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   1.Deliver the ultimate fan experience while lowering your network costs 
 how converged fiber networks provide big opportunities for business innovation and growth while substantially lowering costs. 
Sales Support Material|ICW03019USEN| Modified: 2016-11-29
   2.Networking for cloud computing 
 Since networks play an essential role in utilizing and connecting IT resources in a cloud environment, its role in that environment should be addressed in the early stages of cloud planning. 
Sales Support Material|ICW03005USEN| Modified: 2016-05-09
   3.Empower students for next-generation connectivity and learning 
 Executive-level white paper for educational institutions industry shows how converged fiber networks using PON/DAS technologies improve student learning and operational efficiency in the digital age. 
Sales Support Material|ICW03018USEN| Modified: 2015-11-12
   4.Better patient and business outcomes begin with a better network 
 Executive-level white paper for the healthcare industry introduces the benefits of a converged, fiber-based PON/DAS network on hospital care and business outcomes 
Sales Support Material|ICW03016USEN| Modified: 2015-11-12
   5.Transforming your voice, video and collaboration infrastructure (White paper (external)-USEN) 
 Within the IBM CIO organization, we are on an evolutionary path that is leading us to the next level of unified audio and video communications. This paper shares IBM's internal story about our journey to unified communications: where we are, where we are going and how we are benefiting. 
Sales Support Material|ICW03003USEN| Modified: 2012-08-14