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   1.Information systems architecture for the Mining industry 
 This paper addresses technology and systems architecture for the mining industry, as well as the critical change management elements needed for companies to embrace new or changed technologies. 
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   2.Leading Through Connections: Industrial Products Insights 
 By analyzing findings of interviews with over 1,700 CEOs worldwide, the fifth biennial IBM Global CEO Study, “Leading Through Connections,” reveals how CEOs are prioritizing the creation of more impactful connections with their employees, their customers and their partners. 
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   3.The Smarter Supply Chain of the Future: Metals and Mining Edition 
 As part of our Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study, we spoke with major metals and mining supply chain executives. Like their peers, M&M executives are wrestling with rising risk, supply chain visibility issues, cost volatility, globalization and increasing customer demands. 
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   4.The true opportunity costs for optimal engineering information (Executive brief-USEN) 
 Engineering operators need to do more than just get ahead of their information practices during the build. This executive summary discusses how developing a comprehensive engineering information lifecycle management program can help operators efficiently use operational information. 
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   5.Smarter Operations for oil, gas and mining companies (Executive brief-USEN) 
 Smarter Operations can help oil, gas and mining companies get value out of data by capitalizing on operational information from each asset, process and person to create new intelligence. This can fundamentally change the way operators predict, manage and produce outcomes. 
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