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   1.Simple Network Deployment with Switch Self-Provisioning White Paper 
 This paper will review the self-provisioning capabilities of Lenovo Networking switches. It includes discussion of three different modes of self-provisioning and a template Python script which can be used to have a switch load itself with a desired ... 
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   2.Configuring Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Services on Lenovo Networking Equipment White Paper 
 This paper presents an intro to the use of FCoE on Lenovo Networking switches. It is intended as a brief ref for tech sellers & customer engineers, but not as a substitute for the complete documentation of the switches. It covers FCoE concepts, ... 
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   3.VLAN with Lenovo White Paper 
 This white paper focuses on the methodology for creating VLANs and provisioning ports on Lenovo networking equipment. In addition to providing an overview of VLANs, this white paper also provides practical VLAN configuration tips and troubleshooting ... 
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   4.Moving to an Open Data Center with an Interoperable Network 
 To reduce costs and complexity, modern data centers are moving toward smarter, more dynamic network infrastructures. An open data center with an interoperable network (ODIN) is a flat, converged, virtualized data center network that is based on open ... 
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