IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V9.2

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Status: Available

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IBM Endpoint Manager portfolio, renamed to IBM BigFix, is a globally trusted brand, that optimizes computer security and canFind, Fix and Secure computer systems Fast. BigFix products leverage a single infrastructure, single agent, and console, enabling continuous monitoring, threat protection, and incident response across servers, laptops, and desktops regardless of their location. A dynamic, content-driven messaging and management system, this innovative technology distributes the work of managing IT infrastructures out to the managed devices themselves, providing for unparalleled scalability and flexibility. The single, multipurpose agent controls multiple services regardless of where the endpoint is, optimizing configuration control and minimizing security risks.

Below is a listing of the name changes.

Old program name                                   New program name
-------------------------------------------------  --------------------
IBM Endpoint Manager Platform                      IBM BigFix Platform
IBM Endpoint Manager for Patch Management          IBM BigFix Patch
IBM Endpoint Manager for Lifecycle Management      IBM BigFix Lifecycle
IBM Endpoint Manager Starter Kit for               IBM BigFix Starter Kit
for Lifecycle Management                           for Lifecycle
IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance   IBM BigFix Compliance
IBM Endpoint Manager for Core Protection           IBM BigFix Protection
IBM Endpoint Manger for Core Protection Data       IBM BigFix Protection
Loss Prevention Add-on                             DLP Add-on
IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis     IBM BigFix Inventory

Program product media packs, electronic download images, publications, and license information will reference the old program names.

Note: Completion of renaming will occur with future announcements of product releases and versions.

Trade-up options

Two Managed Virtual Server license options that support trade-up scenarios from the BigFix Starter Kit to the full BigFix Lifecycle offering are available. The Managed Virtual Server price metric simplifies pricing and is based on the number of server operating systems that a business needs to manage. This broader solution adds a number of key features beyond the BigFix Starter Kit for Lifecycle, including operating system deployment, for re-imaging either to repair a computer or to deploy an operating system deployment on new machines (bare metal deployment). In addition, BigFix Lifecycle supports remote control capabilities to decrease on-site servicing costs, as well as advanced patch management which reduces security exposures on mission critical servers.
Program Number

  • IBM BigFix Lifecycle V9.2 (5725-C43)
  • IBM BigFix Compliance V9.2 (5725-C44)
  • IBM BigFix Patch V9.2 (5725-C45)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Power Management V9.2 (5725-C46)
  • IBM BigFix Inventory V9.2 (5725-F57)
  • IBM BigFix Protection V9.2 (5725-D25)
  • IBM BigFix Protection DLP Add-on (5725-D25)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Server Automation V9.2 (5725-H27)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices V9.1 (5725-F99)
  • IBM Endpoint Manager for Datacenters V9.1 (5725-Q67)
  • IBM License Metric Tool V9.0 (5724-T40)

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IBM Product Life Cycle:

Program NumberVRMAnnounced AvailableMarketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-H2709.02.00 2014-10-142014-10-17 --
5725-H2709.01.00 2014-03-112014-03-14 --
5725-H2709.00.00 2013-03-052013-03-08 --
5725-H2708.02.00 2012-11-202012-11-21 --
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