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IBM Global Financing Literature

IT Financing Shifts from Traditional Equipment to Software & Services.

July 2015 | PDF | 589 KB
Selecting a vendor for IT asset retirement can be challenging for businesses given the multitude of Vendors professing to have the required capabilities. In this report Robert Frances Group outlines the prioritized criteria that IT executives should use ...

November 2014 | PDF | 172 KB
New technologies (cloud, analytics etc) require firms to rethink, upgrade IT systems, but decisions about older IT can be secondary resulting in leaving money on the table. Robert Frances Group outlines why IT executives should look to asset recovery ...

August 2014 | PDF | 442 KB
This IDC Insight offers guidance about the use of leasing and financing for enterprises and IT organizations that are adopting cloud-based computing options.

May 2014 | PDF | 126 KB
IT executives currently purchasing their servers should work with their finance staff and preferred server vendor to do a detailed analysis of their server needs to determine if leasing is desirable.

April 2013 | PDF | 338 KB
In this white paper we will explore the leasing option for technology asset acquisitions and IBM’s particular suitability to this market.

March 2012 | PDF | 167 KB

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