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   1.Simple Network Deployment with Switch Self-Provisioning White Paper 
 This paper will review the self-provisioning capabilities of Lenovo Networking switches. It includes discussion of three different modes of self-provisioning and a template Python script which can be used to have a switch load itself with a desired ... 
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   2.Configuring Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Services on Lenovo Networking Equipment White Paper 
 This paper presents an intro to the use of FCoE on Lenovo Networking switches. It is intended as a brief ref for tech sellers & customer engineers, but not as a substitute for the complete documentation of the switches. It covers FCoE concepts, ... 
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   3.VLAN with Lenovo White Paper 
 This white paper focuses on the methodology for creating VLANs and provisioning ports on Lenovo networking equipment. In addition to providing an overview of VLANs, this white paper also provides practical VLAN configuration tips and troubleshooting ... 
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   4.Recommended Security Practices on IBM Switches & Routers (White paper (external)-USEN) 
 The overall scope of Network Security is enormous. This paper will only focus on practices relevant to Ethernet switches and routers. 
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   5.40Gb Ethernet: A Solid Competitive Alternative to InfiniBand 
 iWARP offers comparable application level performance at 40 Gbps with the latest InfiniBand FDR speeds. Today, the iWARP protocol is available at 40Gbps & enables MPI apps to run unmodified over the familiar & preferred Ethernet technology (using Cheslsio... 
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   6.Moving to an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network 
 To reduce costs and complexity, modern data centers are moving toward smarter, more dynamic network infrastructures. An open data center with an interoperable network (ODIN) is a flat, converged, virtualized data center network that is based on open ... 
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   7.Towards an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network (ODIN)—Volume 4: Lossless Ethernet 
 This volume discusses a new form of Ethernet that can be deployed along with conventional Ethernet networks, or as the foundation for advanced features including RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). 
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   8.Towards an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network (ODIN)—Volume 1: Transforming the Data Center Network 
 ODIN Volume 1 discusses some of the key issues in the evolution of data center networks. 
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   9.Towards an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network (ODIN) —Volume 5: WAN and Ultra Low Latency Applications 
 Wide area networks (WANs) are used to interconnect multiple data centers, and are an important part of the overall network design strategy. While this document will not discuss backup/recovery requirements planning, it does present an overview of ... 
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   10.Towards an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network (ODIN)—Volume 3: Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow 
 This volume of the Open Datacenter Interoperable Network (ODIN) describes software defined networking (SDN) and OpenFlow. 
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   11.Towards an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network (ODIN)—Volume 2: ECMP Layer 3 Networks 
 This section will consider the evolution from conventional network design to several emerging standards that will support higher scalability and more complex network topologies. 
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   12.IBM VMready (White paper (external)-USEN) 
 This white paper highlights VMready and explains that virtualized data centers must enable the dynamic and automatic movement of Virtual Machines while protecting their security and maintaining accessibility. Read more about virtual-machine awareness. 
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   13.IBM System Networking for optimized workloads, big data and Cloud 
 IBM Smarter Computing solutions, equipped with IBM System Networking products, bring speed and intelligence to the essential access, distribution and aggregation layers where server and storage systems are connected to the data center network. 
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   14.Ultralow latency for the financial services datacenter 
 This white paper describes how, as networks move away from hierarchical core-centric models toward a flatter architecture, scale-out will be achieved through the lowest-cost, highest-performance interconnects available. Today that is the BNT 1 GbE and 10 ... 
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   15.Cloud-ready network architecture 
 The private clouds discussed in this paper describe an architecture in which the servers and networks can respond to changing demands, by scaling compute capacity and connecting server capacity where it is needed. 
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   16.Fabric Convergence with Lossless Ethernet and FCoE 
 Read this white paper that describes how Fibre Channel over Ethernet is a standard that transports storage data over reliable Ethernet networks to enable the convergence of storage, networking and clustering onto a cost-effective fabric. 
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   17.Who wins? The benefits of convergence to Ethernet for storage 
 Companies with storage networks are switching from Fibre Channel to Ethernet-based storage solutions that use 10 Gigabit Ethernet. This trend is accelerating now with the availability of lossless DCB Ethernet products, such as the IBM BNT RackSwitch G8124... 
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   18.OpenFlow: The next generation in networking interoperability 
 OpenFlow is a technology that can increase the value of data center services dramatically. Implementing OpenFlow provides network administrators with greater control over their resources, integrated network and server management, and an open management ... 
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