IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.6

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IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.6

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.6 provides video analytics with improved accuracy and precision for physical security, public safety, infrastructure awareness, and management.

Intelligent Video Analytics V1.6 enhancements

  • Ability to support additional Video Management Systems including Genetec Security Center V5.2

  • Enhanced ability to send face capture images to IBM i2 or other solutions that incorporate facial recognition

  • Security enhancements to help improve protection of sensitive information and enable more effective management of user access

Enhanced analytics alert configuration and calibration automation functions

  • Higher precision analytics achieved faster with less effort
  • More resilient to environment variations

Usability and globalization improvements

  • Updates to the Administrator User Interface (UI) provide improved usability, flexibility, and ease of customization as well as improved consistency with the Intelligent Video Analytics V1.5 Operator UI enhancements.

  • Multicultural support added to the Administrator UI enables a fully translated user interface experience in 13 additional languages and is consistent with Intelligent Video Analytics V1.5 Operator UI globalization.

  • Intelligent Video Analytics documentation is now available in the IBM Knowledge Center at

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.5

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.5 combines Smart Vision Suite Video Analytics V4.0 with the IBM Intelligent Operations Center V1.5 infrastructure components IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, IBM DB2 Enterprise Server Edition, and IBM WebSphere MQ.

Intelligent Video Analytics V1.5 enhancements:

  • A rewrite of the operator User Interface (UI) to provide enhanced usability, flexibility, and customizability.

  • Multicultural support of the operator UI.

  • Able to have full operator localization. Administrator UI labels and the interface are in English and data such as camera name, view name, and alert name can also be entered in the local language.

  • Updates to administrator UI in support of enhanced features and functions.

  • Ability to send face capture images to IBM i2 Analyst Premium, or other solutions that incorporate facial recognition.

  • Significant improvements to people search capabilities. Operator now has single attribute search or combined attribute search capability on a person's features, such as baldness, hair color, skin tone and texture, and up to three colors search on torso area with 13-color palette.

  • Able to support both English and metric units.

  • Analytic definitions to support ease of deployment and ability to customize information. These definitions can be reused by customers to facilitate deployment.

  • Ability to federate Intelligent Video Analytics instances in order to enable real-time alerting and forensic searching across instances.

  • Ability to register new content types

  • National language versions available in:
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Dutch
    • Turkish

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.0 helps increase the efficiency of your physical security and public safety staff in two ways:

  • Alerting operators in real time based on predefined events, such as a person entering a restricted area

  • Allowing operators to search previous activity for specific events, such as finding all yellow cars that drove by the building yesterday

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics examines each frame of video, extracts information about events in that video, and stores it in a database for future reference. This approach allows for real-time alerts as well as rapid searching of literally hundreds of millions of past events. In addition, it is able to incorporate data from other sources.

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics supports analysis of:

  • All vehicles as they pass a field of view
  • People or vehicles on the side of road for specified period of time
  • Object abandonment
  • Entry onto exit and entrance ramps
  • Congestion detection
  • Object removal
  • License plate recognition (via third-party integration)
  • Size of vehicles for areas where there are size limitations (underpass height, lane width)
  • People or other hazards in the roadway
  • People or vehicles within unauthorized or restricted areas

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics supports extensive indexing and search:

  • Attribute-based search (size, color, speed)
  • Date and time ranges
  • By location in field of view
  • License plate search (partial or full)
  • With use of multiple cameras
  • Tracking of objects in view

Information from IBM Intelligent Video Analytics, combined with IBM Intelligent Operations Center and its large application store, allows the identification of real-time and predictive patterns. For law enforcement scenarios, IBM Intelligent Video Analytics can help provide identification of criminal activity and other security events through facial recognition capabilities that help law enforcement officials define and capture events as well as generate leads for further investigation.
Program Number

  • IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.6 (5725-H94)

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V1.5 provides:

  • Extensive forensic search enhancements to support market leading people search capabilities.

  • Capabilities for event detection and searching based on actual measurements such as object length, height, size, and speed.

  • Enhanced detecting and searching objects of interests with multiple colors (bigger selection and better colors).

  • Improved detection rate and reduced false positive rate for abandoned packages (and other alert detection) in typical city and mass transportation environments.

  • Consistent seasonal analytics accuracy performance.

  • Support for globalization and localization.
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