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   1.Business Analytics: Maximize asset productivity and operational per formance - Business analytics solutions for predictive maintenance and quality 
 In this white paper, you’ll learn about predictive maintenance, the specific benefits it provides asset-intensive organizations, and how IBM Business Analytics software makes it possible. 
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   2.Integrated Supply Chain 
 As IBM transformed into a globally integrated enterprise, its supply chain needed to follow suit. The development of IBM’s Integrated Supply Chain was designed with our clients’ feedback to streamline and reduce the complexity of the process. 
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   3.How enabling Supply Chain visibility can improve the bottom line 
 The current economic situation means companies are running very lean – drawing down inventories and being careful not to produce ahead of demand. 
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   4.Why supply chain visibility is critical to achieve the perfect order 
 This paper looks at how supply chain visibility works, what it takes to put it in place, and its ultimate impact on perfect order performance. 
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