming that allows mobile users to maintain session persistence when the mobile device changes network connections
  • Support for a comprehensive spectrum of communication protocols for both IP and non-IP networks
  • Reduction of mobile transmission costs and lower connection fees through data optimization functionality that delivers compression, header reduction, and minimization of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) retransmissions to reduce data loads and increase effective bandwidth

WECM V5.1 has been certified as meeting the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 security requirements for cryptography.
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WebSphere® Everyplace™ Connection Manager (WECM) V5.1 allows enterprises to efficiently extend existing applications to mobile workers over many different wireless and wireline networks. It allows users with different application needs to select the wireless network that best suits their situation and also can allow them to seamlessly roam between different networks. WECM V5.1 can be used by service providers to produce highly encrypted, optimized solutions for their enterprise customers.

WECM V5.1 is a distributed, scalable, multipurpose communications platform designed to optimize bandwidth, help reduce costs, and help ensure security. It creates a mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) that encrypts data over vulnerable wireless LAN and wireless WAN connections. It integrates an exhaustive list of standard Internet Protocols (IP) and non-IP wireless bearer networks, server hardware, device operating systems, and mobile security protocols.

WECM V5.1 can be used in conjunction with WebSphere Everyplace Access (WEA). WEA provides the integrated client-server environment to extend business applications to mobile users beyond the enterprise.

Benefits of WECM V5.1 include:

  • Dynamic Session Profiles allow recognition of the type of network over which you are connecting and automatic application of tuning parameters to help achieve optimal performance.

    This feature can simplify configuration and enhance the seamless roaming capability by automatically switching network-specific performance settings when roaming occurs.

  • Ability to export/import client configuration files to facilitate deployment of client configuration changes over the air.

    An administrator has the capability to set or change client parameter options and then distribute the new configuration to the client. The client can import the new configuration and accept the changes.

  • Application Check/Autostart allows the Mobility Client to be configured to check whether certain programs are running, such as antivirus or personal firewall software, before allowing the connection to start.

  • Improved installation with Quickstart Mobile VPN with the use of the VPN Wizard.

    The VPN wizard can configure WECM with common parameters that can help you to get up and running quicker.

  • Expanded support for wireless networks, including CDMA1xrtt, CDMA1xevdo, CDMA1xevdv, EDGE, Nextel Wireless Broadband (802.20)

  • Additional client support, including Nokia 9500.

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux™ V3 AS and ES for Intel™ processors and for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.

Previews provide insight into IBM plans and direction. Availability, prices, ordering information, and terms and conditions will be provided when the product is announced.
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Planned availability

Second half of 2004
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WECM V5.1 offers a communications platform for compression, security, and persistence to help drive higher wireless data throughput and lower costs. The platform supports highly encrypted access over a wide range of wireless and wireline networks.

WECM V5.1 provides a standard TCP/IP communications interface to a variety of wireless, dial-up, and LANs with data optimization and security. The components that make up WECM are designed to run on multi-vendor hardware and operating system platforms.

Major components of WECM V5.1 include Connection Manager, Distributed Administration/Gatekeeper, and Mobility Client.

Connection Manager supports a comprehensive spectrum of communication protocols for both IP and non-IP networks. Flexible connections can be created by configuring multiple Mobile Network Connections (MNC) for many combinations of public or private physical networks. Each MNC can be tuned for optimal performance, compensating for latency, link speed, and other characteristics that vary across different communications technologies.

Distributed Administration/Gatekeeper offers a Java™ technology-based administrator console to the WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager and to wireless resources. Administration of Connection Manager is simplified with Gatekeeper and optional user administration portlets using the WebSphere Portal Server or WebSphere Everyplace Access.

Mobility Client is software that runs locally on user devices and offers full-function interface to communicate with the Connection Manager. Once Mobility Client authenticates to Connection Manager, a VPN is established and the device securely joins the enterprise intranet. The Connection Manager supports standard IP routing (includes routing over non-IP wireless bearer networks) to help ensure unbroken, end-to-end TCP sessions between mobile devices and application servers. Mobility Client also includes a toolkit and application program interfaces to create network-aware applications.

For more information, contact an IBM Pervasive Computing representative and visit our Web site at

IBM Pervasive Computing (PvC) lab-based services: To improve your overall experience with WECM V5.1, IBM recommends that you engage highly skilled resources from IBM PvC Lab-Based Services to help you plan and implement an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) that meets the needs of your mobile clients. IBM installation consultants can help ensure a smooth software installation and integration with your network infrastructure, and can quickly configure your system and client devices to help meet your needs for security, availability, and network roaming. This initial expert assistance can help facilitate your rapid deployment of the new networking features enabled by WECM V5.1.

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Product positioning

WECM V5.1 will replace WECM V5.0, the currently available release. WECM V5.1 includes the functions of previous releases of WECM, plus enhancements and additional capabilities are being added. WECM V5.1 will also update the software provided in the WECM Starter Edition.

Terms of the Passport Advantage® Agreement apply to WECM and WECM Starter Edition.

Contact an IBM Pervasive Computing representative or authorized Business Partner for more information.
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Reference information

For more information about WECM, WECM Starter Edition, and related products, refer to

  • Software Announcement 203-167 , dated June 26, 2003.
  • Software Announcement 204-149 , dated June 29, 2004.

Information about WECM and other Pervasive Computing products is available on the following Web sites


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