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 1. Most recent US Announcements
 2. Announcement Summary - November 25, 2014
 3. IBM Multi-site Workload Lifeline V2.5 enables enhanced intelligent load balancing of TCP/IP and z/OS workloads on z/OS and Linux on System z platforms
AT A GLANCE IBM® Multi-site Workload Lifeline V2.5 is designed to enable enhanced load balancing of TCP/IP and SNA workloads that run on z/OS® and Linux™ on System z®. This product is available both as an independent offering and as part of the GDPS...
 4. IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters for Windchill V1.0.1 delivers expanded PTC Windchill integration for analysis and visualization across ALM-PLM gap
At a glanceExpanded IBM Rational product integration is available for customers who practice Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) by using PTC Windchill PDMLink for Product Data Management (PDM). Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters for Windchill ...
 5. IBM InfoSphere Guardium Applications helps you easily construct masking rules
AT A GLANCE InfoSphere® Guardium® Applications delivers the following improvements: o Overall security of existing legacy web applications without change for compatible applications. It offers a flexible and simple way to add security, ...
 6. IBM BigInsights on Cloud V1.0 helps organizations realize value faster with a secure, enterprise-grade Hadoop offering that avoids the cost and complexity of on-premises hardware infrastructure
AT A GLANCE IBM® BigInsights™ on Cloud V1.0 enables you to take advantage of advanced tooling in the IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights software included in the Cloud offering: o Accelerate and simplify cluster deployment, avoiding the need for ...
 7. IBM Security QRadar V7.2.4 delivers enhanced threat intelligence, new open APIs, and asset configuration benchmarking, as well as compression and data decryption capabilities for incident forensics
AT A GLANCE The enhanced IBM® Security QRadar® V7.2.4 family of products includes: o IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.4 o IBM Security QRadar Log Manager V7.2.4 o IBM Security QRadar Risk Manager V7.2.4 o IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager...
 8. IBM enterprise availability management services help you design, implement, and manage your IT processes and environments using IBM experience, skills, and ITIL v3 best practices
At a glance IBM Managed Support Services - managed technical support - enterprise availability management, previously announced in Services Announcement ZS12-0017, is being made available in other regions. IBM Managed Support Services - managed ...
 9. Hardware Withdrawal: IBM Power Systems miscellaneous features
 10. IBM Power Systems enhancements
At a glanceSeveral enhancements are available for Power Systems servers: IBM i Express Editions (#EU2C, #EU2D) for IBM Power S814128 GB DIMMs (#EM8E) that provide up to 2 TB capacity for IBM Power S824Additional configuration flexibility GPFS...
 11. IBM Network Advisor version 12.3 delivers enhanced management with support for the new IBM System Storage SAN42B-R extension switch and other b-type SAN products and features
AT A GLANCE IBM® Network Advisor V12.3 is a feature release delivering the following enhancements throughout the software management platform: o Extended support and applicability to Fabric OS 7.3, IBM System Storage® SAN42B-R extension ...
 12. IBM omni-channel marketing V9.1.1 delivers new features and products that empower marketers to "make moments matter" with relevant, timely dialogues delivered across multiple channels
AT A GLANCE Version 9.1.1 includes new features and product offerings that: o Deepen marketers capabilities to act on and optimize omni-channel marketing strategies. o Optimize real-time interactions and foster customer engagement through ...
 13. Hardware withdrawal: Toshiba TCxFlight selected models - No replacements available
 14. IBM System Storage SAN42B-R b-type extension switch delivers outstanding performance, availability, and simplicity for replication and backup
AT A GLANCE IBM® System Storage® SAN42B-R is designed to help storage administrators replicate and backup large amounts of data over WAN quickly, reliably, and simply while minimizing operational and capital expense. The new 2498-R42 b-type ...
 15. IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning V9.0.1 delivers security analysis of IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation native, hybrid, and web mobile applications to help ensure application security early in the software development lifecycle
AT A GLANCE IBM® MobileFirst Platform Application Scanning V9.0.1 delivers: o A single Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), combining IBM MobileFirst Platform development tools with IBM Security AppScan® application security ...
 16. IBM Cloud Automated Modular Management helps you manage IT and application environments on SoftLayer
At a glance IBM Cloud Automated Modular Management consists of discrete IT management components that are automated and supported by IBM. They can be utilized individually or as preconfigured bundles to help you manage IT and application environments on...
 17. IBM Aspera High-Speed Add-on for Connect:Direct further integrates Aspera technology into the IBM Managed File Transfer portfolio
 18. IBM System Storage SAN768B-2 and SAN384B-2 deliver advanced SAN features and connectivity options with Fibre Channel blades
 19. IBM System Networking RackSwitch G8264CS and Rackswitch G7052 (made by Lenovo for IBM) deliver high-bandwidth switching, filtering, and traffic queuing without delaying data
At a glanceThe IBM System Networking RackSwitch G8264CS (7120-64F) offers the following features:1U switch Thirty-six SFP+ ports with 1 Gb and 10 Gb support Twelve SFP+ Omni Port ports with 10 Gb Ethernet and 4 Gb/8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) Four QSFP+ ...