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 1. Most recent US Announcements
 2. IBM Rational Publishing Engine V1.3 automates and standardizes document generation
At a glance IBM Rational Publishing Engine V1.3 automates document generation from Rational solutions and third-party applications. It allows you to easily create documents for:Ad-hoc use Formal and informal reviews Contractual obligations Standards ...
 3. IBM FileNet Content Manager V5.2.1 and IBM Content Foundation V5.2.1 improve the user experience, consumability, and integration with other IBM offerings
AT A GLANCE IBM® FileNet® Content Manager V5.2.1 and IBM Content Foundation V5.2.1 deliver new capabilities in the following areas: o Enhanced user experience o Ability to install patch or fix pack without application down time o Multitenancy ...
 4. Software withdrawal: IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench
 5. IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage Software V1.5.1 manages vast repositories of information to meet capacity, performance, and availability requirements
AT A GLANCE IBM® Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) Software V1.5.1 delivers the following enhancements: o Significant performance and security advancements for Unix and Windows™ via NFSv4 and SMB 2.1 o IBM Active Cloud Engine™ ...
 6. IBM InfoSphere System z Connector for Hadoop enables mainframe users to harness the power and cost-efficiencies of Hadoop with IBM z/OS data
AT A GLANCE IBM® InfoSphere® System z® Connector for Hadoop helps customers bring the power of big data analytics to their z/OS® data by efficiently and rapidly delivering z/OS data into a Hadoop environment: o Through high-performance data ...
 7. IBM FlashSystem V840 Software V7.4 improves performance of Real-time Compression and includes license compatibility with SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center
 8. IBM DB2 Query Management Facility for z/OS, V11.1 is now being offered only as a stand-alone product
AT A GLANCE IBM® DB2® Query Management Facility™ (QMF™) for z/OS®, V11.1, is now available as a stand-alone, separately orderable IBM DB2 for z/OS Tool. IBM DB2 QMF for z/OS, V11.1 delivers capabilities for DB2 query, dashboards, reports, and ...
 9. IBM Content Collector for SAP Applications V4.0 adds SAP ILM V3.0 support and improves usability
 10. IBM Case Foundation V5.2.1 delivers reduced complexity
 11. Price change(s): IBM FlashSystem V840 selected models
Today, IBM announces decreases in purchase prices on selected IBM FlashSystem V840 models. The new, lower purchase prices are effective October 28, 2014.
 12. New IBM FlashSystem V840 features deliver expanded connectivity options
AT A GLANCE IBM FlashSystem™ V840 Control Enclosure Model AC1 delivers increased host connectivity options by offering the following features: o 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) o 16 Gb FC o 10 Gb iSCSI o 10 Gb Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) ...
 13. IBM Content Navigator V2.0.3 offers collaborative and mobile content that drives better intelligence and control throughout organizations
 14. Hardware withdrawal: IBM System x select features
 15. Software withdrawal: CrawfordTech Riptide selected part numbers - No replacements available
 16. IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters V1.1.3 expands to new third-party tools and enhances support for downstream DevOps
At a glance IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters V1.1.3 offers new and improved integrations that enhance support for organizations practicing DevOps using a variety of lifecycle tools stemming from multiple vendors. A new adapter for BMC Remedy ...
 17. Software withdrawal and support discontinuance: IBM Leads
 18. IBM Security Network Protection XGS 7100, IBM Security Network Protection Firmware 5.3, and IBM Security SiteProtector System V3.1.1 offer adaptive infrastructure protection from evolving threats and scalable, integrated management
AT A GLANCE IBM® Security Network Protection XGS 7100: o Delivers high throughput network security appliance to help secure data centers and core networks. o Supports up to four network interface modules (NIMs). IBM Security Network ...
 19. Hardware withdrawal: Select feature for IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage
 20. IBM Cloudant Dedicated Cluster delivers an enterprise scale advanced NoSQL database layer for mobile and web applications based on Apache CouchDB
AT A GLANCE IBM® Cloudant Dedicated Cluster provides a NoSQL, JavaScript™ Object Notation (JSON) Database as a Service (DBaaS) that enables developers of fast-growing web and mobile applications to focus on developing their applications without the ...