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System x literature

Lenovo recently acquired IBM x86 products in the United States and other countries. IBM will continue to host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo.
This paper examines the architecture & memory performance of the Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 v2 series. It investigates the challenges in detail & provides insights to end users to assist in enabling optimal performance. The paper examines memory ...

August 2014 | PDF | 809 KB
This paper presents the increased performance results obtained by BladeCenter S chassis using the SAS RAID Controller Module/DSM-12 combination within a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise x64 Edition environment.

October 2013 | PDF | 89 KB
This IBM Redpaper details the features of IBM eX5 servers that were designed to increase efficiency and lower operating costs, therefore, maximizing workload optimization for OLTP and BA workloads.

November 2012 | PDF | 2 MB
IBM System x® eX5 MAX5 memory is an IBM System x technology that adds memory without adding more processors. In this paper, we demonstrate how additional memory afforded by MAX5 improves performance and the cost performance of database and web-facing ...

November 2012 | PDF | 1009 KB
This IBM Redpaper examines WebSphere Application Server, which provides an impressive combination of function and performance, and secondly, included MAX5, a memory expansion unit for IBM eX5 processors, to see how it improved performance.

November 2012 | PDF | 943 KB
This IBM Redpaper describes some of the innovations that enable IBM eX5 servers to increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and therefore maximize workload optimization.

November 2012 | PDF | 2 MB
This IBM Redpaper describes tests that the IBM Software Group Competitive Project Office performed to determine the costs and benefits of using IBM eXFlash SSDs compared to using hard disk drives. Test results indicate that eXFlash SSDs offer a dramatic ...

November 2012 | PDF | 622 KB
Analyst Joe Clabby writing about HP's flawed Itanium strategy states that continued investment in a converged Itanium/x86 infrastructure is a huge waste of research and development money. Itanium should be treated as a specialty processor that performs ...

August 2012 | PDF | 2 MB
This paper describes the results from a series of tests performed by the IBM System x Performance Lab in Kirkland, Washington, that demonstrate the benefits of using IBM BladeCenter HX5 with an IBM MAX5 memory expansion blade for a large database workload...

July 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
This report shows how the IBM BladeCenter 1/10Gb Uplink Ethernet Switch Module demonstrated broad interoperability with 19 other switches respectively for advanced LAN and routing functions at Layer 2 and Layer 3.

June 2012 | PDF | 821 KB
Read this in-depth overview of IBM's SmartCloud Entry and BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud solutions. If you are looking to deploy a cloud, IBM can provide the services that a smaller enterprise needs with their SmartCloud Entry offering, as ...

April 2012 | PDF | 1 MB
In this paper the Edison Group highlights how retailers throughout the world are working to do more with less by consolidating IT operations, streamlining their infrastructure, and standardizing in-store POS, inventory, and office systems among thousands ...

August 2011 | PDF | 180 KB
Edison Group highlights how a semiconductor industry research consortium (SRC) simplified its operating environment and reduced expenses with IBM BladeCenter systems.

August 2011 | PDF | 193 KB
The Edison Group highlights how Australian tools buyer and distribution giant, JW Ross, implemented an IBM infrastructure to harness the power of the Internet and gained flexibility and scalability.

August 2011 | PDF | 803 KB
The Edison Group highlights how a small children’s book distributor with a national reputation is able to have its IT staff focused on the future and not outdated technology, with a new IT framework based on IBM’s technology.

August 2011 | PDF | 781 KB
The Edison Group highlights how a children’s book pre-binder and distributor maintained competitive advantage, ensured customer satisfaction and optimized business processes by upgrading its IT environment with IBM BladeCenter S.

August 2011 | PDF | 780 KB
The Edison Group highlights how a national children’s book distributor moved into the future with a new scalable, flexible IT environment from IBM.

August 2011 | PDF | 784 KB
The Edison Group highlights how a children’s book distributor updated its outdated IT environment with IBM’s infrastructure, ensuring its competitive advantage into the future.

August 2011 | PDF | 783 KB
Edison Group highlights how this outdoor product manufacturer and distributor upgraded its infrastructure – and Business Intelligence software - to get a better handle on critical business decisions.

August 2011 | PDF | 712 KB
Edison Group highlights how, with an upgraded IT infrastructure, a university in the Caribbean tackled many of its IT woes by enabling a more flexible, better utilized and lower-cost IT environment – and ensuring future flexibility.

August 2011 | PDF | 697 KB

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