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   1.The Foundations of Efficiency Learning to do more with less is the new normal in government 
 A Point of View for the Government Industry which highlights how government agencies can use analytics, and new service delivery models to improve performance. 
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   2.One-Stop Citizen-Centered Business Model 
 This paper explores the concept of the One-Stop Citizen-Centered Business Model, explaining why it is the basis for the service transformation underway in governments across the globe, and steps governments can take for leadership in this area. 
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   3.Six Technologies That Are Changing Social Services and Social Security Worldwide 
 Technology is playing an increasing role in the way services and benefits are delivered by government agencies. IBM has identified and examined 6 technology trends that we believe will change the way human service organizations do business over the next ... 
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   4.Seven Steps That Social Security and Social Services Organizations Can Take to Thrive in a Weak Economy 
 During the current economic situation there are steps that can be taken by human services organizations in time when they are being asked to do more with less resources. These steps not only help during the current economic crisis but also lay the ... 
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