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   1.Prefabricated modular data center (Data Sheet-USEN) 
 IBM IT Facilities Assessment Design and Construction Services - prefabricated modular data center uses a compact modular design that can more quickly deploy at virtually any location to help provide a near-complete, turnkey data center solution 
Marketing Materials|SFD03010USEN| Modified: 2014-09-15
   2.Assessment and planning services for data center design 
 Assessment and planning services to help you create a road map for a more efficient data center design and implementation using patent-pending analytics and financial modeling capabilities 
Marketing Materials|SFD03022USEN| Modified: 2012-04-11
   3.Data center strategy and planning services 
 Strategy and planning services that use proven tools and IBM expertise to help develop a more efficient, agile data center environment that supports quicker adoption of technologies, enhanced application availability and operational efficiency, and ... 
Marketing Materials|SFD03021USEN| Modified: 2012-01-19
   4.Watson vs. Your Data Center 
 Watson provides a new way of thinking about optimized workload systems. This document is designed to help organizations explore how IBM Data Center Services can be used drive greater optimization in their IT infrastructure. 
Marketing Materials|SFD03020USEN| Modified: 2011-04-29
   5.ESCON to FICON migration services 
 An end-to-end service for ESCON to FICON migration that allows you to more cost effectively support your existing and future input/output environments while helping improve the performance of your new IBM System z environment. 
Marketing Materials|SFD03018USEN| Modified: 2010-07-15