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   1.Prefabricated modular data center (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM IT Facilities Assessment Design and Construction Services - prefabricated modular data center uses a compact modular design that can more quickly deploy at virtually any location to help provide a near-complete, turnkey data center solution 
Marketing Materials|SFD03010USEN| Modified: 2014-09-15
   2.Assessment and planning services for data center design 
 Assessment and planning services to help you create a road map for a more efficient data center design and implementation using patent-pending analytics and financial modeling capabilities 
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   3.ESCON to FICON migration services 
 An end-to-end service for ESCON to FICON migration that allows you to more cost effectively support your existing and future input/output environments while helping improve the performance of your new IBM System z environment. 
Marketing Materials|SFD03018USEN| Modified: 2010-07-15