IBM Essential, Enhanced, and Elite server promotion

Announcement Letter Number 313-002

January 2, 2013

Value proposition

Matching workload demands to server capabilities can cut expenditure and boost performance. Accomplish this easily with IBM® Essential, Enhanced, and Elite servers.

The offer

For a limited time only, if you acquire a selected eligible new IBM Essential, Enhanced, and Elite server, you can receive up to $4,000 off the regular published IBM Web price, depending on the server you acquire.

For a list of eligible products and price-off amounts, refer to the Qualifying/Eligible products section.

Start and/or end dates

Orders must be received by IBM on or after January 2, 2013, but no later than March 31, 2013, by calling 866-883-8901 and referencing priority code 904EA61W: Essential, Enhanced, and Elite server promotion.

Where is it available?

This promotion is available only in the United States and its territories.

Qualifying/Eligible products

Eligible products

                            Machine Feature  Price-off
Description                 type    number   amount

System x3100 M4 Essential   2582    A1R6     $   90
System x3100 M4 Enhanced    2582    A1R7        100
System x3100 M4 Elite       2582    A1R8        125
System x3550 M4 Enhanced    7914    A2WL        450
System x3550 M4 Elite       7914    A2WM        800
System x3850 X5 Enhanced    7143    A27H      2,400
System x3850 X5 Elite       7143    A27J      4,000

Additional information/conditions

IBM reserves the right to audit any transaction in order to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of this promotion.

Shipping and handling are extra.

IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this promotion at any time.

This promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of any applicable Agreements.

IBM Global Financing

Financing may be available. Refer to the following IBM Global Financing Web site at:

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Can this offer be combined?

This promotion cannot be combined with any other IBM discounts, rebates, or allowances on the eligible products.


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