Hardware withdrawal: IBM System Storage SAN40B-4 and selected options - No replacements available

IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 912-241
December 18, 2012

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Effective March 16, 2013, IBM® will withdraw from marketing the following products:

On or after the effective date of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM .

For new orders, the customer requested arrival date (CRAD) can be no later than April 16, 2013. You can obtain the products on an as-available basis through IBM Business Partners.

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 Type-Model-Feature (TMF)
                                         Machine  Model     Feature
Description                              Type     number    number
IBM System Storage SAN40B-4              2498     B40
IBM TotalStorage SAN32B-2                2005     B32
IBM TotalStorage SAN16M-2                2026     416
IBM TotalStorage SAN32M-2                2026     432
GSA and/or Title with U.S.               2005     B32       0980
 Government Order
Manufacturing Routing Code               2005     B32       0992
Admin SEO Translation Code               2005     B32       0996
Storage Bid Machine Select               2005     B32       0997
2 Gbps LW SFP Transceiver                2005     B32       2220
B32 Extended Fabric Activation           2005     B32       7553
B32 Advanced Security Activation         2005     B32       7554
B32 Remote Switch Activation             2005     B32       7552
B32 8-Port Activation                    2005     B32       7514
Offload Mfg. to Guad HVEC                2026     416, 432  1768
Offload Mfg. to ISTC                     2026     416, 432  1770
16E Element Manager                      2026     416       4410
16E SANtegrity Enhanced                  2026     416       4411
16E Open Trunking (FCP Support Only)     2026     416       4420
32E Element Manager                      2026     432       4710
32E SANtegrity Enhanced                  2026     432       4711
32E Open Trunking (FCP Support Only)     2026     432       4720
4 Gbps LW 4 km SFP Transceiver           2026     416, 432  3421
4 Gbps LW 10 km SFP Transceiver          2026     416, 432  3422
Consolidate Shipment                     2026     416, 432  8031
TAA Compliant Order                      2026     416, 432  8067
Planning Code - used for passing data    2005     B32       9012
 to Demand Manager                       2026     416, 432
Planning Code - Mandatory for product    2026     416, 432  9019
 routed to System x

 Single Entity Offerings (SEO)
Description                           number
IBM System Storage SAN40B-4           249840E
2 Gbps LW SFP Transceiver             19K1272
8 Port Upg Opt Express® Model         22R5078
B32 Remote Switch Activation          22R5129
16E Element Manager                   22R5893
16E SANtegrity Enhanced               22R5895
16E Open Trunking (FCP Support Only)  22R5897
32E Element Manager                   22R5907
32E SANtegrity Enhanced               22R5909
32E Open Trunking (FCP Support Only)  22R5911
2 Gbps LW SFP Transceiver             22R6223
4 Gbps LW 4 km SFP Transceiver        23R1490
4 Gbps LW 10 km SFP Transceiver       23R1492

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