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IBM z Systems literature

This document lists the storage devices that will be supported by the IBM BladeCenter PS701 Express attached to a zEnterprise System.

April 2016 | PDF | 51 KB
This presentation provides an update on z Systems SMT performance for Linux.

January 2016 | PDF | 1 MB
Buzz Moschetti from MongoDB is discussing MongoDB and the use cases for Linux on z Systems.

December 2015 | PDF | 2 MB
Len Santalucia, VICOM Infinity CTO and Business Development Manager, is sharing information on the Open Mainframe Project.

December 2015 | PDF | 432 KB
Introduction into IBM LinuxONE and 8/17/2015 announcement focus.

September 2015 | PDF | 2 MB
Update on Big Data and Analytics capabilities on IBM z Systems.

September 2015 | PDF | 3 MB
Linux Exec Council 9/15/2015, agenda and useful information.

September 2015 | PDF | 1 MB
Open Source on z System demo shown at LinuxCon, providing details on IBM z13 performance.

September 2015 | PDF | 3 MB
This Ubiquitech presentation talks about their printing solution for Linux on System z.

January 2015 | PDF | 2 MB
This EMC presentation shares the z/VM and Linux on System z environment at EMC

December 2014 | PDF | 2 MB
Exec council agenda and interesting news.

December 2014 | PDF | 729 KB
This presentation shares the enterprise modernization capabilities with DevOps.

December 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
The presentation shares some new information about Linux and System z and includes the agenda.

September 2014 | PDF | 500 KB
The operator enhanced its web and mobile experience by streamlining processing of customer queries, enabling real-time service updates for travelers, and creating flexible journey-planner solutions.

August 2014 | PPT | 522 KB
IBM Wave is the virtualization management for z/VM and Linux. The presentation is talking about the current offering and the strategy for the future.

June 2014 | PDF | 2 MB
This presentation shares an update on the IBM System z Academic Initiative

June 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
As enterprises work to gain control of the challenging mobile environment, System z has a key role in hosting mobile applications, both as a System of Record, and as a System of Engagement

June 2014 | PDF | 3 MB
Introduction of the Linux on System z Executive Council in June 2014

June 2014 | PDF | 1 MB
Presentation provides a z/VM Systems Management overview, the concepts and the strategies

June 2014 | PDF | 2 MB
America First Credit Union cost-effectively dealt with escalating transaction volumes by migrating its core banking system and Linux-based applications to the IBM zEnterprise EC12 platform, benefiting from greater processing power within a higher-density ...

March 2014 | PPT | 357 KB

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