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System Storage Literature

Any IT project involving PACS storage is an opportunity to engage with IBM resources that are prepared to bring years of storage and data management experience to bear in designing a more attractive alternative than the continuation of the proprietary ...

September 2013 | PDF | 303 KB
IT managers and industry pundits talk a lot about performance and capacity, but those are often only replacement terms for the real issue: economics. Storage decisions are only necessary because of economics—otherwise we’d put all data in main (“storage--...

October 2012 | PDF | 261 KB
IBM Storwize V7000 Unified delivers the combined response needed from the storage system while keeping the system simple to manage. The ability of Storwize V7000 Unified to deliver simplified, automated performance and efficiency qualify it as an extender...

October 2012 | PDF | 166 KB
Storage Switzerland analyst paper prepared Sept 26, 2012.

October 2012 | PDF | 191 KB
IBM is accelerating its Smarter Computing initiative by enhancing the scalability, optimization, and resiliency features of its storage solutions, which, together with IBM's technical computing systems, are the foundation of business analytics.

September 2012 | PDF | 308 KB
This management brief compares costs and benefits of IBM XIV Storage Systems with EMC Symmetrix VMAX and VNX for SAP

August 2012 | PDF | 2 MB
The Evaluator Group discusses important considerations for backup and recovery in VMware environments.

August 2012 | PDF | 833 KB
This analyst paper focuses on the cloud agile pillar of the IBM’s approach on storage—IBM Smarter Storage for smarter Computing. ESG describes Cloud agile as an approach and at the same time as a solution.

July 2012 | PDF | 806 KB
From a storage perspective, IBM’s Smarter Storage offers a perspective on how to deal with this situation that not only manages the entire storage services infrastructure more efficiently and productively, but may even be able to free up some scarce IT ...

July 2012 | PDF | 445 KB
ESG's Mark Peters looks 'under the covers' of IBM's Smarter Storage, to see how the initiative itself and it's initial newly-announced components fit with the known - and expected - demands and motivations for storage and data centers. Is 'Smarter Storage...

June 2012 | PDF | 591 KB
Optimization has long been the holy grail of the storage industry. This paper discusses the role IBM SAN Volume Controller plays in this area.

June 2012 | PDF | 552 KB
Taneja Group white paper focused on 3 critical questions for the selection of Microsoft Exchange Storage Infrastructure, dated October 2011.

November 2011 | PDF | 770 KB
This white paper describes the vision for business continuity across industries, and the essential elements of a successful business continuity strategy using the IBM XIV Storage System, engineered specifically for business continuity. The XIV system ...

July 2011 | PDF | 442 KB
The Small and Medium Enterprises utilize some important criteria when acquiring and implementing storage. In this paper Clabby enlists those variables and analyze the approach from IBM, EMC and HP in their respective areas of strategy, sales and marketing...

June 2011 | PDF | 442 KB
IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center's capabilities focus on storage configuration management and provide analysis of current storage utilization and best practice recommendations to provide the storage administrator with analytical input that will ...

March 2011 | PDF | 322 KB

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