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IBM System z literature

Updated Frequently Asked Questions around IBM Wave for z/VM reflecting changes to IBM Wave

September 2014 | PDF | 2 MB
Q&A about the April 8 2014 System z Mobile Workload Pricing Announcement. Detailed answers to your questions about the mobile pricing announcement. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please direct them to Mike Shipman in System z pricing.

September 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
This documents frequently asked questions are on the newest addition to zEnteprise family: the zBC12, the existing zEC12 and zBX Model 003.

July 2014 | PDF | 785 KB
This FAQ is for use by customers who have questions on the Linux on System z environment.

April 2014 | PDF | 4 MB
"IBM Enterpirse Linux Server" to be used with customers. The IBM Enterprise Linux Server delivers a cost effective and dynamic platform to grow your business into the 21st century. It includes a customized hardware configuration designed to meet your ...

April 2014 | PDF | 3 MB
System z virtualization technology allows customers to create virtual processors, communications, storage and I/O, and networking resources, thus helping to reduce the overhead of planning, purchasing and installing new hardware to consolidate and support...

February 2014 | PDF | 249 KB
STP is designed to reduce or eliminate the requirement for the Sysplex Timer. STP supports a multi-site sysplex up to 100 km (62 miles) without requiring an intermediate site.

December 2013 | PDF | 80 KB
IBM ServerPac Release for z/OS Frequently Asked Questions. Sept 2013

October 2013 | PDF | 370 KB
This is a collection of questions and answer that were submitted during our July 23rd Global Webcast.

August 2013 | PDF | 134 KB
This is a collection of frequently asked questions on IBM Software products running on on the zEnterprise System.

July 2013 | PDF | 177 KB
This document is a list of frequently asked questions on z/OS Version 2 Release 1.

July 2013 | PDF | 99 KB
This document is intended to help customers better understand the System z Security and System Integrity process. It answers questions about the System z Security Portal so they can best integrate this critical security information into their individual ...

October 2012 | PDF | 41 KB
This document is an overview of frequently asked questions about the IBM System z Specialty Engine Update, Including zAAP on zIIP Capability.

September 2012 | PDF | 102 KB
Read this FAQ to learn more about the z/OS April 11, 2012 Statement of Direction for z/OS Version 2 and its new release schedule

April 2012 | PDF | 97 KB
Read this FAQ on z/OS V1.11 Lifecycle Extension Optional Fee Based Services

April 2012 | PDF | 86 KB
This is a customer-facing FAQ on the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF). It covers functions, capabilities, and technical installation for z/OSMF V1.11, V1.12. In addition it covers what is previewed in V1.13.

March 2012 | PDF | 131 KB
This FAQ provides detail on the IBM Lifecycle Extension for z/OS, an offer that provides corrective service for z/OS after the generally announced service for z/OS has ended. The FAQ also has information on IBM Service Extension Usage Support and ...

August 2011 | PDF | 128 KB
HiperSockets Network Traffic Analyzer is a function available in the System z10 Licensed Internal Code which is designed to trace HiperSockets network traffic for problem isolation and resolution purposes. Linux on z is currently the only operating system...

November 2010 | PDF | 642 KB
This is a Question and answer document about the Crypto Express3 feature.

October 2009 | PDF | 126 KB

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