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   1.IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS Solution brief (S) - GBEN 
 The IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS product and resource access control facility (RACF) security server infrastructure creates a layered defense by requiring selected z/OS users to log on with multiple authentication factors. 
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   2.IBM Payment Card Industry Hardware Option (GBEN) 
 The IBM Payment Card Industry Hardware Option offering forms the basis for a highly secure management hardware cryptographic model. This solution works hand in hand with IBM cryptographic hardware to help ensure the security and privacy of highly sensitive key material. 
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   3.IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation 
 The IBM Enterprise Key Management Foundation (EKMF) is a flexible, highly secure key management system. The EKMF offers centralised key management on zEnterprise and across distributed platforms and is well suited for organisations that must meet Europay, MasterCard. 
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   4.IBM zEnterprise Smarter Analytics for Retail 
 The IBM zEnterprise Smarter Analytics for Retail solution enables the IT infrastructure retailers can use to create a common view of the customer. By consolidating data warehouses and data marts, this solution improves IT efficiency and speeds development of new analytics applications. 
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   5.IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform on zEnterprise 
 The IBM Cúram Social Program Management Platform (SPMP) on zEnterprise delivers pre-built social program components, business processes, toolsets and interfaces on a configurable architecture. It helps organisations provide optimal outcomes for citizens. 
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