IBM Analytical Decision Management V8.0.0

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Status: Discontinued from Service

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IBM Analytical Decision Management (SaaS) V8.0 applies predictive analytics to everyday business processes, providing front-line employees and systems with recommended actions where and when they are needed, whether on the phone with a customer, deciding the best routing for a claim, or allocating bandwidth through a utility. Built on the same foundational technology as the on-premise version, IBM Analytical Decision Management (SaaS) combines predictive models, simple rules, and scoring to automate, manage, and optimize high- volume decisions. Available as a monthly subscription, Analytical Decision Management (SaaS) allows large enterprises, individual departments, or small businesses to leverage predictive analytics to address their specific business problems and improve outcomes.

IBM Analytical Decision Management (SaaS) V8.0 features include:

  • Business scenario analysis, allowing you to visualize and fine tune the combined impact of rules, models, and optimization on the bottom line.

  • Packaged applications for predictive maintenance and demand optimization.

  • Modeling improvements, including increased control over the algorithms and metrics used, training and test partitions, and an interactive tree model viewer.

  • Greater control over scoring results, improved tables, other usability enhancements, and more.

Getting started with IBM Analytical Decision Management (SaaS) V8.0 can be accelerated with IBM SPSS Jump Start Consulting service, which offers up to six weeks of remotely delivered expert technical services to get started and realize results.
Program Number

  • IBM Analytical Decision Management V8.0.0 (5725-F87)

IBM Analytical Decision Management (SaaS) V8.0 provides:

  • Hosted delivery with no software installation required and no on- premise hardware to set up or maintain

  • Monthly subscription which includes server software, installation, and infrastructure, and hosting and management, with no limit to the number of users

  • Simplified tiered pricing which is based only on storage requirements

  • Prebuilt decision management applications for a number of industries, including customer interaction, claims management, and others.

The benefits of IBM SPSS Jump Start Consulting service:

  • Assistance with the implementation of data, model building, and rules in the decision management framework

  • Delivered remotely by IBM experts
IBM Product Life Cycle:

Program NumberVRMAnnounced AvailableMarketing Withdrawn Service Discontinued
5725-F8708.00.00 2013-12-102013-12-10 2015-03-112015-03-11
5725-F8707.00.00 2012-06-122012-06-12 2015-03-112015-03-11
5725-F8706.02.00 2011-12-132011-12-13 2015-03-112015-03-11
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Short Title: IBM Analytical Decision Management V8.0.0
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