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Travel and Transportation: Hospitality

By becoming customer-focused, travel companies can achieve greater customer advocacy, retention and loyalty - all of which translates into improved financial results. Deliver new self-service technologies and incorporate customer insights into core business decisions and operations.

This white paper describes how an enterprise asset management system can help transit organizations efficiently address the challenges of infrastructure development, inner-city congestion, carbon emissions and regulatory compliance - while supporting more...

March 2014 | PDF | 854 KB
Travel and transportation providers need to develop new methods and business models to compete as the industry changes. With Smarter Computing, CIOs can better design and implement business infrastructures to deliver new growth and operational efficiency.

August 2012 | PDF | 8 MB
Smarter transportation can improve customer service, operate more efficiently, and assure safety. IBM is helping clients in all modes of travel and transportation harness their data using the power of analytics to address these challenges.

January 2012 | PDF | 948 KB
IBM z/TPF continues to be the only high-performance, purpose-built system designed from the ground up to support the unique transaction-workload characteristics found in large-scale reservation systems, and is a prudent investment from both a business and...

November 2011 | PDF | 503 KB

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