IBM Analytic Answers V1.1.0

Product ID: 5725-I56
Status: Discontinued from Service

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IBM Analytic Answers V1.1 removes barriers that hinder the adoption of analytics and helps minimize time to value. It leverages deep analytics expertise on a leading analytics platform to create a solution tailored to your business and uses your data.

Typical barriers to analytics adoption include the high cost of software licensing and hosting infrastructure, heavy reliance on external experts, and long implementation times. With an IBM Analytic Answers V1.1 subscription, the user can help insulate against these challenges, needing only to upload data to a simple web-based user interface and then download the results. Subscribers can get up and running quickly and enjoy faster time to value. There is no need to be a statistician, learn analytics software, or undergo any disruptive technology infrastructure implementations.

IBM Analytic Answers V1.1 offers improved error handling and design changes for an enhanced user experience and accessibility. Included are additional offerings designed for business users in telecommunications and organizations that rely on donor contributions, such as charities, universities, and other not-for- profit entities.
Program Number

  • IBM Analytic Answers V1.1.0 (5725-I56)

Analytic Answers includes the following features and benefits:

  • Delivers high-value, actionable predictive and prescriptive information directly to the business; no need to be a statistician or learn modeling software

  • Leverages IBM's deep analytics expertise but tailored for your business, using your data

  • Built and hosted on IBM's leading analytic platform for unsurpassed scalability, analytic power, and performance

  • Purchase only the answers you need; software licensing costs no longer need be a barrier to analytics adoption

  • Can help produce fast time to value as a result of efficient delivery using assets that encapsulate IBM experience and intellectual property (IP)

  • Users upload data and download results via a simple web-based user interface; no analytics expertise necessary
IBM Product Life Cycle:

Program NumberVRMAnnounced AvailableMarketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-I5601.01.00 2013-07-092013-07-09 -2014-04-09
5725-I5601.00.00 2012-12-112012-12-11 -2014-04-09
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Short Title: IBM Analytic Answers V1.1.0
Offering Type: Software
Offering Subtype: Program Product
Content Revision Date: 20150212
Document Identifier: 000000343966
Brand Codes: BFA00 BFA40 BX200
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United States

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