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System x literature

Lenovo recently acquired IBM x86 products in the United States and other countries. IBM will continue to host x86-related content on until migrated to Lenovo.
The System x Solution for SAP Business Suite on X6 provides a powerful platform for your mission-critical SAP Business Suite applications. Integrating hardware, software and memory advancements, the X6 enterprise server is designed to be faster, more ...

May 2015 | PDF | 338 KB
Accessible-anywhere information is vital to your business success. Achieving that success while providing flexible growth and dependability is key. Lenovo System x servers running the VMware vCloud Suite provide that breakthrough technology for your ...

May 2015 | PDF | 227 KB
The Lenovo Solution for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 helps you successfully balance organizational expectations for collaboration, complexity, compliance and cost by combining the Lenovo System x3650 M5 server with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.

May 2015 | PDF | 193 KB
Lenovo offers SAP HANA deployments that allow you to pick the option that can provide the best ROI and lowest TCO. Choose standard SAP HANA appliance deployment with SAP certified appliance offerings based on System x servers, or a SAP HANA Tailored ...

May 2015 | PDF | 234 KB
The System x Solution for VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes is a software defined solution (SDS) which helps manage virtualized environments and volatile workloads with a simpler, more powerful approach.

May 2015 | PDF | 292 KB
Achieve state of the art mail and collaboration capability with the System x Solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This solution supports large mail and collaboration services and is based on x3650 M5 server technology for fast, agile, resilient ...

May 2015 | PDF | 261 KB
The Lenovo solution for Microsoft Scale-Out File Server is a predefined, out-of-box, non-proprietary storage solution which can help lower storage costs, increase storage reliability, and improve your competitive advantage by freeing you from expensive, ...

May 2015 | PDF | 158 KB
Integrating hardware, software and memory advancements, the System x Solution for SAP HANA on X6 has proven expansion capability up to 100 TB for SAP HANA systems.

May 2015 | PDF | 344 KB
As the quantity of data has increased, the ability to extract insight has become more complex. Microsoft DWFT for SQL Server 2014 for System x3850 X6 helps you reduce costs, save time and reduce risk with reliable, pretested hardware and best practices ...

March 2015 | PDF | 457 KB
This solution brief describes the features and advantages of the Lenovo Service Provider Program.

February 2015 | PDF | 209 KB
The power of VMware Virtual SAN on System x3550, x3650, and Flex System x240 servers.

February 2015 | PDF | 2 MB
The VMware vSphere with Operations Management on System x solution enables customers to optimize their IT environments and transform their data centers with highly responsive workload enablement and intelligent performance analytics.

January 2015 | PDF | 937 KB
The VMware vCloud Suite on System x solution offers an extremely fast, agile, and efficient VMware vSphere-based private cloud and simplified management solution designed to meet the needs of IT organizations managing today’s data-intensive, mission ...

January 2015 | PDF | 711 KB
As the volume and velocity of data increases, gaining meaningful insight quickly has become more complex. Microsoft DWFT for SQL Server 2014 on the System x3550 M5 helps reduce costs, save time, and reduce risk with reliable, pretested hardware and best ...

January 2015 | PDF | 634 KB
The System x Solution for Business One with SAP HANA provides a flexible, cost-effective, real time approach for managing data. This solution allows businesses to dramatically cut hardware and maintenance costs associated with running separate operational...

January 2015 | PDF | 589 KB
Your business relies on information insights, and improving data warehouse performance directly impacts your company’s bottom line. The System x Solution for Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse on X6 provides breakthrough data warehouse performance to help ...

December 2014 | PDF | 577 KB
SAP Business One helps streamline end-to-end processes to accelerate profitable growth. Add performance, reliability and support for virtualization to SAP Business One with an infrastructure powered by System x servers and BladeCenter servers with Intel ...

December 2014 | PDF | 882 KB
The System x Solution for SAP HANA and VMware vSphere on X6 provides outstanding non-production virtualized SAP HANA deployment to help speed business insights. The X6 server, built on the next generation of X-Architecture, is fast, agile and resilient.

December 2014 | PDF | 784 KB
Whether you plan to integrate new SAP products into your infrastructure or are preparing for an upgrade, the System x solution with SAP Discovery system can help you thoroughly evaluate SAP applications - and validate their benefits.

December 2014 | PDF | 636 KB
The System x Reference Architecture for Microsoft SQL Server is an affordable platform for SQL Server consolidation and data warehousing in small business or departmental applications. It utilizes virtualized SQL Server instances on an integrated System x...

December 2014 | PDF | 720 KB

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