Updated effective date for Revised terms and order process: IBM Machine Code License Acceptance Agreement

IBM United States Hardware Announcement 113-139
July 16, 2013

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Today we are announcing a change to the effective date originally announced for Revised terms and order process for IBM® Machine Code License Acceptance Agreement, contained in Hardware Announcement 113-027, dated February 19, 2013 .

The effective date has been moved from August 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014.

Starting April 1, 2014, IBM will require that customers sign an agreement to document their acceptance of the Machine Code (including Licensed Internal Code) license terms for orders of certain IBM Machines. To support this requirement, IBM has made available the new " IBM Agreement for Acceptance of the IBM License Agreement for Machine Code" and the " IBM Customer Agreement, Attachment for Acceptance of the IBM License Agreement for Machine Code" (either is also referred to as the "License Acceptance Agreement"). Execution of the License Acceptance Agreement by the Machine user and IBM will constitute the user's acceptance of the IBM License Agreement for Machine Code (also referred to as the "License Agreement") for all IBM Machines on a going-forward basis, regardless of how or from whom the IBM Machine is acquired.

On April 2, 2012, IBM updated the terms of the License Agreement. The License Agreement governs use of Machine Code (including Licensed Internal Code). The updated License Agreement applies for all IBM Machines and MES orders which shipped starting April 2, 2012. Most updates to the License Agreement were made to clarify the terms regarding use of Machine Code. The updated license terms now clarify that while a Machine and its Machine Code may be transferred (only IBM can grant the subsequent user of the Machine a license to Machine Code), IBM will now require that a new user document its acceptance of the License Agreement in writing for certain IBM Machines for such user to have a valid license to the Machine Code.

As a result, when a Machine is acquired, either directly from IBM , through an IBM Business Partner, or as a used machine on the open market, the new user of the Machine will obtain, directly from IBM , a license for use of Machine Code on the Machine provided that such user accepts the License Agreement. For many IBM Machines, the user conveys its acceptance of the license simply through the use of the Machine ( IBM designates such IBM Machines as "Acceptance-By-Use Machines"); for all other IBM Machines, after April 1, 2014 (as specified below), the new user must document its acceptance (in writing with IBM ) of the terms of the License Agreement. (Prior to April 1, 2014 all Machines are designated Acceptance-By-Use Machines.)

The list of Machines requiring acceptance of the License Agreement by means of written documentation is as follows:

IBM System z® : 2097, 2098, 2458, 2817, 2818, and 2827
IBM Power Systems™ : 9109, 9117, 9119, and 9179
IBM Storage Systems: 2421, 2422, 2423, 2424, 3592, 3952, 3956, and 3957

Starting April 1, 2014, the License Acceptance Agreement must be executed and returned to IBM before IBM will ship any Machine requiring express written acceptance of the License Agreement's terms.

The latest IBM License Agreement for Machine Code is available for review:

IBM specifies, through this website, which Machines are Acceptance by Use Machines and which require signature of the License Acceptance Agreement:

The License Acceptance Agreement is available for review and signature today, and will be required for certain Machine orders effective April 1, 2014.

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IBM has made the License Acceptance Agreement available for customer signature. Orders for Machines requiring signed acceptance will require signature of the License Acceptance Agreement starting April 1, 2014.

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