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   1.Charles King: How IBM gets the best out of SAP, and vice versa 
 Pund-IT analyst Charles King provides some perspective on IBM's relationship with SAP along with an update on IBM's recently announced System x and PureFlex SAP HANA solutions. 
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   2.IDC: IBM PureSystems Cut Costs and Increase Agility by Simplifying the IT Life Cycle 
 Discusses why converged systems, such as IBM PureSystems platforms, can radically simplify the IT life cycle and how these changes can deliver business value by accelerating time to market, improving application performance, and reducing required staff time. 
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   3.Forrester: Integrated Systems and Streamlined Practices Propel New, Responsive IT Organizations 
 Enterprise IT leaders must transform their organizations to be responsive to fast-changing business needs. This paper characterizes a significant IT transformation that’s underway for firms just beginning the journey or those already in the middle of the change. 
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   4.HRG Assessment: Comparing IBM PureSystems and HP Converged Systems 
 In this paper, we provide an overview of IBM PureSystems and HP Converged Systems and examine some of the major differences between these solutions. 
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   5.HRG Assessment: Comparing IBM PureSystems and Cisco UCS 
 Customers require flexible, agile and easy to consume IT solutions to succeed in business. With those requirements in mind, IBM recently announced PureSystems. Harvard Research Group (HRG) has taken a closer look at PureSystems and and how it compares to Cisco UCS. 
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