Price change(s): Toshiba TCxWave Celeron models and SCS Bill Note Recycler

Announcement Letter Number 314-004

January 21, 2014


Today, Toshiba® announces decreases in purchase prices on Toshiba TCxWave Celeron models and SCS Bill Note Recycler.

The new, lower purchase prices are effective January 21, 2014.


The old and new prices follow and are valid in the United States and Puerto Rico only:

Machine   Model            Purchase Price
type      number         Old            New
6140      100          $ 3095         $ 2895
6140      10D            2963           2763
6140      E10            3638           3438
6140      E1D            3506           3306
Machine   Feature          Purchase Price
type      number         Old            New
4888      0101        $ 12999         $ 5805

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