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Rapid evolution and customer adoption of cloud, mobile, and social media technologies are driving demand for delivering applications faster and more frequently, leveraging production-ready features as they are available. Businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on their IT organization to drive business innovation by directly engaging with customers, partners, and employees. As a result, enterprise IT organizations are adapting to new ways of engaging with customers to drive business value, create differentiation in delivery of service, and gain customer loyalty. Traditional approaches to software development and delivery are insufficient. They are error prone and delay response to changing business needs that result in lost opportunities. Enhancements to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 are focused on transforming an organization's existing infrastructure into the dynamic foundation required by both developers and operations staff so they can deliver technology-based innovations at market speed.

Websphere Application Server is adopting a continuous delivery model to deliver additional features and function to the Websphere Application Server Liberty profile. This continuous delivery model provides optionally installable features and function, which can be added to an existing WebSphere Liberty V8.5.5 installation with no requirement for a version upgrade or migration. WebSphere Application Server also continues to enhance its ecosystem in support of DevOps. The combination of this strong DevOps ecosystem and continuous delivery of WebSphere Application Server features provides the foundation for delivering frequent and incremental changes to Java applications.

The lightweight and composable nature of WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile makes it an ideal candidate for use as a foundation for mobile and cloud applications, in addition to traditional enterprise applications. WebSphere Liberty server now offers a consistent Java run time across bare metal, and virtual and cloud topologies, while providing differentiation in qualities of services that are unique to the underlying topology. The advantage of deploying WebSphere Liberty server as a foundation for mobile and cloud applications, in addition to traditional enterprise applications, is that it allows IT organizations to leverage existing skills while still offering the choice of deployment platforms that are based on business needs rather than operational constraints.

Highlights of enhancements to WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5:

  • Cloud-ready and consistent Java run time for mobile, cloud, and traditional enterprise applications based on WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile

  • License mobility that provides the option to bring your existing WebSphere Application Server entitlement to clouds, such as IBM Softlayer and Amazon EC2

  • Eclipse-based developer tools that enable the flexibility to develop and test locally, and then deploy to cloud

  • Enhancements to the WebSphere Liberty Repository, which serves as an online repository to deliver platform extensions, with production support consistent with existing entitlements

  • Optionally installable features for the WebSphere Liberty server delivered from the WebSphere Liberty Repository

  • Ease of integration with a growing list of ecosystem products to help IT provide an automated and standardized SOA infrastructure to increase developer productivity and resource efficiency

  • Websphere Application Server Migration Toolkit enhancements to simplify the developer experience and enable easier migration of applications from Apache Tomcat to WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile

Your business requires fast, flexible, and efficient application development solutions paired with leading service-oriented architecture (SOA) runtime environments to succeed in today's dynamic and increasingly competitive marketplace. IBM WebSphere Application Server has provided industry-leading solutions for the past 15 years, offering a broad range of application foundation and programming model choices to support applications built for businesses of any size.

WebSphere Application Server V8.5 provided significant enhancements in terms of developer experience and high-end resiliency. For developers requiring a quick and simple development run time, the Liberty profile was introduced as a great option for building web applications that do not require the full Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment of traditional enterprise application server profiles. For administrators and businesses that strive for operational excellence through management efficiency, responsiveness, and performance, Intelligent Management capabilities were included in the full profile application server, enabling resiliency, virtualization, enterprise-level batch processing, and autonomic responsiveness to problems.

WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 continues this focus with key enhancements to Liberty profile capabilities and qualities of service, enabling clients and partners to build a strong foundation and reduce cost through:

  • Fit-for-purpose application server solutions
  • Rapid development and delivery of new applications and services
  • Operational excellence, resiliency, and reliability

Today's rapidly evolving business environment requires that businesses provide applications and services to meet a variety of consumer needs from lightweight and dynamic web applications to resilient and highly scalable mission-critical applications. WebSphere provides a family of fit-for-purpose application servers to meet the application demands at every level. Version 8.5.5 includes lightweight and dynamic offering of WebSphere Application Server targeted at web applications that do not require a full Java EE stack. Composed entirely of the developer-friendly Liberty profile and certified to the Java EE 6 Web Profile specification, the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core edition enables rapid development and deployment of web and mobile centric applications, enabling businesses to quickly respond to enterprise and market needs. Highlights of the Liberty Core offering include:

  • Extremely lightweight offering, composed of the Liberty profile certified for the Java EE Web Profile
  • An excellent development and production run time for web applications
  • Fast time-to-value: Small download, small footprint, and fast startup
  • Easily package applications (including configuration) for deployment
  • Extensible through Liberty features SPI

For developers and businesses that need a lightweight, simple, and powerful application server, WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 delivers key enhancements to the Liberty profile, further increasing its value for application developers. Optimized for fidelity to full profile WebSphere Application Server, the enhanced capabilities in version 8.5.5 broaden the scope of Liberty based applications, extending its reach into more production use cases. Highlights for developers include:

  • Liberty profile programming model additions such as EJB-Lite, CDI, web services, Java Message Service, and message-driven beans

  • Ability to extend the Liberty profile capabilities through feature additions

  • Developer tool options to match project development needs

For administrators and businesses seeking to grow their Liberty applications into increasingly sophisticated production environments, WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 delivers improved qualities of service for the Liberty profile. Highlights for administrators include:

  • The Liberty administrative management model
  • Clustering
  • Security enhancements
  • Integrated elastic caching through WebSphere eXtreme Scale

For businesses needing an end-to-end solution, WebSphere offers multiple tooling bundles that provide developer tools to maximize productivity and flexibility in building new applications. The IBM WebSphere Application Server for Developers - Tools Edition for Eclipse provides users with a lightweight desktop development environment to build applications for WebSphere Application Server. Other bundles include an unlimited number of licenses of IBM Rational Application Developer, providing organizations with a complete solution to develop, deliver, and manage high-quality enterprise applications.

For businesses that need to build, deploy, and manage secure and portable innovative applications that run on a multitude of mobile, server, and desktop systems, WebSphere Application Server is the flexible and efficient application platform of choice, offering fit- for-purpose application server solutions from lightweight web applications to highly resilient and scalable business-critical applications.
Program Number

  • WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 (5724-J08)
  • WebSphere Application Server - Express V8.5.5 (5724-I63)
  • WebSphere Application Server for Developers V8.5.5 (5724-H89)
  • WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5 (5724-H88)
  • WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core V8.5.5 (5725-L29)

IBM WebSphere Application Server extends the capabilities provided in V8.5.5 through significant enhancements to the Liberty profile. WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile is a highly composable, fast-to-start, and ultra-lightweight profile of the application server that is optimized for developer productivity and highly scalable web application production deployments.

WebSphere Application Server supports a wide range of cloud deployment environments with many options delivering license mobility between public cloud implementations and on-premises implementations. Deployment options include:

  • IBM SoftLayer, providing infrastructure as a service for off- premise private and public cloud deployment instances.

  • Amazon EC2 bring your own software and license options.

  • IBM PureApplication System, as a pattern of expertise providing automated deployment, configuration, and integration in a matter of minutes for on-premise.

  • Cloud Foundry and Pivotal through the open source WebSphere Liberty buildpack for enabling rapid application development well suited to the cloud.

  • Currently in beta:

    • IBM PureApplication System running within the IBM SoftLayer cloud.

    • IBM BlueMix, which is now available in beta, for enabling developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks. WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile provides the Java runtime solution within BlueMix.

The availability of WebSphere Liberty server is based on a single, common, and stable code base, that is deployed across multiple environments:

  • Allows IT organizations to leverage existing skills for building lightweight, as well as, robust solutions for enterprises

  • Provides enterprise customers with an agile and efficient development, deployment, and continuous operation platform for workloads that involve systems of engagement and systems of records applications

To improve the speed of incorporating additional features and functions in the development tools and production environments, WebSphere Liberty repository now offers:

  • IBM WebSphere Liberty Administrative Center for management of WebSphere Application Server Liberty servers and their environments

  • IBM WebSphere Liberty Connector Architecture to leverage enterprise information systems

  • Ability to search for, install, publish, and consume features from the WebSphere Liberty Repository

  • Additional contributions from open source and third-party ecosystems

WebSphere Application Server also delivers enhancements to Version 8.5.5 of the full-profile application server. Key capabilities include:

  • WebSphere caching enhancements that leverage scalable automation and ease of integration with WebSphere Application Server editions. This provides consistent response times, high availability of data, and linear scalability for enterprise-wide data grids that leverage WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 extends the capabilities provided in version 8.5, including significant enhancements to the Liberty profile, a highly composable, fast to start, and ultra lightweight profile of the application server that is optimized for developer productivity and web application deployment.

Enhancements to the Liberty profile are as follows:

  • Certification to the Java EE 6 Web Profile, providing the assurance that applications leverage standards-compliant programming models

  • Additional programming models such as web services that enable the expansion of Liberty profile applications beyond web applications

  • Messaging capabilities, including support for Java Message Service (JMS) and message-driven beans, and a single server message provider

  • Ability to add Liberty features through a system programming interface, enabling the customization of Liberty profile capabilities to meet your business needs through insertion of custom Liberty features

  • Liberty support for the NoSQL database MongoDB, a scalable, well- performing, and easy-to-use document-style NoSQL database

  • Enhancement to security support, such as federated repositories, custom user registry, and encryption of passwords in server configurations, which improves security for Liberty application deployments

  • High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) for Liberty servers, which enables better administration and serviceability

  • Liberty administration features

  • Clustering of server instances

  • Distributed caching with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

  • Ability to install the entitled WebSphere Application Server edition on developer machines for development and unit testing purposes

  • Support for WebSphere Web Cache (DynaCache)

  • WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 tooling bundles updated with Rational Application Developer (RAD) V9 and the WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools (WDT) V8.5.5

WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5 also introduces a Liberty profile-only solution. The WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core edition is built to leverage the lightweight and dynamic aspects of the Liberty profile. Scoped to the capabilities of Web Profile applications, the latest edition is ideal for lightweight production servers.

IBM WebSphere Application Server is the leading open standards- based application foundation, offering accelerated delivery of innovative applications and unmatched operational efficiency, reliability, administration, security, and control.

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