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   1.Storage Switzerland: Flash, It's not just for Databases Anymore 
 Flash storage has been used in the past to accelerate database environments. However, the substantial price decline of all-flash storage systems and the acceptance of data efficiency technologies has made mid-level workloads, like virtualization, ideal for all-flash storage systems. But recently, thanks to the continuing decline in flash costs, along with the increasing density of flash media, flash delivers real value for file or object-based workloads as well. 
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   2.ownCloud Enterprise Edition on IBM Elastic Storage Server 
 The on-premises file synchronization and sharing (file sync and share) solution build using ownCloud and IBM Elastic Storage Server (ESS) allows IT to regain control of sensitive data and gives users universal file access to all of their data seamlessly. The main goal of this technical report is to provide specific details on measuring the performance capabilities and sizing assumptions of a large user number of scenarios of the ownCloud application and database server and IBM Elastic Storage Server backend. 
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