IBM Platform Symphony - Standard Edition for Power V6.1.0

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IBM Platform Symphony - Standard Edition and - Advanced Edition for Power are enterprise-class grid managers for running distributed application services on a scalable, shared, heterogeneous grid.

Platform Symphony for Power can help you:

  • Obtain higher quality business results fast
  • Reduce infrastructure and management costs
  • Accelerate many types of Hadoop MapReduce workloads
  • Combine compute- and data-intensive applications on a single shared platform

Features include the following:

  • Ultrafast, low-latency grid scheduler

  • Redesigned web interface

  • Multicluster support for scalability to 100,000 cores

  • Unique resource sharing model that enables multitenancy with resource lending and borrowing for maximum efficiency

  • Optimized, low-latency MapReduce implementation compatible with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and other big data solutions

Platform Symphony for Power is available in two different editions tailored to different business requirements:

  • Platform Symphony - Standard Edition for Power is intended for enterprise-class performance and scalability.

  • Platform Symphony - Advanced Edition for Power is ideal for distributed compute- and data-intensive applications requiring Hadoop MapReduce.

Program Number
  • IBM Platform Symphony - Standard Edition for Power V6.1.0 (5765-SSE)
  • Platform Symphony - Advanced Edition for Power V6.1.0 (5765-PSA)

With Platform Symphony for Power V6.1, you can realize:

  • Faster throughput and performance
  • Higher levels of resource utilization
  • Reduced infrastructure and management costs
  • Reduced application development and maintenance costs
  • The agility to respond instantly to real-time demands
IBM Product Life Cycle:

Program NumberVRMAnnounced AvailableMarketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5765-SSE06.01.00 2013-05-142013-06-14 2016-09-16-
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Short Title: IBM Platform Symphony - Standard Edition for Power V6.1.0
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