Hardware Withdrawal: External USB CD-ROM from SurePOS 500 Machine Types 4851 and 4951'

November 28, 2006
Announcement Letter Number: A06-2208

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Effective December 28,2006, IBM will withdraw from marketing the following products. On or after the effective date of withdrawal, you can no longer order these products directly from IBM. You can obtain the products on an as-available basis through IBM Business Partners.

Product number

Description                          Machine Model      Feature
                                     number  number     number
--------------------------------     ------- --------   -------

External USB CD-ROM                   4851   514,E14,    7699

External USB CD-ROM                   4951   514         7699

NOTE: The following feature is withdrawn from 4611-851 and 4611-951: External USB CD-ROM 7699

Replacement product information


&TM. Trade-mark owned by International Business Machines Corporation and is used under license by IBM Canada Ltd.

&RM. Registered trade-mark of International Business Machines Corporation and is used under license by IBM Canada Ltd.

&TMA. Company, product or service name may be a trade-mark or service mark of others.

Order processing

IBM will accept orders for these products only before the withdrawal date. If you defer the shipment date currently assigned to an existing order for a withdrawn product, IBM may not be able to supply the product. IBM will process existing orders without assigned shipment dates and new orders on an "as available" basis. This means that if supply is available, IBM will assign an estimated shipment date. Otherwise, IBM will advise you, not later than one month after effective date of withdrawal, your order cannot be accepted.

As your option, you may cancel existing orders for withdrawn products before shipment without penalty.

Your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner can provide you with information about available replacement products.

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