IBM USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor

IBM United States Hardware Announcement 109-097
February 17, 2009

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IBM® USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor™ is now available on a USB drive. The compact, hardware-embedded architecture of the hypervisor raises the bar for security and reliability and lays the foundation for a dynamic, automated data center. IBM USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor helps you:

  • Reduce server deployment time with built-in virtualization right out of the box
  • Achieve infrastructure reliability while reducing security exposure
  • Simplify management with a compact, OS-independent hypervisor
  • Build a complete virtual infrastructure on a robust platform

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IBM USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor is now available on a USB drive.

Building on the legacy of VMware's ESX Server, a stable, and mature hypervisor, the IBM USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor is the culmination of several years of research into hypervisor design. This option offers the same great performance and scalability in a compact, 32 MB package.

For a complete description of the features and capabilities of VMware ESX Server, refer to IBM Software Announcement number 208-071, dated March 25, 2008 or visit

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Must be ordered with System x® and BladeCenter® hardware.

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March 9, 2009

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New option delivers IBM USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor on a USB drive.

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Refer to Software Announcement 208-071, dated March 25, 2008.

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IBM USB Memory Key for VMware Hypervisor              41Y8268

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One year. Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU), limited warranty.

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For current prices, contact IBM at 888-Shop-IBM (746-7426) or visit
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 IBM USB Memory Key for              41Y8268 
 VMware Hypervisor

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