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   1.Making customer connections 
 Today's airline customers expect convenient interactions and anticipation of all their needs. Armed with technology and a deeper knowledge of the customer, airlines are in a position to deliver a better overall customer experience and simultaneously ... 
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   2.Predictive maintenance benefits for the airline industry 
 The IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution combines the functionalities of data integration, analytics and decision management into one pre-configured, packaged software solution that is easy to install, delivering significant benefits for your ... 
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   3.Capturing value from customer-centric sales and services 
 This executive brief for the travel and transportation industry quantifies the potential financial benefits of achieving customer-centric sales and services. It is based on modeling of an illustrative airline by the IBM Center for Applied Insights. 
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   4.Airlines 2020: Substitution and commoditization 
 Now is the time for airlines to take the lead in developing and introducing seamless travel solutions that enable customers to see air service for what it is: one of many steps in a complex dance that, properly orchestrated, can become enjoyable once ... 
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