IBM United States
Software Announcement 200-342
October 3, 2000

IBM MQSeries Everyplace for Mobile Users Extends Platform Coverage

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At a Glance

MQSeries Everyplace brings a reliable connection into an unpredictable world

  • Get the freedom of a mobile hand-held device — work any place, any time using assured message delivery and security
  • Check your inventory, quote the latest prices, win your order — at a customer location, walking down the street, riding in a cab using MQSeries connectivity to existing applications
  • Keep your work force on the move!
    • Give them the location of the next customer to visit
    • Confirm a shipment has been received
    • Process a meter reading immediately, or later, using the delivery options for messages

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).


The MQSeries® Everyplace program extends the MQSeries family; the infrastructure for connecting servers and mainframes in e-business solutions. Now with multiplatform support, MQSeries Everyplace extends the capabilities available in MQSeries Everyplace for Windows™ Version 1.0 to more gateways and devices. For gateways, the following platforms are supported:

  • AIX®
  • Sun Solaris
  • Windows NT™ and Windows 2000
  • Certain other platforms that support compatible Java™ Virtual Machines

For devices, the following Java platforms are supported:

  • Any platform that runs IBM Java, including Micro Edition
  • Any platform that runs a Sun certified JVM (1.1 level)
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, and Windows 2000
  • Supported platforms include EPOC, QNX Neutrino, Windows CE, and Pocket PC

Native Client (subset of the Java function):

  • Palm Operating System (PalmOS)

Only synchronous messaging and a subset of function is available for the Native Client.

MQSeries Everyplace embraces the messaging needs of lightweight devices, such as palmtop and laptop computers. It also supports mobility and the security requirements that arise from fragile communication networks. Not only do you gain the standard MQSeries quality of service, such as once-only, assured delivery, and disconnected operation when necessary, but you also gain the ability to run outside the protection of an Internet firewall, with sophisticated security capabilities included.

The Standard Edition offers 56-bit encryption, and a High Security version is available with 128-bit encryption.

Key Prerequisites

Refer to Software Prerequisites for details.

Planned Availability Date

October 13, 2000


MQSeries Family

e-business is accelerating the pace of change. Speed to market and quality of service are critical for success so companies need to be agile to survive. The MQSeries family provides a versatile platform for e-business.

  • MQSeries — is the core of the MQSeries family. The base messaging servers and clients provide once, and once only, message and queuing capability on more than 35 platforms.
  • MQSeries Adapter Offering — provides a framework and tools that build and customize MQSeries adapters for existing and new, prepackaged, or custom-developed applications.
  • MQSeries Everyplace — extends the capabilities of MQSeries base messaging to mobile workers using laptops, PDAs, and telephones. It brings all the benefits of MQSeries messaging, including rock-solid security, to a failure-prone environment.
  • MQSeries Integrator — combines a one-to-many connectivity model, plus transformation, intelligent routing, and information flow modeling. It facilitates the development of new application services that comprise the functions of multiple, disparate existing business systems.
  • MQSeries Workflow — a business process management system that facilitates the rapid development and management of the business processes that integrate the IT and organizational infrastructure of a company.

MQSeries Everyplace

MQSeries Everyplace is a messaging and queuing product, which builds on the concepts of other MQSeries products, but provides function particularly suited to lightweight devices and wireless connection.

These devices require the messaging subsystem to be frugal in its use of system resources, and need to have a reliable, secure connection even when the communications coverage is unreliable. MQSeries Everyplace offers tailored function and interfaces appropriate to its customer set. Like MQSeries, it includes a unique set of messaging capabilities necessary to support its particular classes of users.

It provides cross-platform compatibility, and function extendibility.

Features of MQSeries Everyplace

  • Gives assured delivery, which means that it can be used over fragile communication networks
  • Uses a minimum of space in the mobile device
  • Integrates with other IBM MQSeries and mobile products
  • Provides remote message access, and roaming support for users
  • Has extensive security options
  • Makes efficient use of the network and has automatic recovery after failures
  • Can be configured to make best use of expensive or scarce resources
  • Can be extended, for example, to support other networks or other protocols
  • Has a Java base, which gives a wide choice of operating platforms

MQSeries Everyplace supports devices and gateways. Both support queues, but additionally the gateway supports connectivity to other MQSeries servers (if that is also a requirement).

Devices can be connected together in various configurations. A typical setup would be many devices connected to a single gateway, with that gateway connected to one or more MQSeries systems or other gateways.

MQSeries Everyplace supports HTTP and TCP/IP as transports.

All queue managers support synchronous messaging operations, such as the ability to access queues to get, put, and browse messages. A queue manager with local queues also supports asynchronous message delivery (function not available on Native Client).

Security: Attribute objects (that contain the mechanisms to perform authentication, encryption, and compression) may be associated with messages and other objects. These can relate to:

  • Authentication: to control access
  • Compression: to reduce resource requirements (for transmission or storage)
  • Encryption: to protect the contents when the object is transmitted

In this way, access to message content can be selectively secured and the data can be protected, for example, on backing storage (not available in Native Client).

Encryption methods available include MARS, DES, triple DES, RC4, and RC6. These can offer up to 128-bit security where permitted.

Encryption greater than 56-bit is only available in the High Security edition.

Benefits of using MQSeries Everyplace: MQSeries Everyplace extends e-business to mobile users:

  • Business users can process high-value transactions away from their desks because of assured message delivery.
  • Existing systems can be integrated into e-business solutions via the gateway to MQSeries networks.
  • Critical applications work reliably even over unreliable mobile networks using MQSeries Everyplace messages.
  • Users can choose their own personal workstation platform thanks to the wide variety of platforms supported, such as EPOC32, PalmOS, and Windows platforms, including Pocket PC.
  • Applications can provide immediate server or mainframe interaction when a link is available, and queued use when it is not.
  • Users can make cost-effective use of radio networks by using the built-in intelligent data compression and link policies.
  • Networks can include small, low-cost devices for remote sensing.
  • Up-to-the-minute information, such as latest stock prices, is provided by automatic transmission from central servers.
  • Programmers can choose simple setup options for security, and communications can easily work through firewalls using HTTP protocol.
  • Users can keep in touch with each other directly using device-to-device communication over the Internet (support limited).
  • Users can connect to a convenient local gateway, and use different devices at different times according to their needs.
  • Mobile workers can receive important schedule updates, or send new data, even when they are working in an environment where radio coverage is intermittent.
  • Field workers can have direct access to back-end systems using a combination of MQSeries Everyplace with other MQSeries products. For example, they can use the Publish/Subscribe function in MQSeries Integrator to subscribe to important information that can be sent direct to their mobile device.

MQSeries Everyplace is a member of the IBM Everyplace family, which includes the WebSphere™ Everyplace Suite, that integrates mobile device support. It has versatile security options, which allow 128-bit encryption if required. The administration infrastructure is designed to allow central control, and an administration program is available as an MQSeries SupportPac™. MQSeries and MQSeries Everyplace both have the advantages of assured delivery, disconnected operation, and cross-platform support. MQSeries Everyplace adds further features necessary to allow users to continue to work and access important data while away from their normal working or home environment.

Using the latest mobile devices, businesses that reach customers and workers directly in their homes or while they are on the road will have a considerable advantage in the marketplace. With MQSeries Everyplace, the MQSeries family now allows business users to extend their operations into the mobile environment and expand their business model opportunities for sales and customer service.

This product supersedes MQSeries Everyplace for Windows, Version 1.0 announced in Software Announcement 200-072 , dated April 4, 2000. It is a repackaging of that product, extended to more platforms.

Year 2000

This product is Year 2000 ready. When used in accordance with its associated documentation, it is capable of correctly processing, providing, or receiving date data within and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, provided that all products (for example, hardware, software, and firmware) used with the product properly exchange accurate date data with it.

The service end date for this Year 2000 ready product is December 31, 2002.

Product Positioning

IBM Business Integration consists of five offerings under the MQSeries brand designed to complement each other:

  1. MQSeries is for secure and reliable communication of application messages over a wide range of platforms.
  2. MQSeries Integrator transforms and routes application message contents as transmitted via MQSeries. It is optimized for high-volume, in-storage transformation of messages.
  3. MQSeries Workflow allows integration of application components via predefined workflow models.
  4. MQSeries Adapter Offering enables applications to talk easily to one another through the equivalent of their own common language.

In addition, MQSeries Everyplace adds connectivity for mobile users.

Positioning of MQSeries Everyplace and MQSeries

Common features:

  • Assured message delivery
  • Capability to run applications even when disconnected
  • Message compatibility
  • Integrated administration infrastructure (framework in MQSeries Everyplace)
  • Multiplatform/device support
  • Legacy systems can be integrated into e-business solutions (via gateway for MQSeries Everyplace)
  • Can connect to other MQSeries family members to allow e-business integration

Differences: MQSeries Everyplace has additional features not in MQSeries base messaging, such as:

  • Support for unreliable wireless connections
  • Data stream length minimized
  • Security features built-in
  • Lightweight mobile device support

However, it does not have certain MQSeries features and functions, such as:

  • MQSeries range of programming languages, protocols, and adaptor connectors
  • Multiple Queue managers
  • MQI, AMI, and JMS (CMI)
  • XA coordination, units of work, two-phase commit, and recovery logs
  • Clustering/load balancing, pub/sub broker, and Workflow agent
  • Segmented messages, reference messages, and name lists
  • Ability to communicate directly with all other platforms (without using a the MQSeries Everyplace Bridge)

Messages and some publications are translated to French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. These will be available within 30 days of U.S. English planned availability.


WebSphere and SupportPac are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
MQSeries and AIX are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Windows, Windows NT, and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Education Support

The appropriate curriculum will be updated, as necessary, to include the enhancements described in this announcement.

Details of the education support will be provided by October 13, 2000, through a separate education announcement.

Descriptions of all classroom and self-study courses are available.

For MQSeries® courses, access:

Call IBM Learning Services at 800-IBM-TEACH (426-8322) for education catalogs, schedules, and enrollments.

Offering Information

Product information is available through Offering Information (OITOOL) at:


MQSeries Everyplace Installation Instructions are included with these programs. The following books are shipped on the product CD-ROM in PDF format only:

                                                PDF       PDF
                                   Hardcopy   in Box?    on CD?
MQSeries Everyplace                GC34-5862    Yes       Yes
MQSeries Everyplace                GC34-5843    Yes       Yes
MQSeries Everyplace                SC34-5845     No       Yes
MQSeries Everyplace                SC34-5846     No       Yes
  Programming Guide

PDF files can be downloaded from the Web after availability.

Hardcopy books can be ordered from country program libraries after October 13, 2000. To order, contact your IBM representative.

Related Books: MQSeries Family

MQSeries Version 5.2 Release Guide                GC34-5761
MQSeries for AIX(R) Quick Beginnings              GC33-1867
MQSeries for AS/400(R) Quick Beginnings           GC34-5557
MQSeries for HP-UX Quick Beginnings               GC33-1869
MQSeries for LINUX(R) Quick Beginnings            GC34-5691
MQSeries for Sun Solaris Quick                    GC33-1870
MQSeries for Windows NT(TM) and                   GC34-5389
  Windows(TM) 2000 Quick Beginnings
MQSeries Clients                                  GC33-1632
MQSeries Application Programming                  SC33-0807
MQSeries MQSC Command Reference                   SC33-1369
MQSeries Application Program Reference            SC33-1673
MQSeries Intercommunication                       SC33-1872
MQSeries Messages                                 GC33-1876
MQSeries Using C++                                SC33-1877
MQSeries Queue Manager Clusters                   SC34-5349
MQSeries Business Partner Directory               GC34-5440
MQSeries System Administration                    SC33-1873
MQSeries Programmable System                      SC33-1482
MQSeries Using Java(TM)                           SC34-5456
MQSeries Administration Interface                 SC34-5390
  Programming Guide and Reference

Hardcopy books can be ordered separately for a fee from country program libraries after planned availability. To order, contact your IBM representative.

Displayable Softcopy Publications: MQSeries Everyplace manuals are offered in displayable softcopy form.

The displayable manuals are part of the basic machine-readable material. The files are shipped on the same media type as the basic machine-readable.

These displayable manuals are available in PDF format, and some are also available in HTML format.

Technical Information

Hardware Requirements

Any Year-2000-ready vendor hardware that is explicitly compatible and fully capable of running the specified operating system, the corresponding supporting software and associated applications unmodified. Responsibility to provide statement of full compatibility between machines lies with the original equipment provider.

Server Components

  • RS/6000® processor machines
  • Sun Microsystems SPARC processor machines
  • Intel®-based systems (or equivalent), various manufacturers

Device components: MQSeries Everyplace is supported on the following devices:

  • EPOC32 devices running the Java versions below
  • Windows CE devices running the Java platforms below
  • Palm devices
    • Palm V or equivalent
  • Microsoft™ Windows devices running the Java versions below
    • Intel-based systems (or equivalent), various manufacturers

Software Requirements

Refer to the MQSeries Web pages for the latest information:

Software Prerequisites

Gateway component

  • AIX Version 4.3
  • Microsoft™ Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows NT V4.0
  • Sun Solaris 7 or 8

Gateway Java environment

One of:

  • IBM Java run time (JVM 1.1)
  • Microsoft Java run time supplied with Windows NT or 2000
  • Any Java that is Sun Java V1.1 certified
  • MQSeries Java client (for MQSeries Everyplace Bridge operation)

Device component

One of:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000, Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows NT V4.0, Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98
  • Microsoft Windows CE
  • Microsoft Pocket PC
  • EPOC32 Operating system
  • Any platform that runs IBM Java, including Micro Edition
  • Any platform that runs a Sun certified JVM (1.1 level)
    Native client
  • PalmOS1 (limited function)

Java environment

One of:

  • IBM Java run time (JVM 1.1), including Java Micro Edition
  • Microsoft Java run time supplied with Windows NT or 2000
  • Any Java that is Sun Java V1.1 certified

Programming environment


  • Any Java V1.1 programming environment supported by the Java run time, such as IBM Visual Age for Java

Native Client

  • Code Warrior Release 6 containing the IDE for PalmOS and C/C++ compiler (Palm only)
Not all hardware that runs this operating system is supported; refer to the Technical Information section.


This product is compatible with the TCP/IP infrastructure provided by SecureWay® Wireless Gateway for AIX, Version 5.1 connected to the server running MQSeries Everyplace.

For details on MQSeries family platforms, messaging links, gateways and interfaces, MQSeries Integrator platforms, MQSeries Workflow platforms, and additional information, access:

Performance Considerations: Performance of the system is dependent on the speed and latency of transmission links, the speed of processors and storage media used in devices and servers, and the total demand on server resources.

Planning Information

MQSeries Everyplace allows you to build a server component and to build a device component. The supplied license allows the user to run one server component on a minimum entitled machine. The price model for MQSeries base products is structured over multiple tiers, which are defined by the number of processors or processor group on which the MQSeries product will be installed for use. It uses a single charge unit, the Capacity Unit, as the means of charging. This unit has no direct relationship to machine capability: it is a charging authorization term only. Additional Capacity Units are required as you move to larger systems or add new systems.

Capacity Unit requirements for MQSeries Everyplace Gateway Standard Security Edition match the number of units required for the equivalent tiered base MQSeries server license. The Capacity Unit requirements for MQSeries Everyplace High Security Edition are shown in parentheses and have three times the number of units for the equivalent tiered base MQSeries server license.

MQSeries Processor Group List

|                                          |   MQSeries   |
|Description                               |Capacity Units|
|Intel* Uniprocessor Machines              |   2 (6)      |
|AS/400 Processor Group P05                |              |
|Intel 2-Way SMP Machines                  |   4 (12)     |
|+ RISC 1-2 Processors per Box/SP Node     |              |
|AS/400 Processor Groups P10 and P20       |              |
|Intel/RISC 3-8 Processors per Box/SP Node |   8 (24)     |
|AS/400 Processor Groups P30 and P40       |              |
|Intel/RISC 9-23 Processors per Box/SP Node|   16 (48)    |
|AS/400 Processor Group P50                |              |
|Intel/RISC 24 or More Processors          |              |
|  per BOX/SP Node                         |   30 (90)    |

Intel machines include compatible processors such as Cyrix and AMD. For pricing and licensing information, visit:

For the capacity unit information, refer to MQSeries publication: GC34-5265-07 or the MQSeries calculator at:

Transferability: MQSeries generic Capacity Units are intended to be transferable across MQSeries platforms that appear in the same MQSeries Transfer Group. The MQSeries Transfer Group will generally, but not exclusively, define MQSeries products at a consistent version and release level. In general, a chargeable upgrade path will be provided to enable existing use authorization (Capacity Units) to be migrated to an MQSeries product at a functionally enhanced version or release level. The following table shows the current MQSeries Transfer Groups and the platforms, within each group, eligible for generic Capacity Unit transferability. The Version/Release levels shown refer to MQSeries products.

|MQSeries Transfer  |MQSeries Transfer |MQSeries Transfer|
|    Group A        |    Group B       |    Group C      |
|AIX, V5.0          |AIX, V5.1         |AIX, V5.2        |
|AS/400, V4.2.1     |AS/400, V5.1      |AS/400, V5.2     |
|HP-UX, V5.0        |HP-UX, V5.1       |HP-UX, V5.2      |
|OS/2 Warp, V5.0    |OS/2 Warp, V5.1   |Linux, V5.2      |
|Sun Solaris, V5.0  |Sun Solaris, V5.1 |Sun Solaris, V5.2|
|Sun Solaris,       |Sun Solaris, Intel|                 |
|  on Intel, V5.0   |  Edition, V5.1   |                 |
|Windows NT, V5.0   |Windows NT, V5.1  |Windows NT/2000, |
|                   |                  |  V5.2           |
|AT&T NCR, V2.2     |Compaq Tru64 UNIX,|                 |
|                   |  V5.1            |                 |
|Compaq OpenVMS     |MQSeries          |                 |
|  Alpha, V2.2      |  Everyplace V1.0 |                 |
|                   |  or V1.1         |                 |
|Compaq OpenVMS     |                  |                 |
|  VAX, V2.2        |                  |                 |
|SINIX + DC/OSx,    |                  |                 |
|  V2.2             |                  |                 |
|Tandem NSK, V2.2   |                  |                 |

Capacity Units are transferable within an individual MQSeries Transfer Group A, B, or C but cannot be transferred between the three groups. MQSeries generic Capacity Units are not transferable to other MQSeries family products covered by MQSeries Integrator Capacity Units and MQSeries Workflow Capacity Units.

Chargeable Mobile Device List: Users of devices that run the following operating systems must have Proof of Entitlement (PoE) in order to install and run MQSeries Everyplace device code on those devices: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 95, or any other platform for which there is a current MQSeries server product.

If the high security device code is used, users must have PoE for the High Security Edition.

Mobile device licenses do not entitle the user to run components needed to allow MQSeries Everyplace to function as a server or gateway (refer to the Terms and Conditions section).

MQSeries Device Components: Device components built using the device toolkit may be copied to and used in multiple devices, but for use with platforms supported by other MQSeries products, such as Windows 98 and Windows NT, a Device Use Authorization is required for each device on which the Device Component is installed. Smaller devices do not require Device Use Authorization. Service is available for these smaller devices in the same way as for clients in MQSeries, only when they are used in conjunction with MQSeries Everyplace Gateways.

Installability: MQSeries Everyplace is supplied in two editions. Each edition contains both the Gateway component and the Device component. Refer to the terms and conditions for restrictions on the use of these editions and components.


MQSeries Everyplace: Media is on CD-ROM only. It contains program code, PDF files of the publications for viewing online, and HTML files for selected publications.

The package contains:

  • MQSeries Everyplace CD-ROM (Standard or High Security Edition)
  • IBM International Program License Agreement (IPLA)
  • License information document
  • PoE
  • MQSeries Everyplace Version 1.1 Introduction (U.S. English)
  • MQSeries Everyplace Version 1.1 Installation Instructions (Multilanguage)
  • MQSeries Everyplace Processor Group List

Security, Auditability, and Control

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Ordering Information

Program Package and charge features for mobile devices are available in one packs only. Separate Capacity Units are available in packs of one; these are standard MQSeries Capacity Units previously announced.

Program Name                                      Number
MQSeries Everyplace (Standard                     0790054
  Security), Version 1.1
MQSeries Everyplace (High                         0790055
  Security), Version 1.1
MQSeries Everyplace Mobile                        0790058
  Device PoE (Standard
MQSeries Everyplace Mobile                        0790059
  Device PoE (High Security)

Passport Advantage

IBM MQSeries Everyplace for Multiplatforms, Version 1.1

Program                                 Part
Name                                    Number
Documentation Pack                      0790060
Media Pack -- Standard Edition          0790056
Media Pack -- High Security Edition     0790057

Passport Advantage Upgrade Protection Entitlement

Upgrade Protection (Entitled Customers)

                                   Current        Package
Program Name                       Part Number    Part Number
MQSeries for Windows,              94H5358        0781432
  Version 2.1

The proof of entitlement for the MQSeries for Windows, Version 2.1 product is equivalent to the Mobile Device license — Standard Edition. It is not entitlement to use the Gateway code.

Withdrawal of Previous Passport Advantage Part Numbers: Refer to Withdrawal Announcement 900-251 , dated October 3, 2000, for details of withdrawal of Version 1.0 and specifically Passport Advantage media packs.

Terms and Conditions

Licensing: IPLA PoE are required for all authorized use.

License Information Form Number: CT8A8IE

Limited Warranty Applies: Yes

Program Services: MQSeries Everyplace, Version 1.1 — Available until December 31, 2002

Money-Back Guarantee: 30-day, money-back guarantee

Copy and Use on Home/Portable Computer: No

Volume Orders (IVO): No

Passport Advantage Applies: Yes

Passport Advantage Subscription Applies: Yes

Usage Restriction: Yes

Gateway code: MQSeries Everyplace Gateway code is only warranted for use with:

  • Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000
  • Sun Solaris
  • AIX

Its use is also permitted, but not directly supported, on:

  • HP-UX
  • Linux (Intel 32-bit)
  • AS/400
  • OS/2

These four platforms are supported on the basis that the Java Virtual Machine environment is equivalent to that on directly supported platforms. Problems found on these platforms, which cannot be reproduced by the customer on one of the directly supported platforms should be referred to the JVM owner as a compatibility problem. If they can be demonstrated on directly supported platforms, problems will be fixed on those platforms.

Its use on other server platforms is neither supported by service nor permitted under these terms and conditions.

Device Code Use: Device code use is covered by the IPLA. The device code can be copied and used on the following devices:

  • Devices running Windows 95, 98
  • Devices running Windows NT and Windows 2000 (Workstation edition only)
  • Devices running a Sun Certified Java (1.1 level)
  • Devices running IBM Visual Age Java, including Micro Edition

Service is available for the code on these devices, provided that they are being used with an MQSeries Everyplace Gateway.

Use on other devices is permitted, but not supported by service.

Device Use Restrictions: Permission to use the device code is restricted as follows:

  • There are limits on how many devices may be simultaneously connected to any server; refer to pricing information.
  • The use must not include the MQSeries Everyplace Bridge.
  • The use must not include MQeChannelManager or MQeChannelListener functions.
  • The device code must not be run on the following server platforms or devices:
    • Microsoft Windows NT or 2000 (except Workstation editions)
    • Any other platform for which there is an MQSeries server product, except Linux (Intel)

    In addition, Mobile device licenses are required to use MQSeries Everyplace devices on the following platforms:

    • Microsoft Windows NT or Windows 2000 (Workstation Edition)
    • Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, or 98
    • Linux (Intel)

For further information on terms and conditions, refer to the MQSeries Web page at:

Support Line: Yes

AIX/UNIX Upgrade Protection Applies: No

Entitled Upgrade for Current AIX/UNIX Upgrade Protection Licensees: No

AS/400 Software Subscription Applies: No

Variable Charges Apply: Yes

Educational Allowance Available: Not applicable


The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

Program                                 Part
Name                                    Number     Price
Program Package -- Standard             0790054    $3,100
  Edition includes 2 MQSeries
  Capacity Units
Program Package -- High                 0790055     9,100
  Security Edition includes
  6 MQSeries Capacity Units
Mobile device license --                0790058       300
  Standard (PoE)
Mobile device license -- High           0790059       500
  Security (PoE)

Contact your sales channel for Support Line pricing information.

Passport Advantage

Note: For Passport Advantage and charges, contact your Lotus® representative or authorized IBM Lotus Business Partner. Additional information is also available on the Passport Advantage Web site:

Variable Charges: The applicable processor-based one-time charge will be based on the group of the designated machine on which the program is licensed for use. If the program is designated to a processor in a group for which no charge is listed above, the charge of the next higher group listed applies. For movement to a machine in a higher group, an upgrade charge equal to the difference in the then current charges between the two groups will apply. For movement to a machine in a lower group, there will be no adjustment or refund of charges paid.

Customer Financing: IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing to credit-qualified commercial and government customers and Business Partners in more than 40 countries around the world. IBM Global Financing is provided by the IBM Credit Corporation in the United States. Offerings, rates, terms, and availability may vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization. Country organizations are listed on the Web at:

Order Now

 Use Priority/Reference Code: YE001
 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM Atlanta Sales Center
            Dept. YE001
            P.O. Box 2690
            Atlanta, GA  30301-2690

You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


SP is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
MQSeries, AIX, AS/400, RS/6000, SecureWay, and OS/2 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
Windows NT, Windows, and Microsoft are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
UNIX is a registered trademark in the United States and other countries exclusively through X/Open Company Limited.
Lotus is a registered trademark of Lotus Development Corporation.
LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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