IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V2.0.0

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Intelligent Video Analytics has been helping agencies and organizations worldwide analyze video captured by fixed cameras, such as those used for physical security, closed-circuit television (CCTV), and monitoring traffic, to extract key information from streaming video to uncover insights and patterns within untold hours of camera footage.

The Intelligent Video Analytics base installation includes these functions for live streaming, fixed cameras:

  • Real time alerts to call attention to events
  • Rich content-based indexing to find critical images and patterns
  • Standards-based open and extensible architecture.

Optional capabilities extend the solution to include:

  • Ingestion of pre-recorded videos from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion. With ingested video files, analysts can extract critical information and find relevant images faster, which may help accelerate investigations.
  • Automated, intelligent redaction.
  • Advanced facial recognition, which may improve lead generation and risk assessment. Matching faces on video to an agency's or organization's watch list may help them identify persons of interest and speed investigation.
  • Advanced people search capabilities based on cognitive analytics that may provide more accurate results

Moreover, Intelligent Video Analytics employs a continuous delivery and support model that enables organizations to obtain more rapid access to functional enhancements and fixes.
Program Number

  • IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V2.0.0 (5725-H94)

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V2.0 offers both traditional and optional cognitive analytics to help users analyze, catalog, and index video captured from both fixed cameras and cameras in motion. Finding the relevant images within the camera footage may help public safety agencies and security organizations uncover insights and patterns to help them disrupt threats and aid investigations.

Intelligent Video Analytics includes comprehensive security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities for live-streaming fixed cameras.

  • Real-time alerts to call attention to events
  • Rich content-based indexing and search
  • A standards-based open and extensible architecture

Cognitive analytic options extend its capabilities.

  • The ability to ingest video from cameras in motion and fixed cameras
  • Automated redaction, which may assist users in addressing their compliance and privacy requirements
  • Facial recognition and advanced people search functions based on cognitive analytics

These capabilities offer far more accurate and adaptive techniques to address various analytic needs when compared to traditional algorithm-based approaches.

IBM Product Life Cycle:

Program NumberVRMAnnounced AvailableMarketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-H9402.00.00 2016-12-132016-12-15 --
5725-H9401.06.00 2014-09-232014-09-29 --
5725-H9401.05.00 2013-11-052013-11-07 -2018-04-30
5725-H9401.00.00 2013-02-052013-02-07 -2015-04-30
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Short Title: IBM Intelligent Video Analytics V2.0.0
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