IBM United States
Hardware Announcement 101-100
April 17, 2001

IBM e(logo)server pSeries 620 Model 6F1 Brings Faster 64-bit Computing to 6-Way Deskside Servers

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At a Glance


The deskside pSeries 620 Model 6F1 Server offers some of the most advanced features in the industry:

  • 1-, 2-, 4-, or 6-way, 64-bit system supports up to 32 GB SDRAM
  • Copper-based RS64 IV SMP processors run at 600 MHz and 668 MHz and RS64 III SMP processors run at 450 MHz
  • Hot-swap capable internal 9.1 GB, 18.2 GB, and 36.4 GB Ultra3 SCSI and 9.1 GB and 18.2 GB SSA disks
  • 10 PCI busses provide enhanced I/O performance for the 10 64-bit PCI slots
  • Two integrated SCSI controller ports (Ultra2 and Fast/Wide); one integrated 10/100 Ethernet port
  • A built-in service processor with enhanced function for greater reliability and serviceability
  • Hot-plug redundant power and cooling capability for enhanced reliability
  • 10 hot-plug PCI slots and 17 bays (3 media/14 hard disk)
  • pSeries 620 Model 6F1 — High Availability (HA) Solution provides special pricing and ease of ordering for bundled hardware and software configurations

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: RE001).


The IBM e(logo)server pSeries 620 Model 6F1 (7025-6F1) is a 64-bit deskside follow-on to the popular 7025 Model F80. It can be configured with 1-, 2-, 4-, or 6-way, RS64 III or RS64 IV, 64-bit processors. RS64 IV processors use the same copper-based technology introduced in the high-end pSeries 680. Systems configured with the maximum of six processors run at 668 MHz, while other configurations run at 600 MHz (RS64 IV) or 450 MHz (RS64 III). The L2 cache per processor is 2 MB for an entry 1-way system, 4 MB for a 2- or 4-way system, and 8 MB for a high-end 6-way system. The Model 6F1 supports memory configurations up to 32 GB of SDRAM.

Each pSeries 620 Model 6F1 is built with a minimum of:

  • One — 1-way processor card
  • 256 MB SDRAM
  • Two — Power supplies
  • One — 9.1 GB Ultra3 SCSI or SSA disk drive
  • One — 32x maximum speed CD-ROM drive
  • One — 1.44 MB, 3.5-inch diskette drive

The Model 6F1 simplified feature structure has no base or select feature numbers, thus allowing more flexibility when ordering your configuration.

The Model 6F1 is packaged in a 10 x 17 (10 I/O hot-plug PCI slots, up to 17 disk/media bays) deskside chassis. Like most other current pSeries systems, the Model 6F1 is black.

The pSeries 620 Model 6F1 server includes a modular disk subsystem that simplifies addition and replacement of drives. It has a hot-swap storage maximum capacity of 436.8 GB and a flexible I/O subsystem of ten 64-bit PCI slots, which support hot-plug adapters. The Model 6F1 is shipped with the internal adapters and devices configured and installed; software can also be preinstalled if desired.

The Model 6F1 delivers enhanced reliability when an optional third power supply is ordered to provide redundant power and cooling. Many features, including most disk drives, PCI adapters, power supplies, and fans can be installed or removed while the system continues to operate.

The pSeries 620 Model 6F1 can be used as a stand-alone, multiuser, application or database server, and has the connectivity to participate in most currently installed UNIX® and PC networks. It can also be configured for use as an Ultra3 SCSI or Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) RAID server by taking advantage of the "Under-the-Covers" storage expansion capability, and its design allows for future system growth.

The Model 6F1 operates in a typical office environment with standard ac power at 100-127 volts or 200-240 volts.

The Model 6F1 is also available as part of the pSeries 620 Model 6F1 — HA Solution.

IBM anticipates that there will be 64-bit Linux distributions available second half 2001 for the IBM e(logo)server pSeries 660 Model 6F1.

Key Prerequisites

AIX® Version 4.3.3 with 4330-08 maintenance package, or later, or AIX 5L Version 5.1, or later

Planned Availability Date

  • April 27, 2001, with AIX Version 4.3.3
  • May 11, 2001, with AIX 5L Version 5.1


IBM e(logo)server pSeries 620 Model 6F1

The pSeries 620 Model 6F1 is a powerful and expandable server combining the following attributes:

  • Outstanding 64-bit commercial price/performance in the 1- to 6-way pSeries Enterprise Server class utilizing PowerPC® technology.
  • Excellent reliability, availability, and serviceability provided by:
    • Error checking and correcting (ECC) memory and cache
    • Service Processor for integrated system monitoring
    • Hot-swap disk drives
    • Concurrent diagnostics
    • Electronic Service Agent™
  • Chipkill™ Memory
    • The Model 6F1 provides Chipkill Memory with selected memory options. Using advanced technology derived from IBM's ultra-reliable System/390® enterprise servers, Chipkill Memory protects the server from any single memory chip failure and multibit errors from any portion of a single memory chip.
    • Memory chip failures can cause server system crashes that can result in the permanent loss of business data. Many file server applications lack the means to recover data after a catastrophic failure of this kind. Even when recovery is possible, it can take hours — resulting in significant losses in productivity or revenue.
    • Chipkill DIMMs for the Model 6F1 provide the self-contained capability to correct real-time, multibit DRAM errors, including complete DRAM failures. This "RAID for memory" technology provides enhanced multibit error detection and correction that is transparent to the system.
  • Operating system support provided by AIX, the best rated UNIX operating system by noted industry consultant D.H. Brown. Over 10,000 AIX applications are available spanning commercial and technical needs.
  • Able to operate in a typical office environment with standard 115-volt or 220-volt ac power.
  • Preconfigured, tailored solutions available for ease of ordering, installation, and setup.
  • Supports Open Firmware based on the IEEE P1275 standard that further demonstrates IBM's commitment to open industry standards.
  • "Under-the-Covers" system scalability and expandability supporting:
    • Three media bays and two boot disk bays that can be configured for boot disk mirroring
    • Twelve hot-swap hard disk bays
    • One processor card slot holds a 1-, 2-, 4-, or 6-way card
    • Two memory cards with each containing up to eight DIMM pairs
    • Ten I/O slots for optional PCI expansion cards

    The two standard power supplies included will accommodate all "Under-the-Covers" scalability and expansion without requiring any modification. An optional third power supply can be ordered to provide redundancy and enhanced system availability.

  • A robust industry-standard, PCI-based I/O subsystem adds up to 1 GBps aggregate peak I/O bandwidth.
  • Offers an integrated SCSI controller with one internal Fast/Wide port and one external Ultra2 port, an Ethernet 10/100 controller, four 9-pin serial ports, and one parallel port. These are standard on the system without utilizing any of the expansion slots provided. Each system is shipped with two 9-pin to 25-pin converter cables.
  • Uses Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) memory with greater performance addressing up to 32 GB of ECC memory. The 32 GB of maximum memory can be installed via the addition of DIMM quads to the memory cards. The 1-way processor card also has slots for four DIMM pairs.
  • A high-performance ECC L2 cache per processor of:
    • 2 MB on the 1-way processors
    • 4 MB on the 2- and 4-way processors
    • 8 MB on the 6-way processor

    It is 4-way set associative, which provides for a significant improvement in the cache hit rate efficiency.

  • A highly-integrated memory controller and I/O interface designed for balanced system performance with memory bandwidth up to 2.4 GB per second.
  • Supports Ultra3 SCSI hard disks "Under-the-Covers" and external Ultra3 SCSI subsystems.
  • Supports Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) hard disks "Under-the-Covers" and external SSA subsystems.
  • Includes two standard internal power supplies that combine to provide ample power for any configuration. An optional third internal power supply with two fans can be ordered to provide redundant power and cooling, allowing the system to continue running in the event of a failed fan or power supply.
  • "Under-the-Covers" RAID support provided by Ultra SCSI or SSA. Implementing Ultra SCSI or SSA RAID provides for RAID levels 0, 1, and 5. This means the acquisition of an additional external RAID subsystem may not be necessary when taking advantage of the "Under-the-Covers" storage expansion capacity the Model 6F1 provides.
  • Enhanced Ethernet communication via optional Gigabit adapter support.
  • Departmental server packaging in an attractive black deskside chassis.

The result is an enterprise server that delivers outstanding price/performance and supports the broad range of applications currently available to the pSeries line of servers running AIX Version 4.3.3 or 5.1, or later.

The Model 6F1 integrates key reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) attributes:

  • ECC on system memory and L2 cache; single-bit error correction and double-bit error detection
  • Parity detection for the system bus, PCI address, and data busses
  • Hot-swap disk drives
  • Disk drive fault tracking and warning
  • RAID 1 (via AIX disk mirroring function)
  • RAID 0, 1, and 5 under the covers (optional via adapter)
  • Online (concurrent) and remote (LAN or modem) system diagnostics
  • Vital Product Data (VPD) for most base-system, field replaceable units (FRUs)
  • Electronic Service Agent
  • Redundant power and cooling capability

The Electronic Service Agent, included as standard, enables or contributes to the following RAS functions, among others:

  • Integrated system environmental monitoring/alerting included as standard. This includes:
    • AC/DC voltage
    • Fan speed
    • Temperature sensing
  • Early Power Off Warnings (EPOW) and error log analysis and alert.
  • Auto-dial out, call IBM Service Center capability. The system objective is to predict a potential component failure and dispatch automatically an IBM service representative to take preventive maintenance measures to avoid an outage. The system can also call the IBM Service Center in the event of a critical failure.
  • Integrated system monitoring enhances failure error logging, analysis, and alert.
  • Re-booting can be programmed by the system administrator in most instances after experiencing the following conditions:
    • AC power restored (after a power loss)
    • Hardware checkstop failures
    • Machine check interrupt
    • Operating system hang or failure

All of this yields a 1- to 6-way SMP enterprise server platform of exceptional value capable of handling your demanding applications today and into the future.

IBM e(logo)server Advantage Tools

The wide variety of benefits and services provided by the IBM e(logo)server Advantage Tools are available for the IBM e(logo)server pSeries 620 Model 6F1. These tools provide a variety of offerings to help you choose and implement the technology solutions right for your business needs, assure performance and availability levels of your solution, and finance your company's server investment.

  • The planning, financing, and purchasing experience for the Model 6F1 is enhanced through IBM e(logo)server Financing Advantage and IBM e(logo)server Capacity Advantage.
  • The IBM e(logo)server Solutions Assurance Advantage offerings, coupled with the range of solution offerings through IBM e(logo)server solution offerings, provide assistance in solution assessment, selection, testing, and implementation to meet the initial and ongoing needs of your e-business environment.
  • The IBM e(logo)server Customer Care Advantage and IBM e(logo)server Availability Advantage give you tools to meet your educational needs as well as initial and ongoing support offerings to enhance your e-business experience. Included are offerings such as High Availability Services, Web-based technical support, availability assessment, and remote service capability.

Euro Currency

This product is not impacted by euro currency.

Product Positioning

The pSeries 620 Model 6F1 consists of a deskside package (or tower) containing the:

  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Media
  • Ten hot-plug I/O slots
  • Two optional boot-disk bays
  • Up to 12 additional 1-inch disk bays

The system has redundant power and cooling as an optional feature. The introduction of hot-plug PCI I/O slots brings new and increased levels of availability for this system. The need to power down and reboot is eliminated when adding or replacing most PCI adapters, thus reducing time delays while keeping network and application processing up and running. The Model 6F1 system can accommodate one processor module in its smallest configuration, and grow to 2, 4, or 6 processors as required, offering outstanding scalability as your business needs dictate.

The Model 6F1 is targeted at the key commercial processing segments of e-business, ERP, SCM, and Business Intelligence, in either small organizations or as distributed systems in larger organizations. In each segment, the Model 6F1 can meet critical requirements. For example:

  • In ERP, the Model 6F1 is an excellent application server with its powerful central processing units (CPU), memory capacity, and optional data storage capability.
  • In e-business, the Model 6F1 can serve as a fast, highly reliable, business-to-business Web server, going to other systems for business data or hosting the data storage itself.

As a deskside configuration, the Model 6F1 offers flexibility regarding the number of CPUs, memory DIMMs, PCI adapters, and disk drives desired for the specific application or usage. Memory can expand from 256 MB up to 32 GB. Up to 10 PCI adapters and 12 disk drives can be installed. An additional boot disk bay holding two SCSI boot drives is available without impacting the 12 data storage disk drives.

The system offering brings new levels of price/performance to your application and e-business operations as improved performance will be offered without commensurate price increases.

Other reliability improvements help to make the Model 6F1 very competitive. Its CPU de-allocation function enables the system to take a failing processor offline without rebooting the system in the remote possibility that a failure should occur. The service processor can record this action and notify the systems administrator or service personnel of the condition. Computing operation continues with the processor deactivated, allowing repair to be scheduled at a time convenient to your processing schedule.

Hot-plug functionality of the PCI I/O subsystem brings new levels of up-time to your system for the replacement or addition of I/O adapters. The design of this function shows a concern for the usability and convenience for the customer who performs this task. Selective disablement of an adapter can be made as necessary while system operations not dependent on this adapter continue to run without being affected. AIX assists the user with guidance through the process, helping to achieve success.

In addition, an HACMP packaged solution with dual Model 6F1 systems will be offered to provide industry-leading high availability. High availability continues to be an ongoing and growing need for customers. IBM continues its tradition of providing high-availability solutions with the pSeries 620. The Model 6F1 can be ordered in a high-availability configuration with a choice of components. The high-availability configuration, combined with ClusterProven™ software, gives you a superior base for your high-availability requirements. A complete and simple process is offered for deciding which components are required and what software is best suited to a high-availability environment.

The pSeries 620 Model 6F1 performs its role as the deskside entry platform of the pSeries family of products, complementing the pSeries 640, 660, and 680 as the entry, mid-sized, and high-end rack-based systems in this powerful SMP server lineup.

As a member of the pSeries family, the Model 6F1 will continue to meet your ever growing needs for more performance, scalability, and availability in a convenient, efficient deskside package.

Reference Information

Refer to Hardware Announcement 101-101 , dated April 17, 2001 (IBM e(logo)server pSeries 660 Model 6H1 Brings Enhanced Performance to 64-bit, Mid-Range Rack SMP Servers).

Refer to Software Announcement 201-090 , dated April 17, 2001 (IBM AIX 5L Version 5.1 Advanced UNIX Operating System with Linux Affinity Delivers the Most Powerful and Flexible Choice for e-business and Enterprise Servers).


Electronic Service Agent, Chipkill, the e-business logo, pSeries 620, 660, 680, and ClusterProven are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
AIX, PowerPC, System/390, ESCON, S/390, TURBOWAYS, and RS/6000 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
UNIX is a registered trademark is a registered trademark of the Open Company in the United States and other countries.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.


The following publications are shipped with the pSeries 620 Model 6F1. Additional copies are available. To order, contact your IBM representative.

Title                                             Number
pSeries 620 Installation Guide                    SA38-0569
System Unit Safety Information                    SA23-2652
PCI Adapter Placement Reference                   SA38-0538

Refer to the Related Publications section of the pSeries 620 Installation Guide for information regarding other available pSeries 620 publications, or on the Web, visit:

The following publications are available for a fee:

Title                                             Number
pSeries 620 Installation Guide                    SA38-0569
pSeries 620 User's Guide                          SA38-0567
pSeries 620 Service Guide                         SA38-0568
Diagnostic Information for                        SA38-0509
  Multi Bus Systems
Adapters, Devices and Cable                       SA38-0516
PCI Adapter Placement Reference                   SA38-0538

The Publication Notification System (PNS) is available by order number/product number. Customers currently subscribing to PNS will automatically receive notifications by e-mail. Customers who wish to subscribe can visit the PNS Web site location at:

The publications listed on the notification can be ordered by calling the Publications Support Group in Raleigh at 800-879-2755, option 1.

Technical Information

Physical Specifications

  • Width: 483 mm (19.0 in)
  • Depth: 728 mm (28.7 in)
  • Height: 610 mm (24.0 in)
  • Weight:
    • 70 kg (155 lb) (minimum configuration)
    • 95 kg (209 lb) (maximum configuration)

Operating Environment

  • Temperature: 10° to 38°C (50° to 100°F)
  • Relative humidity: 8% to 80%
  • Maximum wet bulb: 23°C (73°F)
  • Noise level:
    • Sound Power: 5.9 Bels Idle/6.1 Bels Operating
    • Sound Pressure: 40 dBa Idle/42.5 dBa Operating

Power Requirements

  • Operating voltage: 100 to 127 volts or 200 to 240 volts ac 50 to 60 Hz
  • Electrical output: 560 watts (typical); 840 watts (maximum)
  • Power source loading:
    • 0.59 kVA (typical configuration)
    • 0.86 kVA (maximum configuration)
  • Thermal output:
    • 563 joules/sec (1,920 Btu/hr, typical configuration)
    • 840 joules/sec (2,867 Btu/hr, maximum configuration)

EMC Conformance Classification: This equipment is subject to FCC rules and it shall comply with the appropriate FCC rules before final delivery to the buyer or centers of distribution.

  • U.S. — FCC CFR47 Part 15 Class A
  • Europe — CISPR 22 Class A; "CE" Mark of Conformity
  • Japan — VCCI-1
  • Korea — Korean Requirement Class A

Homologation: Telecom Environmental Testing (Safety and EMC) Homologation approval for specific countries has been initiated with the IBM Homologation and Type Approval (HT&A) organization in LaGaude.

This pSeries model and applicable features meet the environmental testing requirements of the country TELECOM and have been designed and tested in compliance with the Full Quality Assurance Approval (FQAA) process as delivered by the British Approval Board for Telecom (BABT), the U.K. Telecom Regulatory authority.

Product Safety/Country Testing/Certification

  • U.S.A.: UL
  • Canada: CNL (CSA or cUL)
  • Germany/Europe: GS Mark (Safety, TUV, EN60 950)

General Requirements

The pSeries 620 Model 6F1 is in compliance with IBM Corporate Bulletin C-B 0-2594-000 Statement of Conformity of IBM Product to External Standard (Suppliers Declaration).

Hardware Requirements

Either an ASCII terminal with an attachment cable or a graphics display with an attachment cable and graphics adapter is required for initial set up and must be available locally for service. If an ASCII terminal is used, it must be attached through a serial port.

If a graphics adapter is installed, console messages (IPL progress/error information/systems management information) will be directed to the graphics adapter. The system does not detect if a display is attached to the adapter. The user may attach any supported device to the adapter.

If a graphics adapter is not installed, console messages will be directed to serial port S1. The system does not detect if an ASCII console is attached to serial port S1; use of any device other than an ASCII console on serial port S1 will result in lost messages and unpredictable results on that device.

pSeries 620 Model 6F1 — Minimum System Configuration: The Model 6F1 is based on a flexible design that can be configured to incorporate up to six processors, up to 32 GB of system memory, 10 PCI slots, and a selection of internal storage and media devices. This flexibility is made available through the many optional features available for the Model 6F1.

Each Model 6F1 system must include a minimum of the following items:

  • One Model 6F1 system unit with the following:
    • One — 32x CD-ROM Drive (#2624)
    • One — Language Group Specify (#9XXX)
    • One — Power Cord Specify (#9XXX)
  • One Processor Card — choose from:
    • RS64 III Processor, 1-Way, 450 MHz, 2 MB L2 Cache (#5201) (Includes 8 memory DIMM slots)
    • RS64 IV Processor, 1-Way, 600 MHz, 2 MB L2 Cache (#5211) (Includes 8 memory DIMM slots)
    • RS64 III Processor, 2-Way SMP, 450 MHz, 4 MB L2 Cache per processor (#5202)
    • RS64 IV Processor, 2-Way SMP, 600 MHz, 4 MB L2 Cache per processor (#5212)
    • RS64 III Processor, 4-Way SMP, 450 MHz, 4 MB L2 Cache per processor (#5204)
    • RS64 IV Processor, 4-Way SMP, 600 MHz, 4 MB L2 Cache per processor (#5214)
    • RS64 IV Processor, 6-Way SMP, 668 MHz, 8 MB L2 Cache per processor (#5216)
  • 256 MB Memory Minimum:
    • One — 16-Position Memory Board (#4075) (Not required if #5201 or #5211 Processor ordered)
    • Order 256 MB minimum from:
      • 256 MB Memory (2 x 128 MB DIMMs) (#4110)
      • 512 MB Memory (2 x 256 MB DIMMs) (#4119)
      • 1024 MB Memory (2 x 512 MB DIMMs) (#4131)
      • 2048 MB Memory (2 x 1024 MB DIMMs) (#4137)

      Note: 2-, 4-, 6-way systems require at least 512 MB.

  • One disk drive — choose from:
    • 9.1 GB Ultra3 10 K rpm, 1-inch, U2 Module (#3152)
    • 18.2 GB Ultra3 10 K rpm, 1-inch, U2 Module (#3153)
    • 36.4 GB Ultra3 10 K rpm, 1-inch, U2 Module (#3129)
    • 9.1 GB 10 K rpm, 1-inch, SSA (20/40) Module (#3079)
    • 18.2 GB 10 K rpm, 1-inch, SSA (20/40) Module (#3077)

      Note: SSA configurations require at least two SSA disk drives.

  • One 2-position or 6-position disk drive backplane and appropriate signal cable — choose from:
    • SCSI 2-Pack Backplane (#6555) (no additional cables needed)
    • SCSI 6-Pack Backplane (#6553) and SCSI cable (#2432)
    • SSA 6-Pack Hot Swap Backplane (#6554) and SSA cable (#2454), also requires an SSA adapter

Additional optional features may be ordered separately.

pSeries 620 Model 6F1 HA Solution Configuration: Each pSeries 620 Model 6F1 HA solution package must include a minimum of the following hardware and software that must be ordered together as specified to qualify for the solution package price.

  • Two — pSeries 620 Model 6F1 Servers, each incorporating:
    • One — HA Solution Indicator (#0700)
    • One — HA Solution Processor Card — choose from:
      • One — HA Solution Processor Card, 4-Way (#0511)
      • One — HA Solution Processor Card, 6-Way (#0512)
    • 512 MB Memory
    • Two — PCI SSA Adapters
    • Two — LAN Adapters
    • One — Redundant Power Supply (#6548)
    • One — Serial to Serial Port Cable (#3125)

    Note: Only one serial cable (#3125) is needed for the two Model 6F1 servers. Redundant dedicated heartbeat and messaging paths required via LAN and Async ports on each server.

  • One — Software Preinstall (#5005)

    Note: Redundant SCSI or SSA IPL disks are required. AIX® and HACMP software will be preinstalled on 7133 SSA disks unless optional SCSI disks are ordered.

  • One — AIX Version 4.3.3 or 5.1, or later, license
  • One — HACMP Version 4.4, or later, license

    HACMP requires APAR IY17684 to support AIX Version 5.1.

    Note: Additional optional Model 6F1 features can be added.

  • One — 7133-T40 Serial Disk System including:
    • Four — SSA Disk Drives
    • Six — Advanced SSA Cables

Note: Additional optional 7133-T40 features can be added.

Software Requirements

AIX Version 4.3.3 with 4330-08 maintenance package, or later, or AIX 5L Version 5.1, or later operating system. When using the supported AIX versions, the pSeries 620 Model 6F1 does not require a keyboard, mouse, or graphics adapter.



  • The Model 6F1 system contains one processor slot. Processor cards are available in 1-way, 2-way, 4-way, and 6-way configurations.
  • Installed systems may increase the number of processors by replacing the existing processor card with a more powerful processor card via feature conversion. The existing processor card is returned to IBM after being replaced. (Refer to the pSeries 620 Model 6F1 Processor Feature Conversions section for additional information.)
  • The 1-way processor card provides eight memory DIMM positions. The 2-way, 4-way, and 6-way cards do not provide memory DIMM positions. (Refer to Memory section below.)


  • Chipkill™ Memory on the Model 6F1 is available with the following memory options:
    • 512 MB (2 x 256 MB) Memory (#4119)
    • 1024 MB (2 x 512 MB) Memory (#4100)
    • 2048 MB (2 x 1024 MB) Memory (#4137)

    The Chipkill Memory technology is not supported on the 256 MB (2 x 128 MB) Memory (#4110).

  • The Model 6F1 must contain a minimum of 256 MB of system memory. Memory is expandable up to a maximum of 32 GB. Only 1-way systems can be configured with 256 MB of system memory. All other systems must contain a minimum of 512 MB of system memory.
  • Memory may be installed on the 1-way processor card or on 16-position memory boards.
  • Memory DIMMs on the 1-way processor card must be installed in pairs. Memory DIMMs on the 16-position memory boards must be installed in quads. All DIMMs in each pair or quad must be the same capacity.
  • A minimum of four memory DIMMs must be installed on each 16-position memory board.
  • A maximum of two 16-position memory boards can be installed on systems containing 2-way, 4-way, or 6-way processor cards. The first memory board must be full before a second memory board can be ordered.
  • No memory boards can be installed in a Model 6F1 system when memory DIMMs are mounted on the 1-way processor card. Systems containing the 1-way processor card with no memory DIMMs installed are limited to one 16-position memory board.
  • Plans for future memory upgrades should be taken into account to obtain optimal performance without limiting future memory expansion.
  • IBM recommends systems configured with 4 GB of memory, or greater, to have access to a 4-mm or 8-mm tape drive for submission of system dump information, if required. This function may be accomplished via locally attached or network attached devices as appropriate.


  • Each Model 6F1 system is built with two standard modular power supplies. The combined output of the two power supplies is sufficient to power any Model 6F1 system configuration. An optional third power supply can be ordered to provide redundant power and enable the system to continue normal operation in the event of a power supply failure. The third power supply comes with two additional fans that provide redundant cooling.

Disks, Media, and Boot Devices

  • System boot support is supported via SCSI adapters, SSA adapters, or from network via Ethernet or token-ring adapters.

PCI Slots and Adapters

  • The Model 6F1 PCI slot population rules are complex. The following PCI slot and adapter limitations are provided for general guidance purposes. Extensive configuration rules and checking procedures are incorporated into the PCRS6000 configurator to ensure valid system configurations. Configurations generated without utilizing the PCRS6000 configurator may create orders that cannot be manufactured, resulting in possible order rejection and delayed delivery.
  • System maximum limits for adapters and devices may not provide optimal system performance. These limits are given for connectivity and functionality assurance.
  • The combined total number of Serial Storage Architecture (SSA) adapters supported is a maximum of six.

SCSI and SSA Configuration Information

  • If a SCSI 6-pack backplane (#6553) is ordered, it must be connected to one of the following:
    • Internal port on a PCI SCSI adapter, using a 1.1-meter SCSI cable (#2432)
    • Integrated external SCSI port, using an External Port-to-Internal 6-pack SCSI cable assembly (#3109)
    • External port on a PCI Ultra2 SCSI adapter, using a SCSI cable assembly (#3109)
  • If a SCSI 2-pack backplane (#6555) is ordered, at least one disk drive in the 2-pack must be driven from the internal integrated SCSI port. If present, a second disk drive in the 2-pack can also be driven from the internal integrated SCSI port, or it can be driven from a PCI SCSI adapter, connected with a SCSI 4-drop cable (#2421) and a SCSI 1.1-meter cable (#2432). For this configuration, a Single-Ended PCI SCSI adapter is required.
  • The 4-drop SCSI cable that comes standard with every Model 6F1 system supports up to 2 SCSI disk drives and 2 media devices. It must be connected to the integrated internal SCSI port, using an intermediate 0.2-meter SCSI cable that also comes standard with every Model 6F1 system.
  • If a SCSI 4-drop cable (#2421) is ordered, it must be connected through a SCSI 1.1-meter cable (#2432) to the internal port on a Single-Ended PCI SCSI adapter. Ordering the SCSI 4-drop cable enables independent SCSI boot disk mirroring in the 2-pack.
  • Daisy-chaining of SCSI 6-packs is not supported. Each SCSI 6-pack must be driven from a separate integrated SCSI port or PCI SCSI adapter port.
  • Daisy-chaining of SSA 6-packs is required if there are two internal SSA 6-packs. Internal and external SSA disks may be operated on the same SSA cabling loop, up to the maximum number supported by the SSA adapter.
  • The Model 6F1 is limited to a combined total of one SCSI or SSA cable assembly that passes through the rear bulkhead of the chassis. A system may have one SSA cable assembly (#2454) or one SCSI cable assembly (#3109), but not both.
  • All Model 6F1 systems must have at least one disk drive. Therefore, all Model 6F1 systems must have at least one SCSI or SSA backplane, which may be either a 2-pack or a 6-pack.
  • Each SSA 6-pack must contain at least two SSA disk drives.
  • A Model 6F1 system may have SCSI and SSA backplanes in any combination, up to a maximum of one 2-pack and two 6-packs.
  • The SCSI and the SSA 6-packs support hot swapping of disk drives. Although the same SCSI disk drives can be installed in either the 6-pack or the 2-pack, the 2-pack does not support hot swapping of disk drives.

Planning Information

Cable Orders: No additional cables are required.

Security, Auditability, and Control

This product uses the security and auditability features of the host hardware, software, and application software.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities.

Terms and Conditions

This product is available for purchase under the terms of the IBM Customer Agreement (ICA).

IBM hardware products are manufactured from new parts, or new and used parts. In some cases, the hardware product may have been previously installed. Regardless, IBM warranty terms apply.

Volume orders: Contact your IBM representative.

IBM Credit Corporation Financing: Yes

Warranty Period: One year

Warranty Service: IBM On-Site Repair (IOR)

Maintenance Service: IOR

Usage Plan Machine: No

IBM Hourly Service Rate Classification: Two

Mid-Range System Option: Yes

Eligible                     Discount
Type                Three-Year      Five-Year
7025                   12%             17%

Corporate Service Option: Yes

Option              Three-Year      Five-Year
Network                15%             20%
System                 12%             17%

When a type of service involves the exchange of a machine part, the replacement may not be new, but will be in good working order.

Rental Offering: No

Field-Installable Features: Yes

Model Conversions: No

Customer Setup: Yes

Graduated Charges: Yes

Group Number: E5

Licensed Machine Code: IBM licensed machine code is licensed for use by a customer on a specific machine, designated by serial number, under the terms and conditions of the IBM Agreement for Licensed Machine Code.

Educational Allowance: A reduced charge is available to qualified education customers. The educational allowance may not be added to any other discount or allowance.


The prices provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

                       Feature    Purchase                 MES/
Description            Number     Price        MMMC(1)     Both
Machine Type/Model 7025-6F1
pSeries 620                       $ 6,717      $228
 Model 6F1
RS64 IV,               0511        30,000       205        Initial
 4-Way SMP,
 HA Solution,
 Factory Only
RS64 IV,               0512        55,500       308        Initial
 6-Way SMP,
 HA Solution,
 Factory Only
LC-SC Fibre            2456           100                  Both
2048 MB                4137        18,432                  Both
 (2 x 1024 MB
                       Feature    Purchase                 MES/
Description            Number     Price        MMMC        Both
RS64 IV,               5211       $10,000       $97        Both
 600 MHz,
 2 MB L2 Cache
RS64 IV,               5212        18,500       171        Both
 2-Way SMP,
 600 MHz,
 4 MB L2 Cache
RS64 IV,               5214        37,500       205        Both
 4-Way SMP,
 600 MHz,
 4 MB L2 Cache
RS64 IV,               5216        65,500       308        Both
 6-Way SMP,
 668 MHz,
 8 MB L2 Cache
Gigabit                6228         3,100                  Both
 Fibre Channel
 Adapter for
 64-bit PCI Bus
Monthly Minimum Maintenance Charge

The following previously announced features are available on the specified models.

                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
Machine Type/Model 7025-6F1
After-market (MES)                0001        $     0      MES
 Order Indicator
HA Solution Indicator             0700              0      Initial
PCI SCSI Adapter to               2111            135      Both
 2-Port, 8-Bit SE
 External Device Cable
PCI SCSI Adapter to               2112             90      Both
 2-Port, 8-Bit
 Differential External
 Device Cable
PCI SCSI Adapter to               2113            195      Both
 Single Port 8-Bit SE
 External Device Cable
PCI SCSI Adapter 16-Bit           2114            270      Both
 Differential External
 Y Cable
PCI SCSI Adapter to               2115            135      Both
 2-Port, 16-Bit SE
 External Device Cable
PCI SCSI Adapter to               2116            120      Both
 2-Port, 16-Bit
 Differential External
 Device Cable
PCI SCSI Adapter 16-Bit           2117            275      Both
 SE External Y Cable
Converter Cable, VHDCI            2118             60      Both
 to P, Mini-68-pin to
 68-pin, 0.3 m
Internal SCSI Cable,              2421            100      Both
0.6 m 16-Bit SCSI-2               2424            108      Both
 System to System Cable
2.5 m 16-Bit SCSI-2               2425            130      Both
 System to System Cable
Internal SCSI Point to            2432             60      Both
 Point Cable, 1.1 meter
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
Cable Assembly, SSA               2454         $  150      Both
 External Ports to
 SSA Internal 6-Pack
Model Conversion Carrier          2455            100      MES
 for Serial Storage
 Architecture (SSA)
 Disk Drive
PCI 4-Channel Ultra3              2498          4,000      Both
 SCSI RAID Adapter
32x (Maximum) SCSI-2              2624            375      Both
 CD-ROM Drive
Eicon ISDN DIVA PRO 2.0           2708            995      Both
 PCI S/T Adapter
ARTIC960Hx/RxD 4-Port             2709            550      Both
 T1 RJ-45 Cable
ARTIC960Hx/RxD 4-Port             2710            550      Both
 E1 RJ-45 Cable
SysKonnect SK-NET                 2741          1,590      Both
SysKonnect SK-NET                 2742          2,500      Both
SysKonnect SK-NET                 2743          1,400      Both
S/390(R) ESCON(R) Channel         2751          9,500      Both
 PCI Adapter
POWER GXT130P Graphics            2830            340      Both
ARTIC960Hx 4-Port                 2861            425      Both
 EIA-232 Cable
ARTIC960Hx 4-Port                 2862            500      Both
 RS-449 Cable
ARTIC960Hx 4-Port                 2863            500      Both
 X.21 Cable
ARTIC960Hx 4-Port                 2864            675      Both
 V.35 (DTE) Cable
ARTIC960Hx 4-Port                 2865            475      Both
 EIA-530 Cable
  T1, 100 Ohm, 3 m                2871            305      Both
   4-Port Cable
  T1, 100 Ohm, 15 m               2872            315      Both
   Extension Cable
  E1, 120 Ohm Balanced,           2873            315      Both
   3 m 4-Port Cable
  E1, 120 Ohm Balanced,           2874            160      Both
   7.5 m Extension Cable
  E1, 75 Ohm Unbalanced-          2875            430      Both
   Grounded, 1.8 m 4-Port
  E1, 75 Ohm Unbalanced-          2876            430      Both
   Ungrounded, 1.8 m
   4-Port Cable
  H.100, 4-Drop Cable             2877             30      Both
Asynchronous Terminal/            2934             45      Both
 Printer Cable EIA-232
Asynchronous Cable                2936             73      Both
8-Port Asynchronous               2943          1,395      Both
 Adapter EIA-232/RS-422,
 PCI bus
128-Port Asynchronous             2944          1,295      Both
 Controller, PCI bus
Asynchronous Terminal             2945            130      Both
 Cable -- EIA-422A
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
TURBOWAYS(R) 622 Mbps             2946        $ 3,995      Both
 PCI MMF ATM Adapter
ARTIC960Hx 4-Port                 2947          3,625      Both
 Multiprotocol PCI Adapter
Cable, V.24 / EIA-232             2951            175      Both
Cable, V.35                       2952            320      Both
Cable, V.36 / EIA-499             2953            255      Both
Cable, X.21                       2954            175      Both
2-Port Multiprotocol              2962          2,000      Both
 PCI Adapter
TURBOWAYS 155 PCI                 2963          1,495      Both
 UTP ATM Adapter
IBM 10/100 Mbps                   2968            275      Both
 Ethernet PCI Adapter
Gigabit Ethernet --               2969          2,125      Both
 SX PCI Adapter
10/100/1000 Base-T                2975          1,600      Both
 Ethernet PCI Adapter
PCI Ethernet BNC/RJ-45            2985            375      Both
PCI Ethernet AUI/RJ-45            2987            250      Both
TURBOWAYS 155 PCI                 2988          1,595      Both
 MMF ATM Adapter
18.2 GB Serial Storage            3077          2,000      Both
 Architecture 10 K rpm
 Disk Drive Assembly
9.1 GB Serial Storage             3079          1,460      Both
 Architecture 10 K rpm
 Disk Drive Assembly
Cable Assembly, SCSI              3109            125      Both
 External Port to SCSI
 Internal 6-Pack
Serial to Serial Port             3124             80      Both
 Cable for Drawer/Drawer
Serial to Serial Port             3125             80      Both
 Cable for Rack/Rack
36.4 GB 10,000 rpm                3129          3,145      Both
 Ultra3 SCSI Disk
 Drive Assembly
Cable, Clustered Server           3150            400      Both
 Serial Port to Control
Cable, Clustered Server           3151            400      Both
 Control Panel to
 Control Workstation
9.1 GB 10,000 rpm Ultra3          3152          1,260      Both
 SCSI Disk Drive Assembly
18.2 GB 10,000 rpm Ultra3         3153          1,800      Both
 SCSI Disk Drive Assembly
IBM P76 Color Monitor,            3627            995      Both
 Stealth Black, Captured
IBM P260 Color Monitor,           3628          1,995      Both
 Stealth Black, and Cable
IBM P76 Color Monitor,            3629            995      Both
 Pearl White,
 Captured Cable
IBM P260 Color Monitor,           3630          1,995      Both
 Pearl White, and Cable
Service Package                   3752             75      Both
Serial Port Converter             3925             25      Both
 Cable, 9-pin to 25-pin
Async Printer/Terminal            3926             50      Both
 Cable, 9-pin to 25-pin, 4 m
Memory Board, 16 Position         4075          1,500      Both
1024 MB (2 x 512 MB)              4100          9,216      Both
 DIMMs, 200-pin
 10 ns SDRAM (2)
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
256 MB (2 x 128 MB)               4110        $2,048       Both
 DIMMs, 200-pin
 10 ns SDRAM
512 MB (2 x 256 MB)               4119         4,608       Both
 DIMMs, 200-pin
 10 ns SDRAM
6091 Attachment Cable             4217           105       Both
Ethernet 10Base2                  4223           195       Both
13W3 to 15-pin DDC/ID             4237           100       Both
 Bits Switchable
 Display Cable
DDC 15-pin to 13W3                4238           100       Both
 Display Cable
15-D Adapter to 3BNC              4239           100       Both
 ID Cable
H-100 Bus 8-position              4353           100       Both
PCI Cryptographic                 4958         7,000       Both
IBM Token-Ring PCI                4959           795       Both
Customer Service                  5001            NC       Initial
Software Preinstall               5005             0       Initial
                       Feature     Purchase                MES/
Description            Number      Price      MMMC         Both
RS64 III,              5201      $ 6,000      $ 86         Both
 450 MHz,
 2 MB L2 Cache
RS64 III,              5202       14,500       149         Both
 2-Way SMP,
 450 MHz,
 4 MB L2 Cache
RS64 III,              5204       24,500       183         Both
 4-Way SMP,
 450 MHz,
 4 MB L2 Cache
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
3-Button Mouse                    6041        $    75      Both
20/40 GB 16-bit 8-mm              6154          6,250      Both
 Internal Tape Drive
 (White Bezel)
20/40 GB 16-bit 8-mm              6156          6,250      Both
 Internal Tape Drive
 (Black Bezel)
20/40 GB 4-mm Internal            6158          2,995      Both
 Tape Drive
12/24 GB 4-mm Internal            6159          3,200      Both
 Tape Drive
PCI Universal                     6204            650      Both
 Differential Ultra
 SCSI Adapter
PCI Dual Channel                  6205            790      Both
 Ultra2 SCSI Adapter
PCI Single-Ended                  6206            395      Both
 Ultra SCSI Adapter
Advanced SerialRAID               6230          3,000      Both
 Plus Adapter
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
128 MB DRAM Option Card           6231        $   960      Both
32 MB Fast-Write                  6235            575      Both
 Cache Option Card
ARTIC960RxD Quad                  6310         11,000      Both
 Digital Trunk PCI
ARTIC960RxF PCI                   6311         10,900      Both
 Adapter for RS/6000(R)
Redundant Power Supply            6548          1,250      Both
 and Cooling Fans
SCSI 6-Pack Hot Swap              6553            900      Both
 Backplane and Cage
SSA 6-Pack Hot Swap               6554            650      Both
 Backplane and Cage
SCSI 2-Pack Backplane             6555            595      Both
 and Cage
Quiet Touch Keyboard
  U.S. English, #103P             6600            100      Both
  French, #189                    6601            100      Both
  Italian, #142                   6602            100      Both
  German/Austrian, #129           6603            100      Both
  U.K. English, #166              6604            100      Both
  Spanish, #172                   6605            100      Both
  Japanese, #194                  6606            100      Both
  Belgian/French, #120            6609            100      Both
  Belgian/U.K.-Flemish,           6610            100      Both
  Swedish/Finnish, #153           6611            100      Both
  Danish, #159                    6612            100      Both
  Swiss, French/German,           6614            100      Both
  Norwegian, #155                 6616            100      Both
  Greek, #319                     6619            100      Both
  Hebrew, #212                    6620            100      Both
  L.A. Spanish, #171              6629            100      Both
  Arabic, #238                    6630            100      Both
  Korean, #413                    6633            100      Both
  Chinese/U.S., #467              6634            100      Both
  Russian, #443                   6638            100      Both
  U.S. English                    6640            100      Both
    ISO9995, #103P
AAP Software Pre-Install          7305              0      Initial
128-Port Asynchronous             8131             60      Both
 Controller Cable,
 4.5 meter
128-Port Asynchronous             8132             40      Both
 Controller Cable,
 23-cm (9-inch)
RJ-45 to DB-25                    8133            120      Both
 Converter Cable
64-Port to 128-Port               8135             45      Both
 Pin-Out Converter
Rack Mountable Remote             8136          2,500      Both
 Asynchronous Node
 16-Port EIA-232
Enhanced Remote                   8137          1,595      Both
 Asynchronous Node
 16-Port EIA-232
Enhanced Remote                   8138          1,795      Both
 Asynchronous Node
 16-Port RS-422
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
Quiet Touch Keyboard --
  Stealth Black
  U.S. English,                   8700        $100         Both
  French, #189                    8701         100         Both
  Italian, #142                   8702         100         Both
  German/Austrian, #129           8703         100         Both
  U.K. English, #166              8704         100         Both
  Spanish, #172                   8705         100         Both
  Japanese, #194                  8706         100         Both
  Brazilian                       8707         100         Both
    Portuguese, #275
  Canadian French, #058           8708         100         Both
  Belgian/French, #120            8709         100         Both
  Belgian/U.K.-Flemish,           8710         100         Both
  Swedish/Finnish, #153           8711         100         Both
  Danish, #159                    8712         100         Both
  Bulgarian, #442                 8713         100         Both
  Swiss, French/German,           8714         100         Both
  Norwegian, #155                 8716         100         Both
  Dutch, #143                     8717         100         Both
  Portuguese, #163                8718         100         Both
  Greek, #319                     8719         100         Both
  Hebrew, #212                    8720         100         Both
  Hungarian, #208                 8721         100         Both
  Icelandic, #197                 8722         100         Both
  Polish, #214                    8723         100         Both
  Romanian, #446                  8724         100         Both
  Slovakian, #245                 8725         100         Both
  Czech, #243                     8726         100         Both
  Turkish, #179                   8727         100         Both
  Turkish, #440                   8728         100         Both
  L.A. Spanish, #171              8729         100         Both
  Arabic, #238                    8730         100         Both
  Serbian-Cyrillic, #118          8732         100         Both
  Korean, #413                    8733         100         Both
  Chinese/U.S., #467              8734         100         Both
  French Canadian, #445           8735         100         Both
  Thai, #191                      8736         100         Both
  Russian, #443                   8738         100         Both
  Croatian, #105                  8739         100         Both
  U.S. English                    8740         100         Both
    ISO9995, #103P
3-Button Mouse --                 8741          75         Both
 Stealth Black
Southern Hemisphere               9004           0         Both
 Designator for Monitors
Language Group Specify --
  U.S. English                    9300          NC         Initial
  French                          9703          NC         Initial
  German                          9704          NC         Initial
  Polish                          9705          NC         Initial
  Portuguese                      9707          NC         Initial
  Spanish                         9708          NC         Initial
  Italian                         9711          NC         Initial
  Canadian French                 9712          NC         Initial
  Japanese                        9714          NC         Initial
  Traditional                     9715          NC         Initial
    Chinese (Taiwan)
  Korean                          9716          NC         Initial
  Hungarian                       9719          NC         Initial
  Slovakian                       9720          NC         Initial
  Russian                         9721          NC         Initial
  Simplified                      9722          NC         Initial
    Chinese (PRC)
                                  Feature     Purchase     MES/
Description                       Number      Price        Both
Power Cord Specify --
  United States/Canada            9800          $0         Both
  Belgium, Finland,               9820           0         Both
    France (250 V, 16 A)
  Denmark (250 V, 10 A)           9821           0         Both
  United Kingdom                  9825           0         Both
    (250 V, 13 A)
  Israel (250 V, 6-16 A)          9827           0         Both
  Switzerland                     9828           0         Both
    (250 V, 10 A)
  South Africa/                   9829           0         Both
    Pakistan (250 V, 16 A)
  Italy (250V,                    9830           0         Both
    10 A and 16 A)
  Argentina                       9831           0         Both
    (250 V, 10 A)
  Thailand                        9833           0         Both
    (250 V, 15 A)
  Uruguay                         9834           0         Both
    (250 V, 10 A)

For ServiceElect (ESA) Maintenance Service Charges, contact IBM Global Services 888-IBM-4343.

pSeries 620 Model 6F1 Processor Feature Conversions: Customers with installed pSeries 620 Model 6F1 systems can increase the number of processors in their system up to a maximum of a 6-way SMP via feature conversions. Such conversions are accomplished by replacing the system's existing processor card with a processor card containing faster processors or a greater number of processors. The existing Model 6F1 processor card being replaced is returned to IBM.

The following RS64 III and RS64 IV processor feature conversions are available to Model 6F1 customers who want to install faster processors or increase the number of processors in their systems:

Feature Conversion Purchase Price

Number                              Feature Conversion
From(2)            To                 Purchase Price
5201              5202                   $11,500(3)
5201              5204                    21,500(3)
5201              5212                    15,500
5201              5214                    34,500
5201              5216                    62,500
5202              5204                    17,250(3)
5202              5212                    11,250
5202              5214                    30,250
5202              5216                    58,250
5204              5214                    25,250
5204              5216                    53,250
5211              5202                     9,500
5211              5204                    19,500
5211              5212                    13,500
5211              5214                    32,500
5211              5216                    60,500
5212              5204                    15,250
5212              5214                    28,250
5212              5216                    56,250
5214              5216                    46,750
0511              5216                    50,500

Net-Priced: Yes

Returned Parts: Yes

Continuous Maintenance: Yes

Parts removed or replaced become the property of IBM and must be returned.
These conversions have been previously announced and priced.

Customer Financing: IBM Global Financing offers attractive financing to credit-qualified commercial and government customers and Business Partners in more than 40 countries around the world. IBM Global Financing is provided by the IBM Credit Corporation in the United States. Offerings, rates, terms, and availability may vary by country. Contact your local IBM Global Financing organization. Country organizations are listed on the Web at:

Order Now

 Use Priority/Reference Code: RE001
 Phone:     800-IBM-CALL
 Fax:       800-2IBM-FAX
 Mail:      IBM Atlanta Sales Center
            Dept. RE001
            P.O. Box 2690
            Atlanta, GA  30301-2690

You can also contact your local IBM Business Partner or IBM representative. To identify them, call 800-IBM-4YOU.

Note: Shipments will begin after the planned availability date.


The e-business logo, pSeries 620, and Chipkill are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
AIX, ESCON, S/390, TURBOWAYS, and RS/6000 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

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