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   1.IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack 
 For enterprises seeking to harness the power of cloud computing without making a major initial investment, IBM entry cloud solutions provide a fast and effective way to automate and manage virtualized systems and storage infrastructures. 
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   2.IBM System x reference architecture for Hadoop: MapR (Solution brief-USEN) 
 The MapR-validated reference architecture solution from IBM for Hadoop big data analytics is easy to order and implement. It includes IBM System x hardware with MapR software and services along with a standardized blueprint based on IBM enterprise ... 
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   3.IBM x86 Reference Architecture for SAS Visual Analytics (Solution brief-USEN) 
 Make the advanced data visualization capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics easy for customers to acquire, deploy, use, support and scale with the IBM x86 Reference Architecture for SAS Visual Analytics. 
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   4.IBM and Infor: industry-focused solutions 
 The IBM and Infor alliance creates integrated industry solutions that drive industry performance. With 19,000 solutions delivered to shared customers in 164 countries, IBM and Infor have a proven track-record of success. 
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   5.IBM Systems Software: The engine that drives enterprise systems 
 IBM Systems Software keeps mission-critical systems online with reliability, availability and scalability to support vital workloads and data. The solution fosters business agility by procuring high levels of data security, infrastructure efficiency and ... 
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   6.Bytemobile, IBM and Datatrend speed optimization and monetization for mobile networks 
 A combined software and hardware solution from Bytemobile, IBM and Datatrend sharpens network control and traffic management to increase capacity for mobile networks 
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   7.Gaining a competitive edge with two global industry leaders 
 The comprehensive Integral software suite from CSC, deployed with hardware and operating system platforms from IBM, provides high reliability for multicompany, multicurrency, multilingual and multiline insurance offerings, with new administrative ... 
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