IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern V6.1

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Effective June 3, 2014 PID 5725-I43 IBM Worklight V6.2 is renamed IBM Worklight Foundation V6.2.

IBM Worklight Foundation V6.3.0

The IBM MobileFirst portfolio empowered clients to grow and transform their businesses. The IBM MobileFirst portfolio, which includes IBM Worklight Foundation V6.3, can help clients improve the quality and security of their mobile applications.

Worklight Foundation V6.3 is a a component of the Worklight platform, a core product within the MobileFirst portfolio. It offers organizations a broad set of integrated capabilities to help clients develop, test, integrate, and manage rich mobile applications and services creation.

Worklight Foundation V6.3 helps clients:

  • Accelerate native, web, and hybrid mobile development.
  • Engage users with enterprise systems and services.
  • Facilitate application security and trustworthiness.
  • Provide a wide range of tools for mobile IT operation management.

IBM Worklight Foundation V6.2.0

Worklight Foundation V6.2 known currently as Worklight V6.2, will will continue to deliver mobile-optimized, standards-based middleware and tools for enterprise-grade mobile application and services creation. It will enable you to:

  • Accelerate native, web, and hybrid mobile development
  • Drive deeper user engagement
  • Simplify mobile IT operations
  • Enhance application security
  • Integrate with existing enterprise systems of record

Current IBM Worklight customers under active maintenance will continue to receive subscription and support under their current entitlement. Upon renewal, invoices will reflect equal entitlement under Worklight Foundation.

IBM Worklight Foundation (5725-I43), IBM Worklight Quality Assurance (5725-R25), and IBM Worklight Application Scanning (5725-P81) are delivered as components of an integrated IBMMobileFirst platform

IBM Worklight is an element of the MobileFirst portfolio. Worklight goes beyond accelerating mobile application user interface (UI) creation to deliver mobile optimized, standards-based, middleware and tools for enterprise-grade mobile applications and services creation. MobileFirst offers true, end-to-end mobile solutions that help you embrace mobile as essential to the future of business growth and innovation. It represents the full portfolio of IBM mobile enterprise offerings and services, enabling you to take advantage of in-depth IBM industry expertise in mobile, analytics, cloud, social, and security technologies. MobileFirst can help you transform your business model, capture new markets, efficiently extend your businesses to mobile employees, customers, and partners while maintaining the integrity and security of your assets.

Worklight can be integrated with complementary application development lifecycle, DevOps, security, management, and analytics capabilities to help you address the unique mobile needs of your business.
Program Number

  • IBM Worklight Foundation V6.3.0 (5725-I43)
  • IBM Mobile Application Platform Pattern V6.1 (5725-G24)
  • IBM Mobile Foundation, Enterprise Edition V6.0 (5725-I41)
  • IBM Mobile Foundation, Consumer Edition V6.0 (5725-I42)

IBM Worklight Foundation V6.3.0

Worklight Foundation V6.3 is an open standards-based, mobile application platform, which enables accelerated delivery of innovative mobile solutions. As an essential element of the IBM MobileFirst portfolio, Worklight delivers the following functions:

  • Enables building rich, cross-platform applications that use standard technology, and connect mobile applications to a variety of enterprise back-end systems and cloud services.

  • Provides the essential elements that are needed for mobile application development, testing, deployment, and management.

  • Delivers an open, comprehensive, and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets that offers the following:

    • Mobile application development, testing, and delivery

    • Complete, end-to-end mobile users and applications management that include denied access, application updates push and version control

    • Advanced, mobile-optimized connectivity to back-end systems and cloud-based services
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5725-G2405.00.06 2013-02-192013-03-15 --
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