IBM United States
Hardware Announcement 101-116
April 23, 2001

IBM e(logo)server iSeries — Simple, Innovative, and Ready for e-business

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At a Glance

Innovative Technology

  • More powerful processors, increased memory
  • New compute-intensive processor features
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) support
  • Faster, less expensive, system-to-system clustering and switchable disk options
  • Pervasive computing support and systems management
  • Robust systems management simplified
  • Robust e-business development tool suite, WebSphere Development Studio
  • Simplify e-commerce, IBM Connect for iSeries
  • HTTP Server (powered by Apache) integrated for manageability and security

Application Flexibility

  • Linux support
  • Sophisticated logical partition capabilities
  • Microsoft Outlook management simplified with Domino
  • Industry-leading Java performance
  • Extensive iSeries Windows Server Integration

Tools for e-business

  • New Capacity Upgrade on Demand options
  • World-class, global customer service, Extreme Support Personalized (ESP)

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: AE001).


The iSeries features a unique design that delivers the benefits of today's innovative technology without the complexity. That design is extended to take advantage of the latest industry-leading technology and new OS/400® capabilities introduced with V5R1.

Innovative Technology

New, more powerful processor features increase performance and scalability. The features are based on IBM's industry-leading Copper/SOI technology and increased memory.

Storage Area Network (SAN) environment support via Fibre Channel disk and tape adapters increases storage options.

Faster, less expensive, system-to-system clustering with High Speed Link (HSL) OptiConnect means increased high availability. With switchable disk clusters, your need for redundant data is reduced.

Operations Navigator with Management Central delivers twice the advanced GUI function and provides industry-leading integrated systems management. Simplicity of advanced operations from PCs and pervasive or mobile devices equals power with a new perspective.

OS/400 V5R1 includes a broad range of enhancements for e-business and application enablement. Several iSeries products significantly enhance the iSeries e-business capabilities.

  • WebSphere™ Development Studio — a complete package of e-business development tools
  • Infoprint® Server — an electronic output management system
  • DB2 Universal Database® (UDB) Extenders — tools to leverage your iSeries information in an e-business environment
  • WebSphere Commerce Suite V5.1 — a more multiculturally enhanced e-commerce solution

Application Flexibility

OS/400 V5R1 encompasses some of the industry's foremost application flexibility with support for Linux, Lotus® Domino™, Java™, Microsoft™ Windows™, UNIX®, and iSeries applications. It combines high availability with superior workload management and logical partitions.

OS/400 V5R1 and the iSeries server stand out with robust reliability and scalability for the fast-growing open-source Linux environment. Quickly deploy PowerPC® Linux applications. Take advantage of iSeries reliability and scalability.

Up to 32 partitions on a single iSeries server and dynamic resource allocation permit different applications to be run safely and efficiently side-by-side.

Options for managing Windows application serving are increased. Attach up to 16 direct-attach 4-Way xSeries servers to an iSeries server, or up to 32 internal Integrated xSeries Servers, while providing a SAN for directly attached Windows 2000 Servers.

Tools for e-business

New Capacity Upgrade on Demand options on the Model 840 allow you to activate processor performance as you need it.

Planned Availability Date

Refer to individual product announcements dated April 23, 2001, listed in the Reference Information section.


Innovative Technology

Enhancement of the iSeries server in performance, capacity, scalability, and usability extends its value in your business.

Faster processors boost top performance on Models 270, 820, and 840.

Three new "Base" processors for the Model 820 are designed for compute-intensive workloads.

Main Storage doubled on Models 270, 820, and 830...and increased 33% on the Model 840.

Operations Navigator with Management Central — With V5R1, the face of OS/400 is forever changed. Operating your server has never been this simple! Features include extensive GUI enhancements:

  • Visualization
  • Wizards
  • Integration

High-Speed Link is enhanced for V5R1:

  • HSL OptiConnect — tremendous new performance capability for system-to-system connectivity and enhanced high availability.
  • Switchable DASD Towers — used in conjunction with Independent Auxiliary Storage Pools (IASP), provide high availability for Integrated File System (IFS) applications (for example, Lotus Domino, Web serving)

Operations Console with LAN connectivity delivers more flexibility for distributed and LPAR environments

iSeries Dedicated Servers for Domino are enhanced for collaborative commerce

  • Faster processors provide better response time, improved price/performance and scalability
  • Mail and Calendar User capacity increased over 20% at the high end
  • Expanded support for robust Domino applications requiring Java Servlet and WebSphere Application Server integration with Domino

Fibre Channel Adapters : The iSeries can now attach external disk and tape subsystems via high-speed Fibre Channel adapters, enhancing the iSeries' ability to participate in SAN.

WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries — all the key tools for e-business development delivered in one "attractively priced" package

Host Components

  • ILE RPG (RPG IV) — improved Java interoperability and free-form C-Specs
  • ILE COBOL — now interoperable with Java
  • New ILE C compiler
  • New ILE C++ compiler
  • Application Development ToolSet

Workstation Components (Unlimited workstation licenses per server)

  • WebFacing Tool (First Edition) — A quick, easy-to-use tool, converts 5250 applications to Web applications
  • WebSphere Studio for iSeries — Easy-to-use Web development tool to access iSeries data and programs
  • VisualAge® for Java for iSeries — Full development environment for Java for iSeries development
  • CODE — Windows-based versions of the classic host tools for host/server development
  • VisualAge RPG
    • Creates GUI applications for Windows or any Java GUI-capable client or browser
    • Provides seamless access to iSeries data and applications

If you currently have one of the above application development tools, with software subscription, you can upgrade to the entire WebSphere Development Studio for iSeries package at no additional charge .

Connect for iSeries extends business-to-business capabilities

  • Plug into e-MarketPlaces
  • Integrate into existing back-end systems
  • Take advantage of new trading protocols
  • Add incremental B2B function to applications

DB2® UDB Extenders for iSeries — two major functions extend DB2

  • Store and manage your XML documents in DB2 databases with new function and data types in DB2 XML Extender
  • Search and extract data from documents stored in DB2 databases or files with the DB2 Text Extender

iSeries Client Access Family — two new functions let you:

  • Access your iSeries with a new Web browser, iSeries Access for Web
  • Enable 5250 applications for the Web with WebSphere Host Publisher

IBM HTTP Server for iSeries

  • Includes the original IBM HTTP Server and the IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache)
  • Triggered Cache Manager for improved Web performance
  • Highly available Web server takes advantage of iSeries clustering technology
  • DBCS-based search engine and WebCrawler support

WebSphere Commerce Suite for iSeries, V5.1 — an enhanced multicultural e-commerce solution

  • Region-specific sales tax and shipping rules
  • Customized product catalogs and localized payment methods and pricing
  • Enhanced features for mobile commerce, providing access to e-commerce sites via handheld devices

Security Enhancements

  • Digital signature and object signing
  • Enhanced Password Protection — support for up to 128-character passwords

DB2 UDB for iSeries

  • Improved distributed database support
  • Database Navigator , a new Operations Navigator function, with a pictorial view of the relationships between objects
  • Triggers can now be written in SQL language and specified at the column, row, and statement level


  • Toolbox for Java enhanced function and performance
  • Developer Kit for Java improves performance for Java programs

Print Support — a wide range of new capabilities address print and communication requirements of e-business and network applications, including:

  • Internet Print Protocol (IPP) — enables business travelers, telecommuters, and anyone working remotely to submit and manage print jobs on a distant iSeries
  • Infoprint Server for iSeries — a new iSeries product that converts any standard iSeries output file into PDF

Application Flexibility

More solution deployment options are available than ever before.

Linux on iSeries — brings iSeries integration, scalability, and robust availability to Linux:

  • New, open-source application environment
  • Enablement for a new generation of Web-based applications
  • Resource sharing and management via logical partitions
  • Enablement on V5R1 with Linux distributions available from selected distributors

Logical Partitions (LPAR) — at the forefront of partitioning technology, permits different application environments to run side-by-side

  • Dynamic Resource Movement — move resources without an IPL
  • Resource Sharing — supports up to 32 partitions
  • Virtual LAN — multiplies your connectivity options
  • Now available on Model 270

iSeries Windows Server Integration

The Integrated xSeries Server allows you to deploy PC servers without adding the costs of managing a server farm

  • Run up to 32 Integrated xSeries Servers inside a single iSeries Server
  • Enables connection of up to 16 external 4-way xSeries Servers with Integrated xSeries Adapter for greater power and flexibility
  • Leverages iSeries storage and system management

Lotus Domino Server for iSeries — Delivers the power of iSeries and Domino mobility to new users

  • iNotes Access for Microsoft Outlook and Domino on iSeries
    • Continue to use your Microsoft Outlook client and take advantage of additional function and reliability of a Domino Server running on iSeries
  • Additional flexibility with the following enhancements:
    • Incremental Domino saves
    • EZ Setup Wizard for Domino
    • TCP/IP Autostart
    • Incremental installer

OS/400 PASE — iSeries Management, UNIX Development

  • Enhanced to support 64-bit application model
  • Enabled for National Language Version 

Tools for e-Business

Additional upgrade paths help you move into the world of Capacity Upgrade on Demand...the quick, non-disruptive method of activating "extra" processor capacity in selected Model 840 processors.

Extreme Support Personalized

  • High-speed connectivity and VPN support via the Internet
  • Hardware and software inventory consolidation

iDoctor for iSeries

With the huge growth and complexity of data processing requirements today the need to find out exactly what your system and its applications are doing, what resources they're using, and ensuring peak performance has never been more critical. To help meet this need, IBM has developed iDoctor for iSeries software and associated services to evaluate the "health" of your system and pick up where the Performance Tools leave off To learn more about iDoctor for iSeries, go to:

Planning Information

  • OS/400 V5R1 is the final release to be supported on AS/400® Models 400, 436, 40S, 500, 510, 530, 50S, 53S .

  • iSeries Client Access Family : IBM intends to remove the support of the Windows 95 operating system from the Client Access Express for Windows client. Client Access Express on Windows 95 will continue to be supported in V5R1, but not in subsequent releases.

    This removal of Windows 95 support applies to all of the functions shipped with Client Access Express, including EZ-Setup, Operations Navigator, Management Central, and Operations Console.

    Client Access Express for Windows will continue to be supported on the Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 operating systems.

  • AS/400 Support for Windows Network Neighborhood (AS/400 NetServer) : IBM intends to remove the support of the Windows 95 operating system from AS/400 NetServer. Windows 95 continues to be supported from AS/400 NetServer in V5R1, but not in subsequent releases.

    AS/400 NetServer continues to support the Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 operating systems.

  • OfficeVision/400™ : As previously announced, V4R5 is the final release to support OfficeVision/400, and the end of program services for OfficeVision/400 is May 31, 2001. OfficeVision/400 will be uninstalled upon upgrading to V5R1, or later releases.

    Refer to Withdrawal Announcement 999-031 , dated February 9, 1999, Service Discontinuance: IBM OfficeVision/400 V4 and IBM OfficeVision® JustMail for OS/400 V4.

    Refer to Software Announcement 299-192 , dated July 20, 1999, OfficeVision/400 has Software Services Extended.

  • BEST/1 : V5R1 is the final release in which the BEST/1 Capacity Planning tool is supported. BEST/1 is included in Performance Tools.

  • Wireless Connection for AS/400 (5798-TBW) : V4R5 is the final release to support Wireless Connection for AS/400.

  • IPX: V5R1 is the final release to support the IPX protocol in OS/400. The largest OS/400 users of IPX are customers who have Option 25, Enhanced Integration for NetWare. Customers can change their configurations from IPX connectivity to IP connectivity.

  • Lotus Domino Client Subscription : IBM intends to provide on or about July 1, 2001, a new offering for customers to renew their software subscription entitlement for Lotus Domino clients previously purchased under Lotus Domino Enterprise Server for AS/400 (5769-LNT). Under the new offering, customers can purchase client entitlement for one year of subscription at a price comparable to Lotus' Passport Advantage. The terms of the current offering for Lotus Domino client software subscription are extended until the new offering is announced.

    Refer to Software Announcement 299-358 , dated November 30, 1999, Client Subscription for Lotus Domino for AS/400.

  • NetVista™ Thin Client Support : For existing OS/400 customers with NetVista thin clients, V5R1 is the final release in which NetVista Thin Client Manager V2R1 will be supported. Current Program Service End Date for Thin Client Manager V2R1 is December 31, 2001.

  • 1/4-Inch Cartridge Tape : V5R1 is the final release of OS/400 to support the #6385/#6485 1/4-Inch Cartridge Tape Unit features. iSeries and AS/400 customers using the #6385/#6485 1/4-Inch Cartridge Tape Units can order a feature conversion from 6385/6485 to one of the following three alternatives:
    • 16 GB (4483/4583/6383/6483) 1/4-Inch Cartridge Tape Unit
    • 25 GB (4486/4586/6386/6486) 1/4-Inch Cartridge Tape Unit
    • 50 GB (4487/4587) 1/4-Inch Cartridge Tape Unit

iSeries Planning Information Web Site : This site contains information such as Product Previews, Statements of Direction, and products no longer supported on a release, with mitigation plans, as available.

Product Previews

Dual Power Line Cords: IBM intends to provide dual power line cords on the iSeries Models  820, 830, 840, 5074, and 5079 Towers as another high-availability option.

A Word on IBM Previews

Previews provide insight into IBM plans and directions. Planned availability, prices, ordering information, and terms and conditions will be provided when the product is announced.

Statement of General Direction

Database File Support in Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool/SwitchableDisk: In a future release, IBM intends to enhance OS/400 support for switching the ownership of objects between Primary and Secondary Servers through the use of Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (IASP) and switchable disk technologies by extending the list of possible switched objects beyond Integrated File System (IFS) files. Additions would include objects associated with the DB2 UDB for iSeries and other OS/400 library-based objects.

A Word on IBM Statements of Direction

All information being released represents IBM's current intent, is subject to change or withdrawal, and represents only goals and objectives.

Reference Information

Refer to the following announcements, dated April 23, 2001, for product information:

Number         Description

               IBM e(logo)server iSeries ...
                 Growing With Your Business

               IBM e(logo)server iSeries Dedicated
                 Server for Domino -- Enhanced for
                 Collaborative Commerce

               IBM Integrated xSeries Adapter for
                 iSeries -- an Integrated Solution
                 for Server Consolidation

               IBM 7329 Model 308 SLR100 Tape
                 Autoloader Enhances Data Storage

               IBM 7210 Model 25 Now Includes
                 DVD-RAM on RS/6000(R) and
                 pSeries Servers

               IBM SAN Fibre Channel Managed
                 Hub Provides Entry-Level
                 FC-AL Connectivity

               IBM OS/400 Version 5 Release 1
                 Delivers Enhancements that Add
                 Power to IBM e(logo)server iSeries

               IBM e(logo)server iSeries V5R1
                 Programs Improved

               IBM e(logo)server iSeries V5R1
                 Software Terms, Ordering
                 Information, and Prices

               IBM WebSphere Development Studio
                 for e(logo)server iSeries, V5R1:
                 New Name, New Package, New Tools

               IBM WebSphere Development Tools
                 for e(logo)server iSeries V5.1
                 for Consultants, Analysts and
                 Independent Software Vendors

               IBM WebSphere Development Studio
                 for iSeries V4R5:  New Name,
                 New Package, New Tools

               IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite,
                 Pro Edition for iSeries Version 5.1:
                 The Complete E-commerce Solution for
                 Your Business

               IBM DB2 Universal Database
                 Extenders Bring XML and Text
                 Retrieval to IBM e(logo)server iSeries

               IBM Content Manager for e(logo)server
                 iSeries V5R1, Your Key To
                 Document Management Repositories

               IBM Content Manager OnDemand for
                 iSeries V5R1:  High-performance
                 Management of Your Computer Output

               Infoprint Server for iSeries:
                 Create, Manage, and Deliver Your
                 e-business Output Easier and Faster
Number         Description

               IBM Infoprint Designer for
                 iSeries Transforms Your
                 Electronic Documents

               Hardware Withdrawal:  Selected
                 IBM e(logo)server iSeries 400
                 and AS/400 Products

               Software Withdrawal:  IBM AS/400
                 Selected V4R5 Programs and
                 Features -- Replacements Available

               Software Withdrawal:  IBM WebSphere
                 Commerce Suite, Pro Edition for AS/400,
                 V4.1 -- Replacement Available

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 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM Atlanta Sales Center
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            P.O. Box 2690
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You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


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