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Through the fusion of customer profiles, web analytics, and marketing execution, the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite empowers marketers to turn site visitors into repeat customers and loyal advocates by orchestrating a compelling experience throughout each customer's digital life cycle.

Customer profiles

Central to the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite is the IBM Coremetrics Lifetime Individual Visitor Experience (LIVE) Profile. LIVE Profiles capture all of the digital interactions of customers and prospects as they interact with your business online, across multiple ad networks, or via email, video, affiliate sites, social media, and more. It then integrates this data with offline information, providing a single comprehensive view of each visitor's behavior over time and across channels. This historical data is automatically incorporated across the entire suite, as well as into every Coremetrics application. As the LIVE Profile of each visitor grows, the insights become stronger, enabling you to continually refine your marketing efforts.

Web analytics

The web analytic capabilities of the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite set themselves apart by providing marketers with not just data, but with insights for increasing return on investment (ROI). Marketers gain a competitive edge because they benefit from state-of-the art analytics, comparative benchmarks about industry peers, and advice on how the best performers are actually achieving success.

Digital marketing execution

With the need to respond quickly and effectively to capture and retain the attention of customers, marketers need the tools that allow them to easily execute and automate marketing efforts - not just at scale, but also at a one-to-one level to provide relevant content and offerings. The digital marketing execution component of the IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite seamlessly integrates the data and insights garnered from customer profiles and web analytics into applications to easily execute display advertising, search campaigns, email, and personalized recommendations through online, social and mobile channels.

The IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite consists of following offerings:

  • IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics
  • IBM Coremetrics Impression Attribution
  • IBM Coremetrics Lifecycle
  • IBM Coremetrics Social Analytics
  • IBM Coremetrics Multichannel Analytics
  • IBM Coremetrics AdTarget
  • IBM Coremetrics Intelligent Offer
  • IBM Coremetrics LIVEmail
  • IBM Coremetrics Search Marketing

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  • IBM Digital Analytics V1.0.0 (5725-E35)

Marketers are racing to harness the unprecedented explosion of technology, transparency, channels, and social interactions that their customers are adopting. The IBM Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite enables marketers to capitalize on this opportunity.

To achieve this, Coremetrics captures the activity of customers and prospects as they interact with a business' online presence providing marketers with a comprehensive view into how consumers are interacting with their brands online over time and across channels. This unique insight is used to automate real-time personalized recommendations, email targeting, display ad targeting across leading ad networks, and search engine bid management, all delivered to customers through any digital vehicle including social, mobile, and web.

Through a simple integration with other systems of record such as IBM Unica Campaign, advertising, and demographics, Coremetrics enables marketers to further enhance not only their online marketing channels, but offline channels as well.

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