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 1. Most recent US Announcements
 2. Statement of direction: IBM FlashSystem to offer controller trade-in
 3. Hardware withdrawal: IBM Rack-mount Hardware Management Console - Replacement available; and select features
 4. IBM System Storage offers new OM3 cable features for SAN c-type switches and directors
 5. IBM Elastic Storage Server offers enhanced capabilities
At a glance IBM Elastic Storage Server offers the following enhancements:New level of IBM Spectrum Scale software (version 4.1.1)MES field upgrades: GL2 to GL4GL2 to GL6GL4 to GL6 GS1 to GS2GS1 to GS4GS2 to GS4GS2 to GS6GS4 to GS6
 6. IBM Aspera On Demand Managed Delivery provides fast deployment and limits initial costs
 7. Revised availability: Select IBM System Storage features have been reinstated
 8. Revised service and support: Country support list updated for Brocade OEM SAN TOR Switches
 9. Microsoft SQL Server Bundle ROK
AT A GLANCE Selected Lenovo® System x and ThinkServer server models can now be shipped with SQL Server 2014 Standard as a Lenovo ROK product. SQL Server cannot be BIOS-locked which is a requirement for Lenovo ROK products, so Lenovo will bundle it ...
 10. Hardware withdrawal: Lenovo System x select features
 11. Software withdrawal: IBM Rational and IBM Telelogic select products
 12. IBM Power Systems offers enhancements for servers and server I/O
At a glance IBM Power Systems delivers these enhancements: Capacity Backup (CBU) for PowerHA enables clients to purchase new Power E880 systems, at a competitive price, for use as a high availability/disaster recovery system for another Power ...
 13. EDR 216-port/648-port IB Director Switches Sourced from Mellanox for IBM offer high-performing fabric solution, cost-effective data center applications
At a glance EDR 216-port/648-port IB Director Switches Sourced from Mellanox for IBM Power Systems servers are designed to provide a high-capacity director switch, enabling application managers to use the power of data. Networks built with these ...
 14. Lenovo 6160 Half-High SAS Tape Drive and Lenovo 6171 Tape Autoloader add greater flexibility, improved reliability, and enhanced performance to tape storage portfolio
AT A GLANCE Lenovo® 6160 (IBM® TS2270) Tape Drive The Lenovo 6160 Tape Drive is designed to deliver tape reliability and performance at open system prices. Features of the new Ultrium™ 7 model include: o Specification data transfer rate of up to ...
 15. Software withdrawal: Selected VMware offerings
 16. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager V2.6 delivers Key Management Interoperability Protocol, migration, integration, and usability improvements
At a glance IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager V2.6 delivers: Improved support for Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) 1.2. Support for cross-platform migration and backup of data across different instances of Key Lifecycle Manager deployed...
 17. IBM XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems, V1.2 delivers vector SIMD and auto-SIMD support, and performance enhancements to further exploit IBM z13 servers
At a glance IBM XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems, V1.2 delivers the following features and benefits: Additional performance and optimization enhancements to exploit the latest IBM z Systems' new vector extension facility (SIMD) instructions, and ...
 18. Microsoft SQL Server CALs and Standard Additional License
 19. Service withdrawal: Selected IBM ServicePac for Storage features
 20. IBM System Storage offers new OM3 cable features for SAN b-type switches and directors