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IBM PureFlex System and IBM Flex System literature

Lenovo recently acquired IBM x86 products in the United States and other countries. IBM will continue to host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo.
This paper focuses on Integrated Infrastructure & open cloud-based solutions. Specifically, it articulates why these evolving areas continue to increase in importance, examines underlying requirements, available solutions in the market, & hones in on the ...

July 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
This test compared an IBM Flex System using end-to-end FC connectivity to a Cisco UCS with FCoE to FC storage connectivity. Read how Flex System outperforms Cisco UCS.

June 2014 | PDF | 3 MB
Both the blade & rack infrastructures serve a purpose in the computing ecosystem, but changing workloads are putting demands on platforms that require a new approach. IBM Flex System X6 compute nodes deliver on the needs of today's most critical ...

May 2014 | PDF | 507 KB
Forrester Reasearch conducted a study to provide customers with real-world results based on an analysis of existing IBM PureFlex customers. Download this report so you can evaluate the potential financial impact of deploying IBM PureFlex system in your ...

May 2014 | PDF | 519 KB
This report will explore the current state of VDI and the features of IBM’s Flex System x222, then consider how their intersection is likely to impact IBM, its customers and the broader market.

October 2013 | PDF | 213 KB
This white paper outlines the latest customer analytics opportunities and challenges facing sales, marketing, and customer service decision makers. It draws on IDC's research into big data and analytics (BDA) business and technology trends and provides ...

October 2013 | PDF | 503 KB
IDC interviewed nine companies that have implemented the IBM PureSystem family on how these solutions have enabled their organization to improve their IT efficiency.

August 2013 | PDF | 376 KB
The experiences of IBM's customers and partners indicate the benefits can be significant if organizations recognize and embrace the transformational nature of the IBM PureFlex System and Flex System integrated, unified architectures.

August 2013 | PDF | 377 KB
IDC interviewed companies that have implemented IBM's PureSystems solutions. The focus of this paper is how IBM PureFlex and Flex System have enabled these customers to improve their IT efficiency.

July 2013 | PDF | 376 KB
IDC interviewed 10 IBM customers and partners that are using IBM PureFlex System or IBM Flex System to optimize the deployment and operation of critical business applications.

July 2013 | PDF | 377 KB
Pund-IT analyst Charles King provides some perspective on IBM's relationship with SAP along with an update on IBM's recently announced System x and PureFlex SAP HANA solutions.

June 2013 | PDF | 170 KB
In this paper, Ptak/Noel describes the new IBM PureFlex system and the unique management capabilities of the IBM Flex System Manager.

November 2012 | PDF | 718 KB
Discusses why converged systems, such as IBM PureSystems platforms, can radically simplify the IT life cycle and how these changes can deliver business value by accelerating time to market, improving application performance, and reducing required staff ...

September 2012 | PDF | 414 KB
Enterprise IT leaders must transform their organizations to be responsive to fast-changing business needs. This paper characterizes a significant IT transformation that’s underway for firms just beginning the journey or those already in the middle of the ...

September 2012 | PDF | 973 KB
In this paper, we provide an overview of IBM PureSystems and HP Converged Systems and examine some of the major differences between these solutions.

July 2012 | PDF | 601 KB
In this Research Report, Clabby Analytics takes a closer look at the new IBM PureFlex System.

June 2012 | PDF | 858 KB
Customers require flexible, agile and easy to consume IT solutions to succeed in business. With those requirements in mind, IBM recently announced PureSystems. Harvard Research Group (HRG) has taken a closer look at PureSystems and and how it compares to ...

June 2012 | PDF | 782 KB
This management brief discusses the value proposition for the Case for IBM PureFlex System for Cloud-Enabled SAP Enterprise Environments.

April 2012 | PDF | 3 MB
This IDC white paper discusses an important sea change happening in IT: the development of expert integrated systems.

April 2012 | PDF | 539 KB
This executive summary discusses the value proposition for IBM PureFlex System for Cloud-Enabled SAP Enterprise Environments.

April 2012 | PDF | 807 KB

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