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Hardware Announcement 102-157
June 4, 2002

IBM eServer iSeries (with POWER4 Technology) and OS/400 V5R2 — Unmatched iSeries Growth and Enterprise IT Management Made Simple

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At a Glance

iSeries 890 with POWER4 technology — unmatched iSeries speed, growth, and scalability

  • Simplified IT management
    • eLiza Enterprise Identity Mapping
    • Adaptive storage virtualization
    • Enhanced high availability via switched disk cluster management
    • Adaptive e-transaction services
  • Enhanced flexibility for growth
    • Expanded Capacity Upgrade on Demand offering
      • Web-enabled keys
    • Additional Model 830, 840, and 890 processor features packaged and priced for compute-intensive workloads
    • Mainframe-class dynamic logical partitioning extended to support Linux partitions

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: AE001).


POWER4™ Delivers Unmatched iSeries Growth with Model 890

  • The 32-way Model 890 delivers unprecedented iSeries performance with up to 1.85 times performance growth over today's Model 840 24-way server
  • The Model 890 provides a superior server consolidation platform for rapid deployment of scalable e-business applications

Enterprise IT Management Made Simple with OS/400® V5R2

  • Integrated and highly flexible workload management options for rapid deployment of high-performance enterprise applications
  • Support for the simple, secure management of Linux, Windows®, UNIX®, OS/400, and many other applications through
    • Outstanding dynamic logical partitioning
    • Breakthrough adaptive storage virtualization technologies
  • Innovative self-managed storage virtualization technologies help provide high-availability solutions with switched disk cluster management and extensive Windows server management options, including support for Microsoft™ Cluster Server
  • DB2 Universal Database® (UDB) for iSeries incorporated with adherence to the latest industry SQL standards plus options for multiple database images to support business unit consolidation
  • Flexible, secure management of today's e-business infrastructure by delivering further self-managing solutions with the industry's first implementation of Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM)

    An IBM Project eLiza initiative, EIM provides single sign-on and simpler security administration for multitier application environments in heterogeneous networks

  • iSeries robust transaction management extended to e-business transactions through adaptive e-transaction services

    Traditional and e-business transactions automatically adapted to enhance iSeries highly scalable WebSphere® and Java™ transaction performance

Outstanding Flexibility for Adding New Workloads

  • Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD), now offered on selected iSeries Model 830, 840, and 890 servers (4-way and above), delivers highly flexible options for adapting to the unpredictable performance demands of new workloads

    Activate additional processors dynamically to upgrade capacity and manage peak workloads without interrupting your business. Seamlessly and permanently upgrade "on the fly" as your business experiences unexpected or rapidly growing workload demands. With CUoD on iSeries, your server can grow with your business

    A planning guide helps you take advantage of this exciting capability:

For additional information on iSeries servers, visit:

Planned Availability Dates

Refer to individual product announcements listed in the Reference Information section.


Enterprise IT Management Made Simple

Your business needs continue to drive your server decisions. Business needs have never been more complex.

iSeries is focused on making these complex business requirements less challenging and delivering strong business value with:

  • POWER4 on iSeries
  • Simplified enterprise IT management tools — OS/400 V5R2
  • Improved flexibility to add and manage new workloads

The iSeries product line is designed to handle different types of work in varying customer environments with a wide range of capacity requirements.

Consider these factors before you choose the right server:

  • Business plans
  • Future applications
  • Business growth
  • Workload characteristics
  • Performance and capacity requirements
  • IT staffing and system management

iSeries servers are an ideal choice if you:

  • Want high-performance, scalable servers capable of managing multiple workloads on one physical footprint
  • Need to run applications that span operating environments and want to avoid the complexity, staffing, and ownership cost of server farms running multiple environments:
    • OS/400
    • Linux
    • Lotus® Domino™
    • Java
    • Microsoft Windows
    • UNIX
    • AIX®,1
  • Want advanced IT management tools such as:
    • Single sign-on through EIM
    • Self-optimizing DB2® database
    • Adaptive e-transaction services for efficient management of e-business and traditional transactions
  • Are interested in taking advantage of IBM's CUoD to gain:
    • Simple, non-disruptive implementation of new workloads
    • Additional capacity to manage peak requirements
  • Value the integration of database, HTTP server, Web application server, security, Java, and more (recognizing that much of the systems integration work and testing happens before the system leaves IBM)
  • Place a high priority on "speed to implement"
  • Require 99.9+% single-system availability
  • Require a highly secure server

As a key member of IBM's eServer family, iSeries delivers the hottest technologies available.

iSeries is built to handle the complexities of today's business and delivers servers packaged and priced to meet your specific demands.

iSeries has processors with predefined capacity and performance for application, Web serving, and Domino work, and scalable, mixed-transaction processors that deliver flexible, optional levels of performance for application, Web serving, Domino, and 5250 interactive workloads.

Models 270 and 820

iSeries Models 270 and 820 are intended for the small enterprise that needs a robust, flexible solution — simple to implement, ready to grow.

Models 270 and 820 processors are:

  • Highly scalable for mixed transactions and include 5250 application support
  • Packaged specifically for application, Web serving, and Domino workloads

Models 830, 840, and 890

iSeries Models 830, 840, and the new Model 890 are intended for mid-sized to large enterprises that need a mainframe-class solution with some of the industry's most advanced capabilities.

Models 830, 840, and 890 processors:

  • Provide solutions packaged specifically for consolidation of application, Web serving, and Domino workloads
  • Deliver highly scalable, mixed transaction performance including IBM's CUoD
Refer to the Support AIX on iSeries Statement of Direction in Hardware Announcement 102-120 , dated April 29, 2002.

Planning Information

Planning statements provide insight into IBM's plans and directions. This information represents current goals and objectives and is subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

OS/400 Support of Selected AS/400® Models

IBM plans for OS/400 V5R2 to be the final release supported on AS/400 Models 150, 600, 620, 640, 650, S10, S20, S30, S40, and SB1.

iSeries Access

IBM plans to remove the support of the Windows 98 and Windows Me operating systems from the iSeries Access for Windows client. iSeries Access for Windows on Windows 98 and Me will continue to be supported in V5R2, but not in subsequent releases. In subsequent releases, iSeries Access for Windows will not install on Windows 95, 98, or Me operating systems.

The removal of Windows 98 and Windows Me applies to all of the functions shipped with iSeries Access for Windows, including EZ-Setup, iSeries Navigator, Management Central, and Operations Console.

iSeries Access for Windows will continue to be supported on the Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP operating systems.

In addition, the following function in iSeries Access for Windows will continue to be supported in V5R2 but will be removed in subsequent releases:

  • Migration from Client Access for Windows 95/NT and Client Access Enhanced for Windows 3.1 to iSeries Access for Windows.

iSeries Support for Windows Network Neighborhood (iSeries NetServer)

IBM plans to remove the support of the Windows 98 and Windows Me operating systems from iSeries NetServer. Windows 98 and Me continue to be supported in V5R2, but not in subsequent releases.

iSeries NetServer will continue to support the Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Linux (running Samba) operating systems.

Integrated xSeries Server

IBM plans for V5R2 to be the final release to support the Windows NT 4 operating system on the Integrated xSeries Server.


IBM HTTP Server for iSeries includes the generally available version of the Apache Software Foundation's Apache 2 Web server released April 5, 2002. IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) is the recommended solution for your Web serving needs. IBM plans for the HTTP Server (original) to be removed from IBM HTTP Server for iSeries in a future release. For more information, including migrating HTTP Server (original) configurations to HTTP Server (powered by Apache), visit:

XML Parsers

IBM plans for V5R2 to be the final release to ship the XML for C++ and procedural parsers as part of OS/400. These parsers are service programs QXML4C310 and QXML4PR310 in library QSYS. Comparable XML for C++ and procedural parsers are now available via LPO 5733-XT1 (XML Toolkit for iSeries).

S/36 and S/38 Migration

IBM plans for V5R2 to be the final release to support:

  • OS/400 Option 4 — S/36 and S/38 Migration
  • OS/400 Option 11 — S/36 Migration Assistant
  • RSTS36FLR command within OS/400 used to restore S/36 folders

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

IBM plans for V5R2 to be the final release to support the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networking technology and ATM adapters:

  • PCI 25 Mbps UTP ATM (#2811)
  • PCI 45 Mbps Coax T3/DS3 ATM (#2812)
  • PCI 155 Mbps UTP OC3 ATM (#2815)
  • PCI 155 Mbps MMF ATM (#2816)
  • PCI 155 Mbps MMF ATM (#2817)
  • PCI 155 Mbps SMF OC3 ATM (#2818)
  • PCI 34 Mbps Coax E3 ATM (#2819)
  • PCI 155 Mbps UTP OC3 ATM (#4815)
  • PCI 155 Mbps MMF ATM (#4816)
  • PCI 155 Mbps SMF OC3 ATM (#4818)

PCI Integrated Analog Modem

IBM plans for V5R2 to be the final release to support the #2761 and #4761 PCI Integrated Analog Modem adapters for fax functions. IBM previously announced that V5R1 was the final OS/400 release to support the use of the #2761 and #4761 PCI Integrated Analog Modem adapters for non-fax functions.

Additional information may be found on the iSeries Planning Information Web site. This site contains information such as Product Previews, Statements of Direction, and products no longer supported on a release, with mitigation plans, as available.

Product Previews

Lotus Ordering Information

To provide you with a single, consistent way to obtain Lotus software, IBM plans to offer the fulfillment of Lotus products available on iSeries through a single channel: Passport Advantage.

Currently, two Lotus products, Lotus Domino for iSeries (5769-LNT) and Lotus Enterprise Integrator (5769-LNP), are available through Passport Advantage and as OS/400 licensed programs via AAS. Other Lotus software, including Sametime®, QuickPlace, and Domino.doc, are available only through Passport Advantage.

When Lotus Domino 6 and related products are announced, the products will be available for the iSeries platform only through Passport Advantage. We do not plan to provide a separate licensed program version of these products. This does not affect your ability to obtain Domino 6 and related products, if you have Software Subscription for iSeries or Passport Advantage, regardless of how you acquired your software.

You may continue to acquire Release 5 of Lotus Domino for iSeries and Lotus Enterprise Integrator as licensed programs through December 31, 2002. However, we encourage you to make the switch to Passport Advantage as you make new software acquisitions. A transition program is planned to give you the option to move current licenses to Passport Advantage.

Connect for iSeries

IBM plans to provide a Connect for iSeries program for OS/400 V5R2. It will replace the current V5R1 supported version of 5733-B2B and will provide the same functions and features. The new version is planned to be available in 2002.

Connect for iSeries V1.1 continues to be available if you are using OS/400 V5R1.

Microsoft Windows .NET

IBM plans to support Windows .NET Standard and Enterprise servers on the:

  • Integrated xSeries Server
  • xSeries servers attached to iSeries with the Integrated xSeries Adapter

Previews provide insight into IBM plans and directions. General availability, prices, ordering information, and terms and conditions will be provided when the product is announced. All statements regarding IBM's plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice.

Reference Information

Hardware Announcements

With Mainframe Class Technologies, IBM eServer iSeries Introduces POWER4 Technology and OS/400 V5R2 — 102-120 , dated April 29, 2002.

IBM iSeries ... Now with POWER4 Technology 102-130 , dated May 14, 2002

Software Announcements dated June 4, 2002

IBM iSeries Operating System OS/400 V5R2 — Enterprise IT Management Made Simple 202-123

IBM iSeries V5R2 Software Enhanced for iSeries Servers — 202-132

IBM iSeries V5R2 Software Ordering/Charges Information — 202-131

IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries V4 — 202-127

IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries V5R1 Workstation Tools Refreshed — 202-126

IBM WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries V5R2 Enhancements — 202-130

IBM Infoprint® Server for iSeries V5R2 — 202-133

IBM DB2 DataPropagator™ for iSeries V8.1 — 202-125

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 Use Priority/Reference Code: AE001
 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM Atlanta Sales Center
            Dept. AE001
            P.O. Box 2690
            Atlanta, GA  30301-2690

You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


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