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 1. Preview: IBM BigInsights V4.1 intends to deliver an open source Hadoop distribution with value-added features to help enterprises succeed
At a glance IBM intends for BigInsights V4.1 to deliver enterprise capabilities along with the open source distribution. IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop is planned for download from Passport Advantage. For organizations that do not require the ...
 2. Announcement Summary - June 30, 2015
 3. IBM BigInsights on Cloud V2.0 delivers a faster, managed, secure, and enterprise-grade Hadoop service that avoids the cost and complexity of on-premises infrastructure and administration
At a glance IBM BigInsights on Cloud V2.0 lets clients take advantage of a managed Hadoop environment. Clients can:Rely on an IBM cloud operations team that provides operations and quality support 24 hours per day to keep their Hadoop infrastructure ...
 4. Hardware withdrawal: Lenovo System x select features
 5. Revised availability: Options previously announced for withdrawal will remain available for selected System x servers
 6. Software withdrawal and support discontinuance: IBM Sterling Control Center V5.3
 7. Hardware withdrawal: IBM WebSphere DataPower Cast Iron XH40 - No replacement available
 8. IBM Kenexa Survey Advantage solutions combine behavioral science, web-based technology, and consulting services to collect employee insights and feedback, and improve work environments
At a glance IBM Kenexa Survey Advantage solutions help measure: Employee engagement: The motivation to go above and beyond expectations for the organization.Culture: The personality or feel of an organization and how things get done within the ...
 9. IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights, software as a service, provides insights into storage environments from the cloud to improve efficiency and reduce costs
At a glance IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights can help you: Prevent performance problems before they happen. Reclaim unused or wasted storage space.Optimize data placement for best cost and performance tradeoff.Gain control of capacity planning, ...
 10. Most recent US Announcements
 11. IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager V2.0.1 and IBM Security Identity portfolio enhancements
At a glance IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager V2.0.1:Supports Microsoft Active Directory for user authentication.Supports partner-provided multifactor authentication solution using RFID badges.Provides additional single sign-on profiles.Supports...
 12. Toshiba Self Checkout System 6: Four-bag carousel models now available
AT A GLANCE Toshiba® Global Commerce Solutions introduces new Self Checkout System 6 (machine type 4888) 4-bag carousel models in cash and cashless (4888-E04, 4888-E14), each with a more compact layout to reduce footprint.
 13. IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud provides enhanced self-service capabilities and additional purchase options
 14. Preview: Toshiba TCx300 is being transformed from SurePOS 300 Series to embody new design elements
 15. IBM introduces integrated industry-specific analytics solutions to deliver analytic insights to targeted business users
At a glance IBM introduces the following industry-specific analytics solutions that deliver analytic insights for targeted business users. These provide integration of industry-specific data sources, prebuilt analytic models focused on deriving ...
 16. IBM PureApplication Service delivers enhancements for an enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud environment and the ability to purchase and configure PureApplication Service by using an online, self-service portal
At a glance IBM PureApplication Service is an off-premise, cloud application platform that provides the ability to accelerate and simplify the repeatable deployment and lifecycle management tasks of enterprise middleware workloads, such as IBM ...
 17. IBM dashDB provides data warehousing and analytics service in the cloud
At a glance IBM dashDB data warehousing and analytics service allows you to focus on the business, not the business of data warehousing:Scalable and clusterable node-based analytics warehouseFully managed in the cloudNext-generation, in-memory ...
 18. IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching Express Edition helps identify potential matches between patients and candidate trials that can lead to more effective treatment
At a glance Given a patient's clinical attributes, IBM Watson for Clinical Trial Matching Express Edition can help: Quickly identify clinical trials for which a patient might be eligible. Provide an ordered list of clinical trials that match the ...
 19. IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud for US Federal provides enhanced self-service capabilities and additional purchase options
 20. Hardware withdrawal: Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Self Checkout System selected models (machine type 4888) - Replacements available