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 1. Most recent US Announcements
 2. IBM SPSS Data Collection V7.0.1 helps deliver a more accurate view of people's attitudes, preferences, and opinions so that this valuable insight can be included in decision-making processes
 3. Hardware withdrawal: Lenovo System x select features
 4. Revised availability: The IBM z13
 5. IBM dashDB now includes an Enterprise Edition
 6. IBM SPSS Statistics V23 continues to increase accessibility to advanced analytics through new ways to analyze data
 7. New capabilities of IBM SPSS Modeler V17.0, IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services V7.0, and IBM SPSS Analytic Server V2.0 enable organizations to bring better predictive intelligence to decisions at the point of impact
At a glance IBM SPSS provides a comprehensive predictive analytics platform for a holistic approach to predictive analytics. IBM SPSS Modeler V17.0, IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services V7.0, and IBM SPSS Analytic Server V2.0 work ...
 8. Hardware withdrawal: Selected Lenovo System x systems
 9. Lenovo Intelligent Cluster portfolio is enhanced with new InfiniBand products from Mellanox
AT A GLANCE Lenovo® Intelligent Cluster portfolio includes new Extended Data Rate (EDR) InfiniBand products from Mellanox. The Intelligent Cluster offering solutions are built on: o Rack-optimized servers and storage products from Lenovo o ...
 10. New Lenovo service parts are available
AT A GLANCE Lenovo® is adding new services in support of some US Networking products.
 11. Revised availability: Certain IBM z/OS Version 2 and IBM System Storage DS8870 functions
 12. Announcement Summary - March 03, 2015
 13. IBM Power Systems Mobile Processor Activation Promotion
Business Partners with End Users and direct customers who have installed POWER7 or POWER8 servers with Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CUoD) processors can acquire mobile activations for those processors and/or memory at a reduced price.