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   1.The new software-defined supply chain- Preparing for the disruptive transformation of Electronics design and manufacturing 
 In the rapidly-changing Electronics industry environment, companies will need to evaluate their value positions in the new software-defined supply chain as it hollows out, moving toward the technology innovation or customer intimacy ends of the supply ... 
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   2.The Evolution of the Electronics Industry (Executive brief-USEN) 
 Creating differentiated customer experiences lies at the heart of competitiveness in the electronics industry. The key technology lever is to apply analytics to data, resulting in new insights to help revamp development and drive innovation in the 21st ... 
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   3.Connecting the Dots for Smarter Commerce 
 Smarter Commerce is redefining the value chain in the age of the customer. It starts with putting the customer at the center of your operations – which of itself is not a new idea – however, truly operationalizing this strategy is not easy. 
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