IBM Cognos Integration Server Editions V10.2.1

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IBM Cognos Integration Server extracts data, metadata and security profiles and moves them into open data warehouses and repositories for use in financial performance management (FPM) or business intelligence (BI) applications, or directly into IBM Cognos TM1. Cognos Integration Server enables users to source specialized cube data from a variety of sources, including Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Cognos TM1. It reduces the need for custom integrations that can introduce compliance risk and place a burden on IT resources.

  • Integrated and automated extraction
    • Automate data extraction to reduce the need for custom-built interfaces.
    • Streamline the process of dynamically generating target schemas.
    • Support data warehousing and single source reporting strategies.
  • Intelligent, near-real-time data extraction
    • Extract Oracle Essbase block data storage option (BSO) or aggregate data storage option (ASO) data, metadata, and security profiles, plus Oracle Hyperion Planning line-item details.
    • Extract Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Management data, metadata, line-item details and journal entries.
    • Extract data and metadata (dimensions) from Cognos TM1.
    • Choose full or partial data extractions by selecting entire dimensions or member intersections to create custom data subsets for export.
    • Load content directly into Cognos TM1, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server or star schema formats.
  • Support for continuous planning
    • Extract data continuously to update external reporting and analysis applications while maintaining online access for users.
    • Model complex business functions and generate content for downstream use in a central reporting system.
  • Preserved hierarchies
    • Balance ragged hierarchies.
    • Preserve important hierarchies and drill paths in the target relational reporting application.
  • Bridge the needs of IT and finance data
    • Offer a common solution to meet the diverse needs of finance while reducing the need for IT intervention.
    • Provide IT users with access to data in an open and standard format while finance users leverage the cube technology to address their business requirements.
    • Make data available for query and reporting with a wide variety of reporting and analysis tools.

Program Number
  • IBM Cognos Integration Server Editions V10.2.1 (5725-L44)

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Cognos Integration Server V10.2.1

Cognos Integration Server V10.2.1 complements the IBM technology leadership in performance management and business intelligence solutions by providing access to a variety of specialized data sources and a self-service user experience, enabling data integration and automation to be simple, fast, reliable, and secure.

Cognos Integration Server V10.2.1 delivers access to a variety of specialized data sources and a self-service user experience providing more options and flexibility to users.

Support includes:

  • Cognos TM1 source and target connections.
  • Previously defined star schemas as a source connection.

Cognos Integration Server V10.2.1 is available in a Starter Edition and a Standard Edition for production and nonproduction environments.

IBM Product Life Cycle:

Program NumberVRMAnnounced AvailableMarketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-L4410.02.01 2014-10-212014-11-04 --
5725-L4410.02.00 2013-10-292013-10-29 --
5725-L4410.01.00 2013-05-142013-05-17 2017-07-112018-04-30
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