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   1.New rules for a new decade 
 Three new supply chain management rules help counter complexity and demand variability and help restore supply chain stability. 
Marketing Materials|GBE03381USEN| Modified: 2010-12-02
   2.The Case for Making Retail Smarter 
 This paper describes how retail companies can get smarter with integrated hardware, software and service solutions from IBM. Stay competitive. Improve the shopping experience, merchandising, supply chain and operations. 
Marketing Materials|REE03001USEN| Modified: 2010-10-30
   3.Capitalizing on Complexity: Retail Industry Executive Summary - GBE03323USEN 
 Ever-rising complexity is unavoidable: the choice is in how retail organizations respond. Our interviews with more than 1,500 CEOs revealed that the most successful are creatively discovering ways to capitalize on complexity. 
Marketing Materials|GBE03323USEN| Modified: 2010-05-11