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   1.EMA: IBM Releases a Comprehensive, Software-Defined Storage Family 
 In this paper, EMA examines the challenges facing organizations as a result of rapid data growth, presents SDS as a potential solution, and examines the IBM Spectrum Storage family. 
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   2.Key Reasons to Use Software-defined Storage and How to Get Started 
 This White Paper examines the range of Software Defined Storage (SDS) approaches, and weighs their potential value and suitability. With a reminder that users' needs are paramount the paper provides practical tips on how to balance the options and get ... 
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   3.A new approach to large data migrations 
 This document introduces a new data migration process using IBM Transparent Data Migration Facility z/OS version 5.4, which now enables a large number of volumes to be migrated in a very short period of time using some automation techniques. 
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   4.Migrating consistency groups with IBM Data Migration for z/OS 
 TDMF provides the ability to introduce new storage subsystem technologies without the disruption of business operations. Results obtained in the laboratory can be used to help select a migration technique that meets the needs for throughput, resource ... 
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   5.Forrester: The Total Economic Impact IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller 
 The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of System Storage SAN Volume Controller on enterprise organizations. SVC is designed to simplify and centralize storage infrastructure and offer ... 
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   6.IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center: Managing Storage Area Network (SAN) Configurations (White paper (external)-USEN) 
 IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center's capabilities focus on storage configuration management and provide analysis of current storage utilization and best practice recommendations to provide the storage administrator with analytical input that will ... 
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