IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern V1.0.0

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IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern V1.0 is a virtual application pattern used to deploy and manage mixed language applications within a cloud environment using either the IBM Workload Deployer, or on the IBM PureApplication System. Using this pattern, in conjunction with the IBM Web Application Pattern V2.0, enables cloud application writers to efficiently create modern cloud-ready mixed language applications using existing application components written in COBOL, C, and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE).

Existing, time-tested enterprise application assets can therefore be used to create modern applications for the cloud. By utilizing readily available Java skills to extend existing applications into JEE, it is possible to deliver the functionality to meet new business needs faster than rewriting the entire application. This pattern provides a quick, easy, and repeatable deployment of middleware and other components associated with composite, mixed language, transactional applications.

IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern, along with the IBM Web Application Pattern, automatically provisions various application components and connections to persistence resources to meet the quality of service levels specified for the application. This consistent and repeatable cloud-deployed environment significantly reduces the time required to deploy applications into production and, by automating previously manual steps, lowers the risk of errors in the deployment process.

IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern V1.0 consists of two key parts:

  • Language Runtime capability
  • Transactional Extensions capability

The Language Runtime capability comes pre-entitled with the IBM PureApplication System W1700 and provides an execution runtime environment based on IBM WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime V2.1 for hosting COBOL and C applications.

The Transactional Extensions capability provides additional capability to host COBOL and C-based business transactions utilizing the IBM CICS APIs. This part also supports migration assist tooling to host applications that have Oracle Tuxedo ATMI API. The Transactional Extensions capability is available separately as a purchasable part. If that functionality is required, the appropriate license must be purchased before use.
Program Number

  • IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern V1.0.0 (5725-K59)

IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern V1.0:

  • Extends the capability of WebSphere eXtended Transaction Runtime for usage within the context of IBM PureApplication Systems and IBM Workload Deployer.

  • Enables extension and reuse of existing time-tested application components written in COBOL and C within a modern JEE-centric framework that is cloud-ready.

  • Facilitates dynamic scaling of mixed language applications in a cloud environment.

  • Allows readily available Java skills to be used to extend existing COBOL and C enterprise application.

  • Reduces the investment required to create modern, cloud-ready, mixed language applications by simplifying the management of integration, provisioning, and scaling complexity.

  • Enables deployment and management of Oracle Tuxedo and IBM CICS applications for delivery through a cloud environment.

  • Provides fully automated management of mixed language application as a single unit.

  • Provides a significant reduction in time taken to deploy and test mixed language applications in a cloud environment.

  • Provides a virtual application pattern compatible with IBM PureApplication System and IBM Workload Deployer, including IBM SmartCloud offerings.
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5725-K5901.00.00 2013-02-052013-02-28 2014-08-062015-04-30
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