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   1.Disaster recovery solution for Oracle 11gR2 database using Metro Mirror and Global Mirror features of IBM Storwize ... 
 This white paper demonstrates the Metro Mirror and Global Mirror features of the IBM Storwize family storage systems for a disaster-recovery solution of the Oracle 11gR2 database. 
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   2.Thin reclamation for IBM disk systems using Veritas Storage Foundation HA 
 This paper describes the integrated solution for using thin reclamation on several IBM disk systems, including the IBM DS8000 series, IBM XIV Storage System, the IBM Storwize family and IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller. 
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   3.ESG: Cisco and IBM Create VersaStack Converged Infrastructure 
 In this document you will find the opinion from ESG about VersaStack, a new converged infrastructure solution that focuses on making cloud, big data and analytics, and mobile deployments attainable and efficiently packaged for simplified deployment. 
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   4.IBM XIV Storage System remote mirroring 
 Read this paper to get a clear understanding of the importance of effective enterprise mirroring to minimize risk and downtime. Learn how implementing IBM XIV Storage System mirroring can provide a comprehensive, successful mirroring strategy that can help ensure business continuity. 
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   5.IBM XIV Storage and VMware: An optimal fit 
 Grid-scale based XIV storage delivers performance-boosting integration and a virtualized architecture that can work in synergy with the highly virtualized VMware environments that are the cornerstone of many organizations’ cloud computing and systems automation initiatives. 
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   6.Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 virtual machine protection using IBM Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager 
 This white paper shares IBM-specific installation, configuration, and best practice guidelines that elevate virtual Microsoft Exchange Server DAG high availability (HA) by helping to prepare customers for worst-case data loss scenarios where critical email recovery is urgent and vital. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03242USEN| Modified: 2013-10-08
   7.IBM Storwize V5000 24,000 mailbox resiliency Microsoft Exchange 2013 storage solution 
 This paper presents Microsoft Exchange 2013 database and log I./O performance and reliability results for 24,000 1.5GB mailboxes on the Storwize V5000. Tested with the Exchange. 
Sales Support Material|TSL03106USEN| Modified: 2013-09-19
   8.Exploring VMware vSphere API for Array Integration on the IBM Storwize family 
 This white paper focuses on the Storwize family in combination with VMware vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). 
Sales Support Material|TSL03104USEN| Modified: 2013-07-16
   9.Blue skies for your cloud with IBM XIV storage 
 IBM XIV Storage is the ideal storage foundation for cloud computing, with optimal resource sharing, best of breed virtualization, cost-saving ease of use, and maximum elasticity. 
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   10.IDC: Enterprise Storage: Efficient, Virtualized and Flash Optimized 
 In this white paper, IDC examines how IBM's Storwize family of storage offerings is changing the game by delivering a robust enterprise grade virtualization platform that is efficient, cost-effective, and optimized. 
Sales Support Material|TSL03122USEN| Modified: 2013-06-10
   11.Consolidated hardware infrastructure for IP video soutions using Milestone XProtect Corporate and IBM PureFlex System 
 This whitepaper focuses on a solution with IBM Storwize V5000 and IBM PureFlex with the Milestone XProject Corporate application. 
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   12.ITG Consulting: TCO comparison between IBM DS8870 vs EMC VMAX (Detailed) 
 This analyst paper (detailed version) will compare the total cost of ownership for IBM DS8800 and EMC Symmetrix VMAX Systems. 
Sales Support Material|TSL03134USEN| Modified: 2013-06-10
   13.BM XIV Storage System Gen3 and the Microsoft SQL Server I/O Reliability Partner Program 
 Validating IBM XIV for Microsoft's SQL ServerI/O Reliability Program. SQL Server I/O Reliability partners provide storage solutions that have been carefully reviewed to meet the SQL Server storage solution requirements. 
Sales Support Material|TSL03119USEN| Modified: 2013-06-09
   14.Evaluator Group: IBM Storwize Family - Scaling Capabilities and Value 
 The premise of delivering an IBM Storwize family of products based on a single architecture has benefits for customers in many areas and allows IBM to focus on continued advances in integrating new technologies, and improving the multiple storage systems based on the Storwize architecture. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03232USEN| Modified: 2013-03-13
   15.IBM Storwize V3700 10,000 mailbox resiliency Microsoft Exchange 2010 storage solution 
 This white paper outlines an IBM Storwize V3700 storage solution with Microsoft Exchange Server for SMBs, based on the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) – Storage program. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03192USEN| Modified: 2012-11-21
   16.IBM Flex System V7000 Storage Node 28,000 mailbox resiliency Microsoft Exchange 2010 storage solution 
 This solution details Exchange I/O performance with Flex System V7000 Storage Node using Microsoft Jetstress as the test tool with 28K users/mailboxes 
Sales Support Material|TSW03196USEN| Modified: 2012-11-13
   17.Storwize V7000 real-time compressed volumes with Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation 
 This paper is intended to demonstrate how to increase storage efficiency by deploying real-time compressed volumes from an IBM Storwize V7000 disk system* using the Real-time Compression feature on a host using Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03170USEN| Modified: 2012-07-18
   18.Fidelity Information Services and IBM Storwize V7000 with IBM System Storage Easy Tier 
 This paper describes the benchmark testing that was done with IBM Storwize V7000 storage system and Fidelity Information services in January 2012. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03162USEN| Modified: 2012-07-18
   19.SAP with IBM Tivoli FlashCopy Manager for VMware and IBM XIV and IBM Storwize V7000 storage systems 
 This white paper describes IBM® Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager™ for VMware® with SAP® NetWeaver™ and provides a complete data protection solution for VMware vSphere™ environments which can be administered from the VMware vCenter console. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03166USEN| Modified: 2012-05-03
   20.IBM XIV Gen3 Storage System - Storage Built for VMware vSphere infrastructures 
 This paper provides information about integration, feature description and ordering considerations for the IBM Gen3 Storage System for VMware vSphere 4 and 5 infrastructures. 
Sales Support Material|TSW03126USEN| Modified: 2012-01-27