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IBM Announcement Letter No. ZG01-0365 dated May 29, 2001.

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  • IBM Announcement Letter No. ZG01-0365 dated May 29, 2001.

    See final section for details of availability and limitations, if applicable.


    Euro-Ready Till for IBM Retail POS Systems


    The Euro Till (FC 4866) enables you to meet the demands of the new Euro currency while utilizing your current cash drawer. In January of 2002 the Euro currency will be introduced into the 12 countries in the European Monetary Union. IBM's new Euro Till for the wide cash drawer is designed to accomodate the seven new denominations of notes and eight denominations of coins, with the flexibility to vary the note and coin space. It will come standard with 7 vertical note compartments and 7 coin compartments, as well as preserving space under the till for high value notes. There is an expansion compartment in the till to give you flexibility. Now you can add 1 or 2 Expansion Compartment Coin Trays (FC 0300) (that adds two coin compartments per tray). It is also possible to add 1 or 2 additional note compartments by ordering the Expansion Compartment Note Clip (FC 0301) and the Note Compartment Dividers (FC 0302).


    • Upgrade your current Full Size cash drawer with the Wide Euro Till Insert
    • Meets Euro Till Requirements by providing additional currency compartments
    • Adjustable dividers give you flexibility
    • Expansion compartment gives you ability to optimize till for your needs
    • Add additional coin trays or note compartments or a combination of the two (maximum combination of two).

    Configuring the Euro-Ready Till 

    The Euro-Ready Till is designed with three configurable areas:

    • The note compartment, with notes stored vertically, between adjustable plastic separators.
    • The coin compartment along the front, with adjustable plastic dividers.
    • A flexible Expansion compartment which can be configured to hold coins and notes or vouchers or cheques using accessories which are ordered separately under the accessory ordering machine type/model, 4611-ACC.

    The Euro-Ready Till is shipped with:

    • Six vertical note separators for the vertical note compartment, accomodating up to seven denominations of note. One or two additional note compartments can be added in the expansion compartment. High value notes can also be stored under the Till.
    • Four coin compartment separators, which allow up to seven coin compartments across the front of the till.

    The till can be ordered with the POS terminal, or in bulk as an accessory under 4611-ACC.

    The following are available as accessories, ordered under 4611-ACC. Each accessory feature code delivers a quantity of 40 parts as described below:

    • Euro Till Coin Trays (feature 0300): These trays slot securely into the Expansion Compartment of the Euro-Ready Till and provide two coin compartments in each tray. One or two trays can be added to the base till to provide up to 11 coin compartments in total (7 in the base plus 2 or 4). 40 trays are shipped with each feature ordered.

    • Euro Till Note Clips (feature 0301): These note clips retain notes, vouchers, cheques, stored horizontally, and slot into the Expansion Compartment of the base till, to provide either one or two additional note compartments. 40 clips are shipped with each feature ordered.
      • The Note Clips can be used along with the Coin Tray, as follows:
        • One Note Clip and one Coin Tray - provides one additional note compartment and two additional coin compartments.
        • Two Note Clips, with no coin trays - this also requires the Euro Till Expansion Compartment Divider (feature 0304), to separate the two note compartments.
        • Two Coin Trays with no Note Clips - provides 4 additional coin compartments.

    • Euro Till Vertical Note Dividers (feature 0302): Plastic separators for the note compartment to separate the denominations: 42 dividers are shipped with each feature ordered.

    • Euro Till Coin Compartment (feature 0303): Plastic coin compartment separators; 40 separators are shipped with each feature ordered.

    • Euro Till Expansion Compartment Divider (feature 0304): Plastic divider which allows the expansion compartment to be divided into two areas. Required if two note compartments are installed with feature 0301. 40 dividers are shipped with each feature ordered.


    Planned General Availability Date is July 31, 2001.

    Product Positioning

    The Euro-Ready Cash Till will be available to all European Countries so that Countries who do not use the Euro-currency can use the till if preferred.

    Product Number

    Description              Machine   Model        Feature
                              Type     Number       Number
    ----------------------   -------   ------       -------
    Euro-Ready Cash Till      4694     104,106,      4866
    Euro-Ready Cash Till      4610     TI3,TI4,      4866
    Euro-Ready Cash Till      4800     102,142,      4866
    Euro-Ready Cash Till      4840     521,541,      4866
    Euro-Ready Cash Till      4614     A03,AP3,      4866
    Euro-Ready Cash Till      4611     ACC           4866
    Euro Till - Coin Trays    4611     ACC           0300
    Euro Till - Note Clips    4611     ACC           0301
    Euro Till - Note Dividers 4611     ACC           0302
    Euro Till - Coin Dividers 4611     ACC           0303
    Euro Till - Expan Divider 4611     ACC           0304

    Technical Information

    Euro Till Dimensions 

    Width:          393 mm
    Depth:          314 mm
    Height:         72 mm
    Weight:         1211.05 grams


    Consult your IBM Representative.

    Terms and Conditions

    All Terms and Conditions are the same as those which apply to the IBM Point of Sale System to which the Euro Till attached, as follows:

    Machine Type      Machine Name
    ------------      ---------------------------
      4694            4694 Point of Sale System
      4610            4610 SureMark Printers
      4800            4800 SurePOS 700 Series
      4840            4840 SurePOS 500 Series
      4614            4614 Point of Sale System

    Announcement Countries

    All European, Middle Eastern and African Countries.

    The data in this letter is subject to the disclaimer in Letter ZS90-0112, which is available from the same IBM announcement letters database.

    This announcement is provided for your information only. For additional information, please contact your IBM Representative or IBM Business Partner as appropriate.

    ************ End of Document ************

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