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   1.Mesabi Group: IBM Delivers Cost-Effective Large-Scale Capacity Voluminous-Data Storage 
 IBM solves the voluminous data storage problem with modern tape technology, which, in conjunction with software-defined storage solutions, will enable enterprises to store and manage economically the ever-increasing ocean of “voluminous data”, now and in ... 
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   2.Clipper Group Inc: Is Tape the Best Low-Cost Technology for the Preservation of Data? 
 If you need to find a new technology to deliver low cost storage for your enterprise, tape can reduce the TCO of your infrastructure. It remains the low cost alternative for data stored for the long term. Clipper Group discusses the many advantages of ... 
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   3.IBM ProtecTIER: From Backup to Recovery 
 This is a Taneja Group white paper that reviews IBM ProtecTIER as a platform to satisfy backup, recovery and disaster protection needs. 
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   4.Silverton: IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 
 The IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 provides data accessibility, autonomic data management, massive scalability and ease of operations for IBM System z data centers that require their information to be accessible anywhere, at any time. 
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   5.Barium Ferrite: The storage media of the future is here today (White paper (external)-USEN) 
 Big data and requirements for archiving over extended periods require storage media that is more resilient, reliable and affordable than ever. Barium Ferrite tape media provides advancements over Metal Particle media for greater capacity and less ... 
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   6.IDC Technology Spotlight: LTFS EE 
 This Technology Spotlight discusses the trends shaping the archival storage market and examines the role that linear tape file systems (LTFS) can play in this market. 
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   7.Taneja Group: IBM PROTECTIER Optimized for Tivoli Storage Manager 
 Deduplicating data is a tricky science. It is often not as simple as just finding matching runs of similar data. IBM ProtecTIER line of offerings includes a native data parser that makes it much more efficient in Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) environments. 
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   8.Optimizing IBM Linear Tape File System Usage 
 The introduction of IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS), a new dimension of capability and usability has been opened up for tape drive and tape subsystem storage environments. 
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   9.IDC: Improving Data Protection with Purpose-Built Backup Appliances 
 This Technology Spotlight examines the market drivers for PBBA adoption and discusses the role that IBM and its ProtecTIER appliance products play in this increasingly important market, especially now that IBM's ProtecTIER products support Symantec's ... 
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   10.IBM System Storage LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Drive Performance White Paper 
 This white paper examines the performance benchmarks of the IBM LTO-6 tape drive and associated features. The performance of the different drive host interface types will also be closely examined. 
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   11.Cohasset: SEC 17a-4(f) Compliance Assessment - IBM Virtualization Engine TS7700 
 To obtain an independent and objective assessment of the TS7700’s capabilities to meet the requirements set forth in SEC Rule 17a-4(f), IBM Corporation (“IBM”) engaged Cohasset Associates, Inc. 
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   12.IBM ProtecTIER Replication for Outstanding Data Protection 
 White paper by Taneja Group, dated October 2011. 
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   13.Tape Storage Future Directions and the Data Explosion 
 This white paper was prepared by Horison Information Strategies dated October 2011. 
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   14.BM ProtecTIER and SAP: Critical Data Protection Without Data Disruption 
 This white paper was prepared by Taneja Group, dated October 2011. 
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