IBM United States
Software Announcement 201-113
April 23, 2001

IBM e(logo)server iSeries V5R1 Programs Improved

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At a Glance

  • Improved Fax support using existing modems
  • Extended Business to Business capabilities
  • Additional client integration
  • New mail options for Domino
  • GUI support for Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS)

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The business-to-business capabilities of the iSeries are extended with new trading partner protocols and other enhancements to the Connect for iSeries program.

Client connectivity options expand for the iSeries with the announcement of the iSeries Access for Web program. Users can now access their iSeries with a Web browser. In addition, enabling 5250 applications for the Web becomes easier now that WebSphere™ Host Publisher is included with the Client Access software.

Backup and recovery just became much easier with a new graphical interface and wizards for Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS).

The Domino™ Server for iSeries program is now at Release 5.0.7 and the availability of incremental installers makes it easy to go to the new release of Domino from a previous release level. In addition, a new setup wizard is available to assist in configuring a new Domino server.

Key Prerequisites

Refer to the individual product announcements in the Reference Information section.

Planned Availability Date

May 25, 2001 (except functions within specific products may have a different availability date)


Facsimile Support for iSeries (5798-FAX)

Integrated Fax for Your Office and Your Applications: Facsimile Support for iSeries enables your users and your applications to send and receive faxes. Combined with native integrated modem hardware solutions, it provides a convenient, cost-efficient fax solution for your business. It provides users with direct fax capabilities, which help increase operational efficiency and productivity through rapid information dispersal. Cost savings may also be realized through reduced human intervention time, paper cost, telephone charges, postage charges, and document delivery time. Also, there is an audit trail of inbound and outbound activity to track the flow of your business data.

Facsimile Support for iSeries gives you the base product enablers to fax iSeries or PC output (such as text, images, or graphics) and to receive incoming faxes. Integration of the product with the OS/400® Mail Server Framework allows users of various electronic mail services to exchange mail. The integration allows electronic mail to be sent to a fax machine as easily as it is sent to another computer.

A more robust electronic mail handling fax alternative does exist with the IBM Integrated Domino Fax product, 5733-FXD. Information can be found on the Domino Fax Web site:

Facsimile Support for iSeries Features: These include:

  • Growth and flexibility, as it is supported on the entire range of iSeries systems and can grow as your needs grow
  • Fax profiles that allow customization according to end users' requirements including a fax phone book for storing frequently used fax dialing and cover page information
  • Fax distribution lists
  • DTMF routing
  • Automatic routing and processing of inbound faxes based on Transmitting Subscriber Identifier (TSI) data
  • Viewing received faxes
  • Detailed auditing of all outbound and inbound transactions
  • Automatic retry of failed faxes
  • Security for transmission of sensitive information
  • Full function end-user interface
  • Automated cover page generation
  • Fax notes
  • Capabilities to send faxes during off-shift hours when telephone rates less expensive
  • Faxing of documents from PC applications

Fax support for iSeries also supports up to a 6-byte, spooled file number specified as part of the qualified spooled file name used to send a fax.

Fax Support for iSeries Hardware: Even the hardware configuration offers flexibility. Facsimile Support for iSeries works with any multiple combination of the following hardware options:

  • 9771 Adapter Card with integrated 56 Kbps modem (included with every iSeries)
  • 2772 Adapter Card with two integrated 56 Kbps modems
  • Feature 2761 PCI Integrated Analog Modem, which supports up to eight phone lines
  • 2750 PCI ISDN BRI U IOA (2-wire interface)
  • 2751 PCI ISDN BRI S/T IOA (4-wire interface)
  • IBM 7852 Model 400 Modem

The 2750, 2751, and 2761 cards include the more robust fax capabilities such as error correction mode (ECM), more than two ports, two-dimensional support, and fax banners.

Connect for iSeries (5733-B2B)

Version 1.1 of iSeries Connect builds on a solid foundation, extending functional capability and flexibility. Some of the additions include:

  • Support for new trading partner protocols
  • Better application integration
  • Enhanced flow processing
  • Mapping tools
  • Improved catalog management capabilities
  • Support for the latest middleware from IBM

Following is a list of the enhancements for iSeries Connect Version 1.1:

  • Support for the latest versions of the cXML protocol from Ariba and the mXML protocol from Metiom.
  • Better integration with your back-end applications is now possible with the addition of a database connector type that allows you to map elements of incoming B2B messages to fields in your database tables.
  • The iSeries Connect Flow Manager is enhanced to allow multiple back-end applications or database calls to be made for a single trading partner request. This allows for much more complex flow processing to be specified, thus greatly enhancing the flexibility of the product.
  • Enhancements to the Business Process Editor tool makes it even easier to create Application Connector Documents (ACDs) and multistep Process Flow Models (PFMs).
  • New catalog features allow you to create and publish a subset of a catalog in order to provide categorizations appropriate for particular buyer organizations and customer-specific pricing. Catalogs can now be generated from multiple database tables.
  • iSeries Connect now supports WebSphere Commerce Suite Version 5.1 and WebSphere Application Server Version 3.5. For existing customers with an iSeries Software Subscription contract, these enhancements can be ordered after August 31, 2001. Refer to Software Announcement 201-114 , dated April 23, 2001.

These enhancements for Connect for iSeries are planned to be available by August 31, 2001.

Application Connectors: Software vendors are developing connectors between IBM Connect for iSeries and the applications developed by these software vendors. These connectors will allow requests processed by the Connect for iSeries product to be sent to these back-end software applications for processing. Current information on available connectors may be found on the IBM Connect for iSeries Web site at:

Enhancements to Connect for iSeries V1R0: Two PTF enhancements will be available second quarter 2001 for Connect for iSeries Version 1 Release 0:

  • WebSphere Application Server support — support will be extended for Version 3.5.
  • Metiom — support for the mXML protocol from Metiom will allow connectivity to this trading network.

Specific PTF information and numbers are available on the iSeries B2B Web site at:

Connect for iSeries V1R0 is compatible with OS/400 V5R1 (5722-SS1).

iSeries Client Access Family (5722-XW1)

The iSeries Client Access Family is a product designed for customers accessing iSeries and AS/400e™ systems. The focus of iSeries Client Access is to bring all the power of the iSeries and AS/400e to the end-user desktop and to tightly integrate its software into the desktop environment it is running on. The iSeries Client Access Family includes the following functions:

  • Client Access Express for Windows™
  • iSeries Access for Web
  • WebSphere Host Publisher

Client Access Express for Windows delivers TCP/IP connectivity to users running Microsoft™ Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT™ 4.0, and Windows 2000. Client Access Express offers an all-inclusive client solution for accessing and using resources from your Windows desktop. It includes 5250 emulation, access to DB2 Universal Database® (UDB) for iSeries through its Data Transfer, and utilizes AS/400® NetServer for working with the OS/400 Integrated File System and printers. It also has a variety of middleware for using and developing client applications to access OS/400 resources; and Operations Navigator, the OS/400 GUI, for administering iSeries and AS/400e systems. Other iSeries functions shipped with the Express client are:

  • Operations Console
  • EZ-Setup
  • Toolbox for Java™

iSeries Access for Web is a set of servlets that run on OS/400 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and generates HTML output to a browser (such as Netscape or Internet Explorer). iSeries Access for Web provides a subset of the capabilities provided in Client Access Express for Windows. Its advantage is ease of deployment (no code to install or maintain on the end workstation). It is designed for application users that:

  • Need either quick or infrequent 5250 access to applications running on the iSeries or AS/400e servers
  • Need to access DB2® UDB data
  • Work with OS/400 printers and printer output
  • Send/receive messages

WebSphere Host Publisher enables 5250 applications to run unchanged on the iSeries or AS/400e in the WebSphere Application Server (standard or advanced) environment. Utilizing the Host Publisher Studio portion of WebSphere Host Publisher, a programmer can work with selected portions of an application and consolidate pieces of multiple 5250 host application screens without needing access to the source code, and then externalize these to the Web as a single HTML Web page. This solution provides customers with a simple way to move their applications to the Web with minimal effort, and allows the iSeries to easily play a powerful role in Web serving.

Lotus® Domino Server for iSeries (5769-LNT)

Domino for iSeries: Refer to the Domino for iSeries Web page for information regarding the releases of Domino R5 supported on V5R1:

QuickPlace for iSeries: R2.0.6, or later, is required when running on iSeries V5R1. Refer to the QuickPlace for iSeries Web page for information regarding the releases of QuickPlace supported on V5R1:

iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook: iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook now allows Microsoft Outlook users to access their mail, calendaring, and scheduling information using a Domino server instead of Exchange. With iNotes Access for Outlook, organizations can take advantage of the reliability and scalability of Lotus Domino for iSeries for their messaging infrastructure without changing clients. Additionally, iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook utilizes the Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS) technology to not only help in the delivery of the client code to the end users, but by enabling end users to access their mail while disconnected.

Enabling Simultaneous Execution of Domino SMTP and AS/400 SMTP: There are two types of SMTP support available in Domino R5: iSeries SMTP support with AnyMail/400 Mail Server Framework and Domino R5 SMTP support. Using a specific TCP/IP address for iSeries SMTP support is a new OS/400 function that allows you to link to a specific TCP/IP address based on a new OS/400 SMTP configuration setting. Domino for iSeries R5 makes use of the new function to allow simultaneous execution of Domino SMTP and iSeries SMTP. This means you can access your Domino mail and OS/400 mail at the same time on the same system.

Incremental Installer Support: Incremental installers are now available for Lotus Domino and Lotus QuickPlace for iSeries. Incremental installers can be downloaded from the Domino for iSeries support Web site at:

and provides the ability to upgrade from one Quarterly Maintenance Release  (QMR) to the next without installing the full QMR release. Incremental installers are available beginning with Domino Release  5.0.5 and QuickPlace Release 2.0.6a.

Autostart of Domino and QuickPlace: OS/400 gives you the capability to automatically start TCP/IP servers when TCP/IP is started. Domino and QuickPlace servers may be included in the list of TCP/IP servers to autostart.

128-Character Password Support: OS/400 adds the capability for 128-character passwords. Domino and QuickPlace server functions, which query for OS/400 passwords, also allow 128-character passwords to be input.

EZ-Setup of Domino: EZ-Setup is enhanced to include a setup wizard for Domino for iSeries. The GUI setup wizard, provided on the Domino for iSeries CD-ROM, guides the user through the first configuration of a Domino server. Release 5.0.7, or later, of the Domino for iSeries product (5769-LNT) is required when configuring Domino servers with EZ-Setup.

Domino as Cluster Proven Application: Beginning with Release 5.0.7, Domino servers may now be managed as Cluster Proven applications. By managing the Domino data from a single storage source that can be switched between systems or logical partitions, the availability of Domino is further improved. Refer to the Domino Web page for details and requirements to support the feature with V5R1:

BRMS Enhancement for Domino: BRMS support of Domino now includes incremental backup and restore of Domino server files. This allows only changes since the previous backup or restore to be managed. Refer to the Domino Web page for details regarding Domino and BRMS requirements to support this feature.

Domino and WebSphere Integration Enhancements: Several enhancements have been introduced in Domino to better integrate with IBM WebSphere software. In particular, single signon with WebSphere Application Server Version 3.5 level. For details regarding the support available, refer to the Domino for iSeries Web site:

BRMS for iSeries (5722-BR1)

BRMS is the IBM strategic solution for planning and managing the backup of your iSeries server. The BRMS product is available on the keyed stamped media shipped with every server. This product can be installed and used for 70 days, without charge. After 70 days, a license key is required. BRMS has been refreshed and updated for V5R1 to include the following enhancements:

  • BRMS now supports graphical operations by providing an optional plug-in to Operations Navigator. You can install the BRMS plug-in on any workstation that has been upgraded with IBM Client Access Express for Windows (5722-XW1) connected to any iSeries server upgraded with IBM BRMS for iSeries (5722-BR1). When installed, a BRMS folder is added to the Operations Navigator hierarchy. The BRMS Operations Navigator plug-in simplifies backup planning by providing wizards for creating backup policies and adding media to the BRMS managed inventory. Context menu functions on the backup policies allow you to easily run and schedule backups. The BRMS restore wizard guides you through the steps to locate and restore saved objects. In addition, the BRMS Operations Navigator plug-in integrates a Backup and Restore function into many of the object context menus in the hierarchy, allowing you to easily backup and restore these objects directly to tape media.
  • The save library support, either through the SAVLIBBRM command or Backup Control Groups, using parallel devices has been enhanced to now include: *ALLUSR, *IBM, *ALLPROD, *ALLTEST, *ASPnn, and generic library names.
  • A new Backup Control Group named *SYSTEM is shipped with the BRMS product. This control group can be used to backup the entire system including all user data. Before V5R1, you had to either use the *SYSGRP and *BKUGRP control groups to complete this save or create your own customized policy. This *SYSTEM control group uses a new media policy named SYSTEM, which has a default retention of 90 days.
  • The STRBKUBRM command is enhanced with two new parameters that helps you minimize the number of backup control groups you need to create and use. The ACTIVITY parameter allows you to override the weekly activity of the control group entries and can be used to force either a full or incremental backup. The RETENTION parameter allows you to override the retention settings of the media policies used by the control group. If your media polices have a retention of 30 days, you can use the RETENTION parameter to override this for a single backup to a new retention of *PERM or a number of days. This might be useful if you wanted to keep a copy of your normal saves at year end for 365 days, or longer. These new control group attribute overrides are resolved at the time the command is run and do not change the stored attributes of the backup control group or media policy.
  • The target release parameters on the Save Library using BRMS (SAVLIBBRM) and Save Object using BRMS (SAVOBJBRM) commands, and the target release attribute of Backup Control Groups have been updated to support the VxRxMx format for specifying a target release, where Vx is the version, Rx is the release, and Mx is the modification level. This allows you to save objects that you intend to restore on previous release systems. Previously, BRMS restricted you to N-1 from the release of the save. Now you can save objects through BRMS and restore on systems that are N-2 from the release of the save.
  • The BRMS System Recovery Report (QP1ARCY) has been improved. Some recovery actions that had previously included multiple tasks were moved into separate steps to minimize the likelihood of the actions being missed during recovery. Potential problems that might affect system recovery are highlighted better to minimize recovery exposures. More steps were added to the report reducing some of cross references to the iSeries Backup and Recovery book.
  • The BRMS Console Monitor has been updated to support pass phrases of up to 128 characters.
  • BRMS has increased the support for traditional user ASPs from 16 to 32.
  • BRMS is being enhanced to provide incremental Domino saves. BRMS PTFs will be needed to use this function. For PTF information, refer to:

Euro Currency

These programs are not impacted by euro currency.

Reference Information

WebSphere Payment Manager for iSeries Version 2.2 (5733-PY2)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-005 , dated January 23, 2001.

WebSphere Commerce Suite, Pro Edition for iSeries (5798-WC5)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-118 , dated April 23, 2001.

WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries (5722-WDS)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-115 , dated April 23, 2001.

WebSphere Development Studio (5769-WDS)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-117 , dated April 23, 2001.

Content Manager for iSeries V5R1 (5722-VI1)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-120 , dated April 23, 2001.

Content Manager OnDemand for iSeries V5R1 (5722-RD1)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-121 , dated April 23, 2001.

InfoPrint Server for iSeries (5722-IP1)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-122 , dated April 23, 2001.

DB2 Universal DB Extenders for iSeries (5722-DE1)

Refer to Software Announcement 201-119 , dated April 23, 2001.


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System Manager for iSeries (5722-SM1)

RUNSMGCMD, ADDCMDCRQA, and CHGCMDCRQA commands from System Manager for iSeries are updated to provide an option that will allow end users to select a password up to 128 characters in length and does not restrict the character set allowed for password composition.

Managed System Services for iSeries (5722-MG1)

Managed System Services is enhanced to send and receive remote command requests that support the new password composition rules and length to allow essentially any character and a password length of 128 characters.

Job Scheduler for iSeries (5722-JS1)

V5R1 enhancements to the IBM Advanced Job Scheduler will include the following additions to the Operations Navigator Plug-in GUI:

  • Job Dependencies
  • Active Dependencies
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Update of Job Defaults
  • Display the Advanced Job Scheduler log
  • Base periodic frequency on start time
  • New DDM fields to specify device and location
  • CL Command Prompting support

Performance Tools for iSeries (5722-PT1)

New sections have been added to System Report (PRTSYSRPT) and Component Report (PRTCPTRPT) to output the TCP/IP Activity.

Updated sections of the GO PERFORM (STRPFRT) menu under option 2, "Collect Performance Data." They were updated to use Collection Services. These replace sections that used the Performance Monitor (STRPFRMON).

DB2® DataPropagator™ for iSeries Version 7.1 (5769-DP3)

DB2 DataPropagator for iSeries Version 7.1 now provides commands for performing replication administrative tasks: registration and subscription. Users who want these commands must install the PTF SF65370 for 5769-DP3 after installing the product. For detailed information about using these commands, refer to:

Additional iSeries Client Access Family (5722-XW1) Information

iSeries Client Access Express for Windows™: Client Access Express delivers a solid technology and solution foundation to improve end-user productivity, increase programmer options for working with iSeries resources, and to enhance OS/400® administration. The Express client can be used to connect to systems running OS/400 V4R4, or later.

PC5250 Emulation and Data Transfer are significantly enhanced in this release. To use these functions, you must be connected to an iSeries or AS/400e™ system that has 5769-XW1 or 5722-XW1 installed. The following enhancements are provided in this release of Express:

PC5250 Emulation: PC5250 Emulation has been enhanced to V5.0 (equivalent to the emulation included in Personal Communications V5.0). Many requested changes have been provided in PC5250, such as:

  • Additional key mappings
  • The ability to enter hex characters (for characters not on the keyboard)
  • Eliminating think time in macros
  • Displaying the device name on the window
  • Support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) server authentication throughout its functions

    With this release, PC5250 emulation additionally supports SSL client authentication. Client authentication enables the iSeries system to verify the identity of the client using digital certificates.

  • Recently adding the ability to configure specific workstation-IDs (Auto Device Name Generation)

    However, to set it up required editing the workstation profile. A GUI dialog is provided on the Configuration panel to set up workstation IDs.

Other enhancements to PC5250 include:

  • Display Emulation:
    • The Undo function will keep a list of all the changes a user is making in the Color Remap screen and undo just the most recent change.
    • Buttons were added to control the attributes that blink.
    • A user can click on an area of the screen to change colors of a field type.
    • An option is provided to prevent recording/playback of hidden fields.
    • A new radio-button was added to the "Edit => Preferences => Edit..." Panel, and the Menu Bar terminology has been renamed to make it more consistent with other Windows applications.
    • The Connection dialog now allows the user to specify if a default user ID is to be used.
  • Printer emulation: users can now use different files (.ws profile -> pcspd.dat) with certain printer drivers. This option also allows users to have a font mapping table (iSeries to PC) on a per session basis.
  • Administration: 5250 policies were added so administrators can limit end user's ability to do any of the following:
    • Menu configuration
    • Multiple session configuration
    • Toolbar configuration
    • Keyboard configuration
    • Mouse configuration
    • Automatically add applications to the active menu
    • Use macro play/record
    • Use file transfer

    An option was added to configuration to allow a prompt when exiting a session so the user can select to Save Changes. Previous configuration options allowed only "Always save" or "Never save" session changes on exit.

  • Application enablement: The VBScript was upgraded to Version 5 to make it consistent with Internet Explorer 5.
  • National Language support:
    • DBCS printer sessions can now use Enhanced Computer Output Reduction (COR) to adjust the width and depth of print output to fit on a page.
    • New DBCS Euro code pages for "1364 Korean," "1371 Taiwan," "1390 Japan Katakana Extended," and "1399 Japan Latin Extended."
    • PC5250 supports multiple National Language Versions (NLVs) in the same manner as other functions in Express.

Data Transfer: Data Transfer provides the ability to put PC data into DB2 UDB for iSeries, and to extract selected database information, convert it, and transfer it to the PC. New features added to Data Transfer are:

  • For Microsoft™ Excel users:
    • Support for Excel 2000 file types (8.0); these file types were also added to the Create AS/400® Database File wizard. This enables users to read and write records to multiple sheets within a single workbook.
    • An upload option (in addition to already available download option) was added. The upload can be selected via a new icon/button on the Client Access toolbar, a new menu option on the Excel "Data" pull-down menu called "Transfer Data To AS/400..." and a new dialog similar to the current download dialog, which allows the user to specify what data to upload and where to upload it.
    • Support for numeric formula cells in Excel sheets. Previously, the formula cells were ignored and the default value of the field type was used. Data Transfer now determines if the formula is for a numeric value and, if so, pulls the result of the formula from the cell and passes it to the iSeries database file. If the formula does not resolve to a numeric value, Data Transfer will continue to pass the default value for the cell type.
  • For Lotus® users:
    • Support for 97 Edition file type .123 is added. The .WK4 file type was previously supported. Both of these Lotus file types include the capability to read and write records to multiple sheets within a single workbook. These file types are also included in the Create AS/400 Database File wizard.
    • Support for numeric formula cells in Lotus sheets. Previously, the formula cells were ignored and the default value of the field type was used. Data Transfer now determines if the formula is for a numeric value, and if so, pulls the result of the formula from the cell and passes it to the iSeries database file. If the formula does not resolve to a numeric value, Data Transfer will continue to pass the default value for the cell type.
  • Other Data Transfer changes:
    • Additional support for e-business (Web serving). Default auto-size for HTML downloads is 128 KB. Now users can change this value. HTML details panel now includes support for writing to a UTF-8 file (used by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer). This allows Web pages to contain characters from many different character sets.
    • APIs provided for Data Transfer. In response to customer requests for a way to have programmatic control over transfer requests, ActiveX automation objects have been added to meet these requests. Both high-level and low-level interfaces are provided. The high-level interface provides a fast path approach for running database transfers. It requires minimal input and defaults many behaviors. The low-level interface provides programmatic access to most aspects of the Data Transfer GUI application, including the ability to create and save transfer requests.
    • Support of BIGINT data types, introduced in OS/400 V4R5. Data Transfer now supports this new column type for upload and download. For some files types (such as BIFF and WK4 where double is the largest numeric value supported), rounding may occur. Users will be warned when this happens. The BIGINT data type is not supported when using DOS Random, DOS Random2, and BASIC Random file types.
    • Support of floating-point data type. Data Transfer now supports float and double columns for upload and download. Floating-point data types are not supported when using DOS Random, DOS Random2, and BASIC Random file types.
    • An option was added to Data Transfer Properties, Connections page, to allow users to configure which User ID to use with a specific transfer request when it connects to an iSeries server.
    • Other usability improvements include:
      • A Status Bar, added to the main Data Transfer windows and an SSL icon will show if Data Transfer is connected over SSL.
      • When the cursor is positioned over menu items on the Toolbar, extended tool tip information will be provided.
      • In the Properties panel, you can now set to display or not display warnings that occur while transferring data.

ODBC Driver: ODBC is a widely accepted application-programming interface (API) for database access. You can use the iSeries Client Access Express ODBC driver to access database information from programs like Excel, Access, and 1-2-3®. It is based on the Call-Level Interface (CLI) specifications from X/Open and ISO/IEC for database APIs and uses Structured Query Language (SQL) as its database access language. Client Access Express has enhanced its Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver to:

  • Support the Microsoft ODBC 3.5 Specification.
  • Support Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). MTS support enables DB2 UDB for iSeries to participate in transactions involving two-phase commit coordinated through MTS (requires connectivity to OS/400 V5R1).
  • Support the BIGINT data type (requires connectivity to OS/400 V4R5, or later).
  • Support direct conversion of data to the column CCSID for parameter markers in SQL statements.
  • Support thread-safety.
  • Support enhanced diagnostics.
  • Improved support for Unicode ODBC applications. Unicode ODBC applications will be able to use Unicode database fields to store and retrieve multilingual data. Also, OS/400 V5R1 will accept SQL statements in Unicode, so multilingual literals can be used.

OLE DB Provider: OLE DB is Microsoft's component database architecture that gives you universal data integration over an enterprise's network regardless of the data type. OLE DB is a fundamental Component Object Model (COM) building block for storing and retrieving records, and for accessing and manipulating all types of data. Client Access Express has enhanced its OLE DB Provider (driver) to support the V2.5 definition of OLE DB, thus it will work with:

  • ADO 2.1 (this ships with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and Office/2000 products)
  • ADO 2.5 (this ships with Microsoft Windows/2000)
  • Visual Basic 6.0 OLE DB controls and wizards

The OLE DB Provider includes enhancements such as:

  • Forward-only cursor types
  • Optimistic lock type
  • Record set seek
  • Support for Big Integers and Large Objects (LOBs) data types (requires connectivity to OS/400 V4R5, or later)
  • Custom properties that were added to CCSID 65535 data to enable functions such as Force Translate, Default Collection, Catalog Library List, and Convert Date Time To Char
  • Improved support for Unicode applications

    Unicode OLE DB applications will be able to use Unicode database fields to store and retrieve multilingual data. Also, OS/400 V5R1 will accept SQL statements in Unicode, so multilingual literals can be used.


  • Service Pack Installation: Client Access Express service pack PTFs can be applied to the Client Access Express install image. Then when users install Client Access Express from the iSeries or AS/400 server to the PC using AS/400 NetServer, the Client Access Express product including the latest service pack will be installed in one step, rather than having the two-step install process of the client install followed by the service pack install.
  • One way that administrators can improve the security of their environment is by limiting user access to their Windows 2000 or Windows NT™ PCs. This can be done by utilizing the Windows NT file system (NTFS), and then restricting specific users from being able to write to selected directories. Client Access Express now has enhanced support for these environments, ensuring that user-writable files are stored in user-writable locations in most cases. Previous versions of Client Access Express required users to perform extensive work-arounds for these environments.

Security: Client Access Express supports new password rules, allowing case sensitive user profile passwords up to 128 characters in length with a larger character set.

Express Toolkit: The Express Toolkit contains links to header files, sample programs, and other helpful information, providing a single interface to assist in developing applications using Client Access Express middleware. The toolkit now includes the following new information:

  • Data Transfer ActiveX Automation objects that provide a programming interface for the Data Transfer functionality.
  • Two new Java™ tools, GUI Builder, and Resource Script Converter are included in Client Access Express. The GUI Builder is a visual editor for creating Java dialogs, property sheets, and wizards. The Resource Script Converter converts Windows user interface elements into a form usable by Java programs. These tools are an optionally installed component of the Toolkit, and require the current JRE and Java Toolbox.
  • The wizards for use with Visual Basic now support the new OS/400 Data types (BigInt, LOBs).
  • Set cursor type and lock type properties. These can generate record-set seek code for tables record level access.

Client Access Express also ships with OS/400. The PC5250 display and printer emulation and Data Transfer functions of Express require the iSeries Client Access Family (5722-XW1). All other functions can be used without acquiring the iSeries Client Access Family (Product 5722-XW1). Refer to the OS/400 V5R1 Software Announcement 201-112 , dated April 23, 2001, for a description of the other enhancements included in the Express client:

  • Operations Navigator, the OS/400 GUI
  • Operations Console supports LAN Connectivity
  • AS/400 NetServer enhancements for file and print serving
  • EZ-Setup
  • Toolbox for Java

iSeries Access for Web: Planned for September 28, 2001, availability is iSeries Access for Web — a new member of the Client Access Family that provides end users a Web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer) interface to access iSeries or AS/400e systems running OS/400 V4R5, or later. iSeries Access for Web provides end users with:

  • A zero client footprint for working with data stored in DB2 UDB for iSeries databases
  • Accessing files stored in the Integrated File System
  • Working with their printer output
  • Running host applications through a 5250 interface for a Web look and feel

Customers are looking for ways to streamline user access to information in the enterprise and to customize the way users work with the iSeries and AS/400e servers, so those not familiar with OS/400 operating environment can easily and productively work with its database and applications. iSeries Access for Web provides key capabilities such as:

  • Ability to run host applications through the iSeries Access for Web integrated 5250 interface. Additionally, host application screens can be enhanced by using the Host Publisher Studio capabilities to have a Web look and feel, and can then be run directly from the browser.
  • GUI access to iSeries databases
    • Upload data to the iSeries database and download selected database information to the desktop (for example, into an Excel spreadsheet).
    • Perform many database functions such as insert, delete, update, and query the iSeries database through a graphical interface.
    • Import previously built Client Access Express Data Transfer request files that other users can run.
  • A simple interface to work with information in the Integrated File System, including download and view capabilities.
  • The ability to work with iSeries and AS/400e printers and printer output.
  • Object level security is used to validate access to OS/400 resources. Users and groups have access only to authorized resources.
  • Fully customizable Web page so OS/400 administrators can configure what users will see and can access when connecting to iSeries and AS/400e servers.
  • Industry-standard protocols, HTTP and HTTPS, are used by iSeries Access for Web. Since it needs no proprietary TCP/IP ports or protocols, considerations surrounding firewall usage are easily manageable.
  • No client code to install or manage. Simply install and configure on the server and access from any Web browser.

WebSphere™ Host Publisher: Host Publisher allows you to integrate multiple sources of data, including host and database applications, as a single Web page with no change to backend applications. The high level of security you need for your Web-based environment is provided through server Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and authentication. Virtually any user with a standard Web browser can run iSeries and AS/400e applications from the Web without seeing those traditional green screens. WebSphere Host Publisher consists of two major components: Host Publisher Studio and Host Publisher server.

  • Host Publisher Studio provides an easy-to-use customization environment that runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000, and is used to create Integration Objects that can be used to dynamically access backend data sources. The studio generates fully HTML output that can be customized with imbedded JavaServer Pages (JSP) tags. Point-and-click features allow Web administrators to map specific fields on a Web page using the HTML tags to point to specific fields on the host emulation screen or database table. This bidirectional implementation allows information to be updated from the Web interface, making it simple to connect users to backend systems across the enterprise. Host Publisher Studio is a separately installed option of iSeries Access for Web.
  • Host Publisher server provides the run-time environment to execute Integration Objects, reusable beans for Java applications, created with Host Publisher Studio. To support the run-time environment for applications that use Integration Objects created by Host Publisher Studio, the Host Publisher server runs on the WebSphere Application Server (Standard Edition) on iSeries and AS/400e servers. Host Publisher server also provides the 5250 interface when applications are used without Integration Objects.

For more information, refer to the WebSphere Host Publisher Web site at:

V5R1 Content

The following is a list of iSeries V5R1 software included in this announcement:

Program Name                                           Number
Cryptographic Access Provider
  56-bit for iSeries                                   5722-AC2
  128-bit for iSeries                                  5722-AC3
AFP(TM) Utilities for AS/400                           5722-AF1
Advanced DBCS Printer Support for                      5722-AP1
Backup Recovery and Media Services                     5722-BR1
  for iSeries
iSeries Client Encryption
  (56-bit)                                             5722-CE2
  (128-bit)                                            5722-CE3
Communications Utilities for iSeries                   5722-CM1
Cryptographic Support for AS/400                       5722-CR1
System/38(TM) Utilities for AS/400                     5722-DB1
CICS(R)  Transaction Server for iSeries                5722-DFH
Business Graphics Utility for AS/400                   5722-DS1
Job Scheduler for iSeries                              5722-JS1
Managed System Services for iSeries                    5722-MG1
Application Program Driver for AS/400                  5722-PD1
Performance Tools for iSeries                          5722-PT1
Query for iSeries                                      5722-QU1
System Manager for iSeries                             5722-SM1
DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development                  5722-ST1
  Kit for iSeries
iSeries Client Access Family                           5722-XW1
Facsimile Support for iSeries                          5798-FAX

iSeries V5R1 programs announced in separate software announcements include the following:

Program Name                                           Number
DB2 UDB Extenders for iSeries                          5722-DE1
  Version 7.1
Infoprint(R) Server for iSeries                        5722-IP1
Content Manager OnDemand for iSeries                   5722-RD1
Content Manager for iSeries                            5722-VI1
WebSphere Development Studio                           5722-WDS

Also available in iSeries V5R1 are the following:

                                   Program           Version/
Program Name                       Number            Release
MQSeries(R) for iSeries            5733-A38          V5R2
  Version 5.2
AFP PrintSuite                     5798-AF3          V3R7
WebSphere Application              5733-AS3          V3R5
 Server Standard Edition
Connect for iSeries                5733-B2B          V1R0
AFP Font Collection for            5648-B45          V2R1
  Workstations and OS/400
DCE Base Services for AS/400       5769-DC1          V4R3
DCE DES Library Routines           5769-DC3          V4R3
Dictionary and Linguistic Tools    5769-DL1          V4R5
DB2 DataPropagator for             5769-DP3          V4R5
  iSeries Version 7.1
AFP DBCS Fonts                     5769-FN1          V4R2
AFP Fonts                          5769-FNT          V4R2
Domino(TM) fax for iSeries         5769-FXD          V4R4
DB2 Forms for iSeries              5697-G14          V4R4
Warehouse Manager for iSeries      5697-G23          V4R5
QMF(TM) for Windows for iSeries    5697-G24          V4R4
DB2 Intelligent Miner(TM)          5733-IM3          V6R1
Lotus Enterprise Integrator        5769-LNP          V3R0
Lotus Domino Server for iSeries    5769-LNT          V5R0
WebSphere Payment Manager          5733-PY2          V4R5
  for iSeries
NetView FTP                        5798-TBG          V3R6
VisualAge(R) Generator Server      5769-VG1          V4R4
  for iSeries
WebSphere Application Server       5769-WA3          V3R5
  Version 3.5, Advanced Edition
  for iSeries (128-bit)
WebSphere Commerce Suite
  for AS/400                       5798-WC4          V4R4
  for iSeries                      5798-WC5          V4R5

Offering Information

Product information is available through Offering Information (OITOOL) at:


Displayable Softcopy Publications: These files can be used with the BookMaster® and DCF licensed programs to create unmodified printed copies of the manuals. The source files are also used with the BookManager® BUILD licensed programs to create unmodified displayable softcopy manuals. Terms and conditions for use of the machine-readable files are shipped with the files.

Technical Information

Hardware Requirements

AS/400 RISC system or e(logo)server iSeries server

Software Requirements

Connect for iSeries V1R1 (5733-B2B): Connect for iSeries V1R1 requires OS/400 V5R1. For additional Hardware and software requirements, refer to:

iSeries Client Access Family (5722-XW1)

Client Access Express for Windows: Client Access Express for Windows can be installed on systems with OS/400 V4R5, or later, and requires 112 MB on the server for its install image.

Once Client Access Express is installed on the PC, the client can connect to OS/400 V4R4, or later.

PC Software Requirements

Client Access Express without Operations Navigator:

  • Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0: Pentium™ 100 MHz and at least 32 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000: Pentium 133 MHz and at least 64 MB RAM

Client Access Express with Operations Navigator:

  • Windows 95/98/Me: Pentium 200 MHz and at least 64 MB RAM
  • Windows NT 4.0/2000: Pentium 200 MHz and at least 96 MB RAM, 128 MB recommended

iSeries Access for Web: iSeries Access for Web runs as servlets under OS/400 V4R5, or later. Additionally, the following must be installed on your iSeries or AS/400e:

  • IBM HTTP Server for iSeries
  • Developer Kit for Java
  • Toolbox for Java
  • TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for iSeries
  • WebSphere Application Server (Standard or Advanced Editions for iSeries, 128-bit, Version 3.5.0, or later)

The Host Publisher Studio component of iSeries Access for Web installs as option 1 and requires 250 MB on the server for the install image. Once installed on the iSeries or AS/400e server, Host Publisher Studio must then be installed to a PC to use the Studio portion.

WebSphere Development Tools and WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries (5722-WDS) contains workstation development tools that can be used with the Host Publisher Studio (packaged with iSeries Access for Web). For example, the following products could enhance your Web application development:

  • WebSphere Studio for iSeries is a Web-development tool, and it provides support for OS/400 sub-file and data types. It also includes wizards and templates to access iSeries and AS/400e data and applications that enhance building Web applications.
  • VisualAge for Java for AS/400 contains wizards and templates that can aid when creating portable Java applets, servlets, or applications.

iSeries Access for Web can be used from any desktop that has a browser (such as Netscape and Internet Explorer).

The Host Publisher Studio portion of iSeries Access for Web runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000. It requires at least an Intel Pentium™ 366 processor, 256 MB of RAM, and 102 MB of available disk space.

Ordering and Packaging Information


iSeries Client Access Family (5722-XW1)

  • The PC5250 emulation included in this release of Client Access Express (V5R1M0) is not compatible with any version of the Screen Customizer. If the Screen Customizer functionality is needed, it can be obtained by ordering Host Access Client Package V1.1 (5648-E09). This product contains the Screen Customizer 2.0.3 and a compatible Personal Communications V5.0.1.
  • The PC5250 emulation included in this release of Client Access Express is compatible with Personal Communications 5.0 CSD1. There may be coexistence problems if the V5R1M0 Express client is used with Personal Communications 4.3.
  • Client Access for Windows 95/Windows NT V3R2M0 can be used to connect to any iSeries and AS/400e server running any supported release of OS/400 V4R5, or earlier.
  • Client Access Enhanced for Windows V3R1M0 (5763-XK1) can be used to connect to any iSeries and AS/400e system running any supported release of OS/400 at V4R5, or earlier.
  • V5R1 iSeries Access for Web is only available in English.

Planning Information


                                   Program           Information
Program Name                       Number            Document
Cryptographic Access Provider
  56-bit for iSeries               5722-AC2          GC52-0889
  128-bit for iSeries              5722-AC3          GC52-0889
AFP Utilities for AS/400           5722-AF1          GC52-0890
Advanced DBCS Printer              5722-AP1          GC52-0890
  Support for AS/400
Backup Recovery and Media          5722-BR1          GC52-0890
  Services for iSeries
                                   Program           Information
Program Name                       Number            Document
iSeries Client Encryption
  (56-bit)                         5722-CE2          GC52-0893
  (128-bit)                        5722-CE3          GC52-0893
Communications Utilities           5722-CM1          GC52-0890
  for iSeries
Cryptographic Support for          5722-CR1          GC52-0890
System/38 Utilities for AS/400     5722-DB1          GC52-0889
CICS Transaction Server for        5722-DFH          GC52-0889
Business Graphics Utility for      5722-DS1          GC52-0890
Job Scheduler for iSeries          5722-JS1          GC52-0890
Managed System Services for        5722-MG1          GC52-0889
Application Program Driver         5722-PD1          GC52-0890
  for AS/400
Performance Tools for iSeries      5722-PT1          GC52-0890
Query for iSeries                  5722-QU1          GC52-0890
System Manager for iSeries         5722-SM1          GC52-0889
DB2 Query Manager and SQL          5722-ST1          GC52-0890
  Development Kit for iSeries
iSeries Client Access Family       5722-XW1          GC52-0892
Facsimile Support for iSeries      5798-FAX          GC52-0890

Security, Auditability, and Control

The programs in this announcement use the security and auditability features of OS/400.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Ordering Information

Refer to Software Announcement 201-114 , dated April 23, 2001.

Customized Offerings

Most product media is shipped only via Customized Offerings (CBPDO, ServerPac, Systempac®). Non-customized items (CDs, diskettes, source media, media kits) will continue to be shipped via the stand-alone product.

Terms and Conditions

Licensing: For terms information, Refer to Software Announcement 201-114 , dated April 23, 2001.

Program Services: Available until May 31, 2003, except for Connect for iSeries (5733-B2B), which will be December 31, 2002.


The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

Refer to Software Announcement 201-114 , dated April 23, 2001.

Order Now

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You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


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