IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V9.2

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IBM Endpoint Manager V9.2, built on BigFix technology, delivers endpoint lifecycle and security management using a unified, lightweight, extensible infrastructure. This solution enables organizations to proactively manage their servers, desktops, and laptops. Endpoint Manager provides a clear path for improving control and compliance with clear, accurate reporting, and easy integration with systems such as ticketing and change management databases.

Endpoint Manager provides the modern IT enterprise with a solution capable of securely managing local and remote users regardless of network connectivity. All devices under management receive continuous updates to ensure that corporate policies and regulatory compliance goals are achieved without the common problem of compliance drift seen in competing products. This dynamic, content-driven messaging and management system allows for quick delivery and adoption of new product capabilities, such as IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation that can help enable organizations to tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Endpoint Manager unified management platform includes multiple capabilities grouped by the following product areas:

  • Lifecycle management (asset discovery and inventory, software distribution, patch management, operating system deployment, remote control)

  • Security and compliance (security configuration management, vulnerability management, patch management, anti-virus and anti- malware client management, network self-quarantine)

  • Data center management (lifecycle, security compliance, and server automation)

  • Patch management

  • Power management

  • Core protection and data protection

  • Software Use Analysis

Program Number
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management V9.2 (5725-C43)
  • IEM Starter Kit for Lifecycle Management V9.2 (5725-C43)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance V9.2 (5725-C44)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management V9.2 (5725-C45)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Power Management V9.2 (5725-C46)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis V9.2 (5725-F57)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection V9.2 (5725-D25)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V9.2 (5725-H27)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices V9.1 (5725-F99)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Datacenters V9.1 (5725-Q67)
  • IBM License Metric Tool V9.0 (5724-T40)

IBM Endpoint Manager V9.2 delivers a unified platform for system's lifecycle and security management of enterprise devices including data center servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

Key features:

  • Enhanced role-based controls in the IBM Endpoint Manager Console that allows administrators a greater ability to restrict an operator's access to executing actions, restarting endpoints, and sending refresh messages.

  • The Operating System Deployment module now supports bare metal imaging on Linux platforms in addition to the existing bare metal support on Microsoft Windows platforms.

  • The self-service portal in the Software Distribution module can now be installed on UNIX servers.

  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation provides cluster patching support for Microsoft operating systems, accelerated patching in automation plans through parallel execution on multiple servers and new capabilities to install, configure and manage SQL Server and Oracle databases.

  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance product now provides Center for Internet Security checklists for middleware applications.
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5725-H2709.02.00 2014-10-142014-10-17 --
5725-H2709.01.00 2014-03-112014-03-14 --
5725-H2709.00.00 2013-03-052013-03-08 --
5725-H2708.02.00 2012-11-202012-11-21 --
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